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  1. schmerzbringer

    Estimated Release Thread

    aha. thx. aargh I mean hellfish not walken -> I am confused by this funny banner. maybe he should read the forum rules point3 §7. however. peace. but whats about arma release? do you think it ´ll hit us like a hammer?
  2. schmerzbringer

    Estimated Release Thread

    Whats a PR? this Mr. Walken6 allways tells something about it but in the rules there is nothing about it. however. Whenever ARMA is released, do you think it will change the current multiplayer behavior like OFP did? (yes we know not much about ARMA yet but we know somewhat, and this is enough for some "guesses" )
  3. schmerzbringer

    Real life photography/photo editing

    hu , whats that? foldable houses?
  4. schmerzbringer


    in the past I hated the screenshot-barrage of some games, that were shown you everywhere/time. But now I know the opposite and I would be much happier if we were spammed over and over by arma screenies. *sighing*
  5. schmerzbringer


    LOL @ this thread. but it shows us that placebo is still alive
  6. schmerzbringer


    ach. nice to see that, after a 5 days AFK-Time everything is like it was when I left people a spamming here, like me & BIS is ... doing the contrary
  7. schmerzbringer


    harhar. ARMA GET ON!!!
  8. schmerzbringer


    thats not right. however. peace
  9. schmerzbringer


    We don't have the right to anything in this regard, thats where you are wrong. They have no obligation whatsoever to tell us one single thing. It might be considered good PR to do so, but they are under no obligations to do it. Beside, you still seem to ignore the fact that they might be acctually hindered to say anything for a number of reasons. As a bussiness owner, you surly must know that is not an unusual situation. It is not unusual for a situation to be better to say nothing then to say something and have to go back on it. aaach. We are here at the ARMA, nobody cares about the stuff in this forum , except us (OFP-Fans). And I think there is an GREAT obligation to give us infos. EDIT: after reading my post again, I decided to add this:
  10. schmerzbringer

    cross hair

    I don´t care all this stuff, as long it is released.
  11. schmerzbringer

    Armed Assault - should the name be changed?

    maybe he worked for Aldus. however again. Maybe we have time to talk about the name a little bit longer
  12. schmerzbringer

    Armed Assault or Operation Flashpoint 2?

    Remember! You need 2 hands to play Game2.
  13. schmerzbringer


    offtopic alert but "be a patriot" is realy -> however! A Info in what direction ever from some "official" is realy needed.
  14. schmerzbringer


    it hits the dirt
  15. schmerzbringer


    I hate the feeling to be ignored. I´m looking here everyday for some new infos. It´s hard to look forward to ARMA.