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    International Politics Thread

    Read this ! http://www.jpost.com/servlet....howFull http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs//2009/sc9567.doc.htm http://www.thestar.com/News/Canada/article/569872 For me the following pic sums up pretty well this man's stupididity : And special for jdB : Israel democratic ? http://www.middle-east-online.com/english/?id=29734 In other articles, it is said that they were mostly arabs and were arrested on suspicion of taking part in violent riots. [ynetnews.com] Just to put things into perspective [middle-east-online] :
  2. simba

    International Politics Thread

    Glad we agree on that m8 I understand well the point of view of israelians in this conflict, however I'm analysing it from the standpoint of someone who wants to find a peacefull solution. We can not consider on the same basis an advanced army with all the technology and means that it includes and a bunch of guys barely leading an asymetric resistance. 1) Should the americans give their country back to the natives ? Are the jewish that went (back) to Israel genetically closer to Israelites than palestinians ? Does this really matter since arabs have been living on this land for so long ? 2) you playing with the words, when I say palestinians I mean the natives, those who were living there before the jews came in. 3) I don't fully understand your question but what I mean is that more settlements have been installed in west bank than evacuated from Gaza, this was a PR stunt. We all have seen Gaza settlements evacuation, this has been shown countless times, how many pastinian house destruction have we seen on telly ? http://www.palestinemonitor.org/spip/spip.php?article7 4) Hamas attacks civilians for several reasons : - No way they could fight Tsahal even in an asymetric warfare (I believe palestininans are by a wide margin less armed than even irakis) - Their rockets aren't accurate enough to target anything, with their limited ressources I bet they would rather bomb the soldiers. (can't find a map of tsahal bases, any in the 20km range ?) - Sometimes you gotta hit where it hurts, this is war, Israel never bothered with their civilians, why would they ? about the picture: yes they are hiding in the population because they are the population and because this is happening in the most densely populated area of the world. Again I have the impression that as soon as more drastic explanations and solutions of this conflict emerge, nobody seems to approve, some say that this has been discussed countless times and I couldn't agree more...but is it because this conflict has no solutions or because we ain't ready to get ourself a little dirty ? Remember Irak ? many on this forum back then had very good reasons to believe US gov ! A little word on the last news, many have reported that Tsahal is using white phosphorus (loved it in WGL), I know this weapon is allowed by the Chemical Weapons Convention but since this can cause deep burns and that Israelian are using it as smoke screen (well official version) isn't that one more proof they don't care about civies ?
  3. simba

    International Politics Thread

    Hi sanctuary, I'm not mixing, if I said that " palestinians are still the terrorists" it is because many palestinian organizations (PLO,Hams,etc) were accused of terrorism but israelian never. I don't want Hamas to be eliminated because I consider them as the violent expression and last resort of palestinians, as soon as a true Palestine will emerge those kind of organizations will lose their meaning and eventually die. Israel will always find a pretext to attack or take land, if there were no rockets fired from Gaza none would be talking about the conflict and the situation would never change, past proves you wrong. You look at the context right now and think "if the Hamas wasn't firing rockets there would be a true peace talk possibility" but the truth is that in the past many such opportunities were never seized by Israel. How palestinians are going to accept to live in such a small territory, after so many fights, hope, killed. Would you accept it, is it fair ?
  4. simba

    International Politics Thread

    Hi all, You just being mean billy, palestinians especially those in the Gaza strip can hardly feed themselves, I don't see how they could export.  Come on Maddmatt, since the beginning of Gaza attack 864 palestinian civilians have been killed and more than 3000 wounded, how many Israelian civilians have been killed, less than 10, who's killing who ? It seems to me that many people take the problem upside down, I mean, let's take the problem globally for a minute, we know for facts that : - Palestinian were the first on the land. - Palestinian were robbed most of their land - Israel is still doing all they can to take more ( Gaza settlements have been evacuated but many more have been authorized in the west bank) - Israel killed 1000X more palestinian than the other way around. BUT THE PALESTINIANS ARE STILL THE TERROSISTS ! I think that one day US, EU,etc  ran out of arguments to criticize various resistance movements, they needed a new tool,and invented this list of terrorists organisations where are listed now organisations such as Hamas or Hezbollah. But I'd rather refer to the dictionnary to make up my mind and it is said that "the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes." since both parties correspond to this definition I don't see why Israelian gov or Hamas wouldn't share this status. It appears to me quite clear that after all the oppression palestinians suffered, some of the them chose violence, that's entirely normal, give them a true country, not 2 fucking samples and you'll have peace ! Right now there is a very strong side against a very weak one, no peace talks can be achieved this way, that's why I strongly support Boycott on all isrealian goods. Let's say this war effectively eliminate Hamas (wish won't happen) and that no similar organization regrows ( wish won't happen)  How do you see the future ?  I really would like to hear you on this, because it doesn't seem very likely that israelian are going to give back stolen ground just because palenstinians got nicer. Â
  5. simba

    International Politics Thread

    Hi all, The guardian published today an article from Noami Klein, the very famous writer of "No Logo", she reckons the best thing to end occupation is to boycott Israel product, such measure probably won't be foffowed by our gov. but next time you go shopping have a look on the origin of the product. I personnaly avoid buying Israelian stuff since several years mainly fruits and some processed food too. http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment....-israel Since negociations led nowhere and it seems out of question to send a peace keeping force on Israelian soil, this might be quite effective.
  6. simba

    International Politics Thread

    Some fresh news, CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First: In the video, a palestinian legislator says that 2 months ago Israel started attacking Rafah and also that Israel never lifted the blockade Gaza was without fuel, electricity, bread, medication, medical equipement,... Rockets fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel : http://www.guardian.co.uk/world....inians2
  7. simba

    International Politics Thread

    Hi all, Home made Quassam that make up the bulk of hamas arsenal are widly inaccurate and short range (10 km max according to wiki, some might have travelled 20 km). You can undertand now that if it hits something, that's already a success for them, I bet military bases aren't very far from settlements. Precision strikes, threats to attack if the tunnel isn't destroyed etc. The chain of consequences isn't as it is presented to us : - Israel discover the tunnel - send troops for destruction - 1 Palestinian killed/4 isrealian soldiers wounded - Hamas restarts shooting rockets breaking the cease fire. - Israel counterattacks but rather : - Israel discover/knows about the tunnel (the pretext) - send troops for destruction - 1 Palestinian killed/4 isrealian soldiers wounded - Hamas shoots even more rockets for revenge, (there has never been a cease fire since Israelian never really opened Gaza borders.) - Israel can say, we have to protect our people, send the troops in, they were only waiting for the right time. There are also other variables in this war, elections always elections : http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2008-12-29-Israel_N.htm Since this war encountered wide approval amongst israelian population, Likoud will probably benefits a lot from the recent events and might win february elections.
  8. simba

    International Politics Thread

    Hi all, as an unbiased person, you probably forgot to post this (also from the guardian) : http://www.guardian.co.uk/world....-agenda And the reason that justifies for you the israelian attack is that they were digging a tunnel, on their own soil (near the border) ? A good reason to break a cease fire is a direct attack against your troops/civilians, not some fuzzy intel wish indicates that some of your border patrols might be attacked. I'm sure they could have dealt with this tunnel many other ways, no... they had to send troops, one palestinan was killed, obviously the truce was going to end. But this isn't the reason of the attack since as you said : this is better documented than space exploration, looks like our zionist lobbyist have done their homework. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki....in_2008 Why did they wait so long to attack since the cease fire was declared on June, 19 2008 ? They were just preparing to do the job properly this time. What's the point of the attack ? I like Walker's version :
  9. when I think how time consuming it is to place objects in visitor... great idea, great realisation, looks perfect ! This might very well bring map making to a whole new level, congrats to Silola and all involved Â
  10. I'm belgian, and this is just a picture of my Soy Sauce bottle transformed for promotion Soy Arma name is a reference to a movie called "Soy Cuba". imdb link @Old Bear I appreciate.
  11. simba

    Armed Assault videos

    Hi all, did some of you had a look at my movie ? http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=73042 let me know what you think... greets, simba
  12. thanks mate, but in fact this isn't so much different from ofp buildings, if you look at them they are made of RL pictures and many of them are enterable like mine. I think BIS mistake is this case, is that they didn't try to portray a particular village or industrial site, that's why it lacks sometimes atmosphere... imho, we should try in the future to work more like in STALKER or even BF2 where maps are made of different spots where much of the constructions are concentrated, maybe we simply need more collaboration between map and building makers. exactly, post apocalyptic, grozny, balkanish dirty and bloody fights are the atmosphere I like the most, I've never been much into Zombies. Imagine a team hiding in one of those towers and sniping soldiers crossing the street, this is the kind of scenario that are easily feasible with my stuff, that what's thrills me. AI in arma isn't ready for dense urban area, if you played with the map I uploaded you'll see that they can hardly search for ennemies and will often make huge detour, this could be improved with proper roads and eventually pathway lod but still, true buildings in Arma is MP thing, we'll see if this will change in ArmaII. I've already said this in other threads but people seem to be extremely non motivated by the idea of making buildings, if anyone wants some help for their own stuff or to rework mine don't hesitate and pm me. here are some nice RL shots from the buildings I made : http://users.pandora.be/lab-wan/photography/carcoke_m/t_35.htm simba
  13. Thank you for the mirrors ! That would be awesome, I know the link is pretty bad, that's the best I could find for 500Mb please go on Miles, that's why I released them. I'm not planning to rework them, but I must admit that fixing some of the geo lods just to make them more playable would be a good move. I made a mistake I wanted too many of them , recreate entire industrial sites, it was just too big, then RL comes into play, and it gets even more shitty, I had some good time playing with those I suppose you will too. hum...in my rushed release, I didn't even configed some of my models, so if you wanna know the entire thing, have a look at the models, editing the config to add building or objects is very simple.
  14. Hi all, Soy Arma is a movie I've been working on since a little while, it has 2 roles for me ; presenting my building pack and showing the atmospheres I like in Arma. My buildings are all made from RL textures, I tried to recreate the atmosphere of some industrial sites I visited, some abandonned houses or old administrative buildings are also present in the pack. Making buildings is much more easy than making a vehicle or a soldier, you do not need to master photoshop in order to make the textures, that's why I encourage anyone to work in this field of modmaking. Now unfortunately the building pack is pretty incomplete, so I'm more releasing this pack to enable the map/builging makers to pick what they like because even if there are many incomplete stuff, there are still a lots of buildings that are nearly 100% playable, so modemakers, don't hesitate HELP YOURSELF !! (If some of you want my ref pictures, just contact me, I've got hundreds of 8M pixells shots nearly ready for texturing...) Soy Arma comes in 3 versions : I strongly advise to anyone who has a good connection to download the high quality file, it's really more enjoyable espacially since while making this movie I did everything to have the best quality I could get. High quality (500Mb) : http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=znd6ndwp9kd low quality (30Mb) : http://www.filedropper.com/soyarmalow youtube version : here you can find the building pack (40Mb) : http://www.filedropper.com/simbabuildings here is the map used in the film (10k) : http://myfreefilehosting.com/f/8d13b2f264_0.01MB I don't know how long these links are going to last, I'd greatly appreciate if someone could mirror those files, thanks in advance . For best viewing experience : * Use "media player classic" it gives a brighter image, players like vlc will play the file but it's gonna be too dark. * Have a smoke and set the volume on max !