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  1. spad

    Pacific war Mod

    why not, even if it is hard to land on an object in OFP it could be a nice addon. I'd like to make cruiser, US LST some ship specially use for amphibious assault and of course the LVT familly
  2. spad

    Pacific war Mod

    thanks be sure that new addons come after, especially ships
  3. you need the first desert pack made by bennie 1983 and after the DPII, the DPIII and this one to finish if you want a clear installation and all the addons. at each time copy the new files on the old. If i add new addons, i'll make a complete pack with all files so you won't need to DL all the packs.
  4. okay i finaly find the trouble you can DL the DAK.rar it works without error message in CWA
  5. yes one, but i never manage to see which addons cause this trouble, it don't impact the game just click enter. it's about cfg group.scope in one config ccp of one addon But maybe you have another one than me
  6. spad

    Pacific war Mod

    here the first part of the WW2 pacific war addon https://www.dropbox.com/s/h8jenxciej9osqj/pacific.rar?dl=0 please read the "readme" first for installation Enjoy!!
  7. update for the WW2 desert pack (you always need the first desert pack) copy all of these in you desert mod folder (for CWA/OFP 1.99 only) for 1.96 user copy just the addons folder in your desert mod addons folder https://www.dropbox.com/s/saduhnf2pqehb7t/DAK.rar?dl=0
  8. Which mortar the british or germans ? i'll will correct the pilots of the germans planes
  9. spad

    Pacific war Mod

    yes i saw it WW2Weasel, i'll test the config ccp you send me. i want to add it to the british army in the pacific.
  10. spad

    Pacific war Mod

    the first pack is almost ready for a beta release you will find in for west: US navy: liberty ship, sailor and LCI US Navy airforce :WILDCAT and HELLCAT US airforce: P40 and B25 Anzac army : soldier, medical austin vehicle, Bedford Truck, 25PDR gun, vickers gun, mortar, british soldier in tropical uniforms East side japanese airforce : zero A6M2 and A6M5, VAL bomber japanese navy landing ship class 01 and Landing craft japanese tank : type 95 and 97 japanese truck ISUZU japanese artillery : howitzer mod 92, mod 47 gun, mortar japanese infantry for pacific island with our without camo some screens and for next pack: to be continued...
  11. spad

    OFPWH40Kv3 MOD

    for people who like big space ship in ofp, check this one for the WH40K mod it'is inspired by the cobra destroyer (of course more smaller to be playable ingame)
  12. spad

    Pacific war Mod

    "Dai Nippon Teikoku" from the pearl Harbor movie of 2001
  13. spad

    OFPWH40Kv3 MOD

    the mod continue the work for OFP check some new addons on the way http://www.magisto.com/video/NwFBYEFUFD8hVAZiCzE http://www.magisto.com/video/IARNMFRUEDZqWh1hCzE
  14. thanks for the links JDB :) i reuploaded the DPIII because there was one missing file causing trouble. now it 's okay
  15. here some news the next pack here the link :http://www.mediafire.com/download/g06w2kwmo30s9hw/DPIII.rar you will find in : upgraded P40, Hurricane and Me110 adding for the british (west side) 8th army wehicle: the morris tractor, the Bren carrier, a british mortar for the germans (east side) AfrikaKorps reco and artillerie the SDKFZ 263, a german Mortar, the free french forces (west side FFL vehicle, infanterie) with ford, chevrolet and Marmont Herrington MKIII, french trooper (base on Proft Work) the royal Navy (west side Royal Navy) with beta of the destroyer, the flower class corvette, a LCI, a LCT and the HMS Nelson (with multi turret script) of course you need the desert pack ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/DAK.zip and the first pack i released before http://www.mediafire.com/download/8jbshbxw28ymtms/DPII.rar all the model are made by me, use with caution and have fun
  16. in fact i have plenty of addon since a while, i decided to finish them all and of course adding some new one :)
  17. i already released the valentine tank, the different PZII and III will be released in the third released with some other addon
  18. the HMS Nelson british Battleship the Royal navy has a perfect fleet to invade North africa now :) the morris quad tractor: The fiat CR42 italian fighter: the SM79 sparviero italian bomber:
  19. yes i think italian unit (maybe a destroyer or a cruiser) could be a nice addition to the axis forces, i have already the Blucher class heavy cruiser for the german kriegsmarine but in the mediterranean war, the italian were more present than german navy. Proft : for the infantry i won't add anything for the moment only free french force (base on your work). check this movie to see some other addon coming: if someone have an idea for more other addon for the desert war, of course, (i'll make an another WW2 era in the futur, Banzai!!)
  20. some new Reinforcement for british navy and ground forces a Destroyer with five moving turrets (4 gun and 1 20mm quad gun) a flower Class corvette a LCT MKIII (with movable front door) A LCI Large british model (with movable ramps) a Bren Carrier with bren MG for the germans a SDKFZ 263 a SDKFZ 222 and more to come
  21. Some addons to help allied forces this is the first part: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8jbshbxw28ymtms/DPII.rar you will find: West side 8th army artillerie 25PDR gun, mortar 3 inch 8th army tank : valentine MKII 8th army vehicule : AEC dorchester command car, humber MKII scout car, chevrolet 1533, ford F30 cargo, ford CW15 multi variant Royal Airforce : Mosquito, P40, Hurricane MKII Free French forces airforce : P40 East side AFRIKA KORPS Luftwaffe : JU88, Me 110 all this addon are from me and free for use, Enjoy, more addons coming :) of course you need the Desert pack: ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/DAK.zip
  22. absolutly i made a mistake between the two :) and in fact i already call it humber in the config, pfff i need sleeping. i just finished the interior view of all the british truck some other the mosquito not particulary a desert plane but i like it :) [/img] the matilda II from invasion 44 italian front (i don't manage to contact one of this member so i don't know if i can release it. [/img]
  23. Hello, i have 4 years late but if somebody are interrested some reinforcement for the West side i'd like to release a command car dorchester AEC for MONTY (montgomery picture inside cargo view :) ) [/img] Ford CW30 [/img] A valentine MKII tank [/img] and many more coming (free french troops, LRDG vehicles, British 6PDR, Mosquito, BF110, Fiat CR42, SM79, SDKFZ 231, german unit ( SDKFZ 222, Pak 36, PZII et III, 88mm gun, in desert textured) infortunaly i try to contact several author of addon i have retextured but nobody answered so ...
  24. spad

    Allied Armour I44

    OFP is an old game now but people like to play with i think that you should try contacting the original creators of the addon and if you faile to contact them you can release your work with a warning message saying that your are using the work from other creators than you !
  25. spad

    WW1 Mod Expansion Pack Release

    always an excellent work ProfT, the colonial troopers are very fun i am awaiting your franco prussian war mod with great impatience.