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  1. sicilian

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    No, you did all right! The cheat you talk about is a local one. It cannot be detected by any script in the world because this f***ng thing works in memory loaded on your machine! ARMAAC is only detecting changes in configs which is also be done by "verifySignatures=1;".... ARMAAC is a little protection for configs until the signatureTool for addon makers comes out. Don't expect too much...
  2. sicilian

    ArmA Server Side Scripting

    So it's better to put someone in prison until his innocence is proven... So first everyone is guilty! Â - nice world - You forgot the timeout happened inside the check procedure...
  3. sicilian

    ArmA Server Side Scripting

    The default behavior after a time out should never be a kick! Instead there should be another event "onUncheckedData" or "onTimedOutCheck" where we can decide wether to start a second check or what ever we want.... and we dont have to forget that the player will be checked during the game again!
  4. sicilian

    ArmA Server Side Scripting

    Has anyone found the "global script folder" yet???
  5. sicilian

    POLL: Do you want ArmA Anti-Cheat?

    Same on me as long as you can't enable verifySignatures because of using mods... but this currently the only situation where this addon makes sense.
  6. sicilian

    POLL: Do you want ArmA Anti-Cheat?

    Before I vote, I want to know how your addon works what script is included? Where can I get it? Does it really work?
  7. sicilian

    ArmA Server Side Scripting

    verifySignatures=1; should be enough for your example to kick the player... I would guess trying it again with verifySignatures=0; and try each event alone not all together to know which of them has been fired!
  8. sicilian

    ArmA Server Side Scripting

    So on a server machine it should be with in the user folder of the user which is starting the server....
  9. sicilian

    ArmA Server Side Scripting

    As stated in the Wiki it searches here: But wth is the global scripts folder?
  10. sicilian

    Host 2 servers on 1 box?

    Just use different ports (to fullfill salisans thought) server.exe -port=2302 server.exe -port=2306
  11. sicilian

    server setup help please

    Are you sure parameters are correctly passed to the server.exe then? Please post the call which you are using to start the server.
  12. sicilian

    Permanent mode

    Please post a copy of your server.cfg and description.ext Make sure you didn't make a mistake like here persistent=1;
  13. sicilian

    server setup help please

    Do you see your welcome message if you connect to this DAL30? btw "3rdPersonView=2; // 1 cadetto - 2 veterano" won't do anything as this option doesn't exist afaik.
  14. sicilian

    Too much CHEATS

    [..] To effectively combat cheating, the server must be made to check certain things, especially such things that should be impossible. For example: the heaviest weapon in the game is the laser guided bomb of the Harrier, with a damage of 5000 Â and an explosion radius of 15 meters.[..] You mixed up two different things here! One is mentioned by Anth and partly could only be checked by the client itself because not everything is transmitted to the server such as the breathing thing or if your grass is there or not... These things can only be stopped via client side checks!!! On the other hand there are these addon "hacks" which AT THE MOMENT let you be a super warrior with super weapons and some other shit. BUT this has already been encountered by the signature system!!! The only problem is that currently the system is unusable because of corrupted signatures provided with the game and the non published signature tool. But if we are able to use this at the end it is the most secure system against addon hacks like shooting bombs or change configs!!!! The "only" problem which is left then are the client side 3rd party Hacks (wallhack etc. outside of arma)...
  15. sicilian

    Do You want PunkBuster in Armed Assault?

    There is definetly a high need on doing some local checks on the client like PB does. The signature system is a very high secure protection against any unauthorized addon or config changes. But... protection of the local memory image isn't that good as the memory hacks show. For us there is no way to check those things with the implemented methods. That's why we need any third party or BI solution to check local changes! My vote goes to PB.