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  1. sussmori

    Problem of init in addon's eventhandlers

    Not sure why, but I ran into this problem too. In 1.92 The solution provided however did work
  2. sussmori

    Invasion 1944 demo v1.2 + campaign

    V1.2 of Demo has been released. Check www.invasion44.com
  3. The Demo version 1.2 will be released this weekend on Sunday. It will consist of: * Demo Campaign (Invasion of Sicily) * 1 SP Mission * 6 Converted BIS SP Missions * 8 MP Missions * 15 Converted BIS MP missions For more information and a complete list of bug fixes/changes check the website www.invasion44.com We will be having a IRC party on #invasion1944 at Quakenet to celebrate the release. This will begin at 00:00 UTC/GMT Saturday.
  4. sussmori

    Law targetting men

    Seems this line: irLock=0; is the important one
  5. sussmori

    Law targetting men

    Thanks mate. Works good. Which part makes him shoot at soldiers? Ie. what bit is diff from standard LAW?
  6. Is there a way to code the LAW so that a soldier it will shoot at soldiers?
  7. sussmori


    Do a search here for 'rocket coding'
  8. sussmori

    Sounds in addons

    I've had this many times. It means that the .wav file is either not in the very specific format that wss converter requires(sampling rate, mono/stereo, bits) or the .wav file is damaged/corrupted (rare) You can use windows 'sound recorder' to change the format by clicking 'properties'. By memory it's 16bit, mono, 22,050 kHz but I can't be sure
  9. On the theory that a 'soldier' in ofp is like any other vehicle. We coded the soldier to transport magazines like this: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class Inv_Allied_Soldier: SoldierWB { vehicleClass=I44MenClassName; scope=0; transportMaxMagazines=100; transportMaxWeapons=100; } But this results in a strange bug where u can take many magazines but you only seem to have one. The magazines will be removed from the soldier but you only get one even though it appears you take more than one. e.g. you take 3 LAWs from a soldier and in your gear it appears you have 3, but as soon as you fire, you now have no more LAWs in your gear. However, the soldier you took them from has definately 3 LAWs less than before Any ideas?
  10. sussmori

    Using #include "blah.hpp"

    That works. Thanks Excellent way to organized cpps for a mod
  11. Does anyone know how to use the compiler directive #include in an addon pbo? I'm trying to use it like this: #include "\<pbo name>\CfgMovesI44.hpp" in config.cpp with the files "cfgmovesI44.hpp" in my addon directory to prevent my config file from becoming unmanagable. Any ideas? I've seen BIS uses the #include in their config files like this: #include "cfgModels.hpp" #include "cfgMoves.hpp" #include "cfgWeapons.hpp" #include "cfgVehicles.hpp" but i can't get it to work. I get an error about preprocessor error
  12. sussmori

    More ai firing modes

    Yes thats correct. I don't think it's possible
  13. sussmori


    I've heard quite a few theories on what 'cost' is but no definate answers. BIS defines in in cfgammo for different ammo types, eg. a normal bullet is cost = 0.05 and a MG bullet is cost = 10 (the values aren't exact). Why this would be in cfgammo i'm not sure. My theory is that the more cost a ammo has, the more the weapon is seen as 'deadly' and thus the more it's targetted by AI. I.e. a MG guy is targetted before a normal guy. This is apposed to: audibleFire visibleFire defined on a vehicle which seems to be related to detecting the vehicle when firing. Maybe also it's related to which the AI will prefer to use. Ie. maybe an ammo with more cost is used first. Any ideas or insights?
  14. sussmori

    Do we need female soldier?

    I was talking about VC specifically, not in general. Not many millitaries had/have women in combat, but the VC definately had them. Do you really think in the jungle of Vietnam it mattered if the women could do push ups? All that mattered was if they could shoot and kill US soldiers. Same with Russia in WW2. That's what happens when your country is overrun by a super power... you use every single resource you can to fight the enemy, women and children included. And obviously it was effective