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  1. sfmadmax

    Evolution V1.0 Large scale respawn coop

    If I may make a suggestion.. I am another who plays Evolution privately with a small group of guys.. 3 / 4 or less.. Perhaps make an option before the mission starts to Allow helicopter respawns.. its tough after they get shot down, to drive or run to the next base when your 5 hours into the map and no more air support ;(
  2. sfmadmax

    Dedicated Server Beta available

    Any word on the linux ded binaries?
  3. sfmadmax

    US Demo Released

    This was just announced on bluesnews.com ArmA: Combat Operations Online Sales [April 17, 2007, 7:26 pm ET] - Post a Comment The Atari Forums offer word that ArmA: Combat Operations, the upcoming U.S. edition of ArmA: Armed Assault, will be made available for online purchase and download from the Atari Website on May 1, the same day Bohemia Interactive's military shooter appears in stores. Word is: "Fans will be able to Download the FULL GAME directly to their computer and start playing the day of release without ever having to leave their homes. The game comes with a Full Color Digital Version of the Manual and works exactly the same as the retail version of the game - except that you won't need a CD of course!" Now for us that bought the sprocket edition and/or UK editions.. will we see a patch by may 1st to bring us at the same level as the US ppl. ??
  4. sfmadmax

    US Demo Released

    Im very impressed.. I just downloaded and installed the demo,, its v1.06. That i did notice.. The load times.. wow! talk about an increase.. vs my regular 1.05 the load time was literally cut in half.. done away with.. I started out with all normal advanced settings at 1900x1200.. It looked good.. ran alot better than it did at the 1.05 version.. However i decided to bring down the rez to 1280x1024 and match the video settings to my 1.05 version.. I'd have to say it was flawless if not better than 1.05... The feel was a bit different , for the good ofcourse.. Im liking it.. So whats the word,, will all of us get patched to this 1.06 or will it be a 1.07 Top apply these new optimizations..
  5. WOW.. I'll be dammed.. I went into NVIDIA UNINSTALL under add/remove programs .... and uninstalled the NVIDIA PCI MEM MGMT CONTROLLER.. and that fixed it... wacky.. im at work now.. I just booted up windows and tried uninstalling it.. Mabye I can find a Updated Driver for that mgmt controller.. after all I did install the latest NVIDIA GO drivers from guru3d.com modified NVIDIA drivers.. so ill test it more later on @ home,, however PROBLEM IS GONE! thanks, Now I can enjoy flawless ARMA :P -Sean
  6. Nvidia Ntune?? Hmm.. I'll have to check if I even have that.. im not sure if I do... I might have it.. .I thought the problem revolved around my video software...
  7. It never occured in the DEMO,, thats the crazy part.. So I feel a bit better that other people are experiencing this too.. Its rather annoying.. everytime im in a combat situation and hit the map quickly.. its takes about 3 seconds to get the mouse cursor back on the map.. then if I hit ESC to go back to the game.. thats a 3 second pause.. to get control of my guy again.. by that time im usually dead.. I tried re-installing nvidia drivers, different drivers, changing profiles.. playing around with memsize... Im still at a loss.. This occurs both in MP and SP... Can't be the hard drive, its not my HW... I just loaded the DEMO and tried it.. and it doesnt do it... So thats how I came to the conclusion that is the full game.. I even tried going into the map editor and adding myself and a small crate with guns in it.. same pause... Rather annoying... I hope this is fixed or someone knows a workaround.. at least for 1.06 I have the following ALienware M9700 Notebook Amd Turion ML-44 2 GB ram 2 x Geforce 7900 GS SLI The Demo was great.. Ran like a dream... I bought my copy on Sprocket..
  8. Hello All, Im playing ARM on a AMD 3600+ 64 SLI 7900 GS 2GB ram, I've played the demo fine in the past, I bought the game from sproket... Now after loading it I started to play.. THe game runs great except when I escape into the main menu, it takes about 3 to 4 seconds to get the mouse cursor to pop up... ALso when in game combat.. and accessing another individuals gear or a crate full of gear the game halts for about 2 seconds, then i get my mouse cursor.. Has anyone been experiencing this? I have 1.05... I've been looking all over the forums for a similar problem.. It just drives me nuts.. When trying to rummage through someones body the game halts for a few then I get my mouse cursor, then after I equip my guy.. I hit Done, and the game halts for another 2 seconds then Im back to the gameplay.. -Sean
  9. sfmadmax

    1.96 on suse

    Benu, thanks for your response you da man... I was oblivious to the fact that, when i was searching i noticed on the bottom theres a selection for search this thread .... primarily.... search OLDER threads... rather than .. New + This Month.... If i remember correctly i think I did have to put the -nomap command after server.... We'll see Then again it was 1am .. so i was probably tired.... Im at work right now.. ill check it out when i get home and post a reply let you guys know how i did!! Thanks again.... Ill keep u guys posted..
  10. sfmadmax

    1.96 on suse

    i just upgraded to 2.4.21-199-athlon same thing.... v:/opt/games/ofp # ./server 4:03:34 Dedicated server created, memory used: 8848 KB Segmentation fault i also copied fresh install from my windows box over... hmmmm.... well at this pint i dont know.. guess ill have to backtrack my steps... But if anyone does know any help would be appreciated.. i guess ill run a strace ... see what happens
  11. sfmadmax

    1.96 on suse

    hey all i got suse 9 , pro .... kernel 2.4.21-99-athlon the server just segfaults... /opt/games/ofp # ./server 3:42:26 Dedicated server created, memory used: 8844 KB Segmentation fault thats all i get.. any clues, has anoyne ever ran into this.. i had it working briefly but it was still buggy... it seems this problem was introduced in the 1.96 build...ill try switching kernels.
  12. sfmadmax

    Linux 1.96 b  issue..

    Yes my game starts without the -config=myconfig.cfg command.. and YES i have glibc 2.3.2 + ... i just installed SUSE9, ill try the -nomap, Does anyome know, if theres a OFP site dedicated to linux servers??? il ltry it when i get home , im at work right now...
  13. sfmadmax

    Linux 1.96 b  issue..

    Hey guys, I got it running but for some reason i cant load my customer cfg file... i type ./server -config=myconfig.cfg and it just seg faults... is this happening to anyone else?