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  1. starstreams

    SITREP - SPOTREP question

    I get what their descriptions mean. Either way, Thank you, and to everyone else who responded. When I first made this post I didn't know what they meant, but I read the page and totally understood it. However, in my second question-message, what I was asking was what ACyprus sort of confirmed below in RED. That's what didn't make sense to me. Why SPOTREP#00035 was listed in the steam change log pages while the game was showing 00078 after the update. Note: Two or three of you are saying different things for the same answer, please look back at your posts. @Chortles. You said, "What becario said: a SPOTREP is a game patch changelog" becario didn't say that, he said: So that still begs the question: If a SPOTREPs = a changelog as Brisse mentioned, (and is different then what becario said) that doesn't answer the question as to why the game (after the update) displays SITREP#00087 when SPOTREP#00035 was posted on the steam log pages as the latest. becario, I think you meant to say a Spotrep is an update to the game-code as explained here: http://dev.arma3.com/spotrep However, again, if Spotrep#00035 is the change to the game code, why is "that version" not being displayed in the game after the game was patched? 00035 was the latest displayed on the steam pages before I updated my game via steam. There must be a disconnect between the devs and the steam site.
  2. starstreams

    SITREP - SPOTREP question

    Thanks for the link Bullet Purveyor. I didn't realize they were news updates. Ii thought they were more like version numbers pertaining to updates to the actual code. But I still don't' know why when I load the game it says SITREP#00087, when SPOTREP#00035 is the latest. When stream updated my game today, 00035 was already listed on the site. So why is that later older (00087) Rep number being displayed in the game?
  3. I don't understand how this works. When I go into the game after it was updated, it says v1.32 SITREP#00087. (In Game) But when I go to properties in the steam client's web pages and view the full change log, the latest update is SPOTREP#00035. If I click on v1.32 on the web page hosted by steam, it brings me to SPOTREP#00032, even though 00078 is displayed, in game. Was the Steam change log page not updated? Or I'm I not understanding how the updates work? What is the difference between SPOTREP and SITREP ...by the way? :868: I know I should know this, I'm still new to the stream system. Thank you
  4. starstreams

    East Static Weapons Pack

    Thank you for your support on this Corporal_Lib' date=' and to Kerc Kasha as well. It looks you're right, I was missing CAF_Aggressors sound fix patch. Thank you so much! What confused me was that I had grabbed another sound fix thinking it was the same thing, probably because I was rushing. Turns out it was for the South Zagorian Army. See bottom left of page here However, This BIS Page should have all needed fixes since the OP took the time to list these two patches: 1 2 Why is the sound fix not there? Another question just for my own knowledge: How is Aggressors titled as a mod when there are no factory files being overwritten, or separate game loaders to launch the mod? Wouldn't this just be called an add-on? I'm only questioning this because perhaps there are other files to get the full use of this title? Everything is loading great now. Thanks again! So happy to have BMP tanks, and US solders again! On a side note: Another few must have add-ons F18 Nato Hellcats ATI A-10 ..or the A10-C, can't remember which one I tested.
  5. starstreams

    East Static Weapons Pack

    Still not working, I'm getting No entry bin\config.bin/cfgWeapons/caf_AK74/FullAuto.StandardSound I've been installing add-ons for over 10 years, I'm not new to it. The Armaholic pages are either not listing the complete list of needed files, or wrong versions. Later, after the fact, I went to this page and grabbed all the files and put them in my @RDS mod folder, and I'm still getting the error. Some of the versions at the BIS link above were older then the ones at Armaholic so I left the newer files, Did NOT overwrite. Also, there were missing files that got added when I extracted the BIS hosted filesto my folder, that were not included at in the zip/rar files at Armaholic. I just wanted the tanks, but there's all these dependency's. What am I doing wrong? Should I just drop on bomb on my computer and start over? lol :icon_mrgreen: Maybe grab the files from here? My gosh. Here is a screenshot of my RDS add-ons folder and all the files in it. www.pyramid-of-wisdom.com/addons.jpg
  6. starstreams

    East Static Weapons Pack

    Yes, EDIT: Sorry, double posted.
  7. starstreams

    East Static Weapons Pack

    I can't seem to get AI tanks to load, only empty. All the add-on load but if I try try to start/preview with an actively loaded AI tank, I get: Cannot open object caf_wp_weapons\ak_74.p36 And when I try to add, even an empty tank such as a BMP2 I get: No entry bin\config.bin/cfgWeapons/caf_AK74/FullAuto.StandardSound I went though each add-ons page at Armaholic and grabbed the required addons shown at the bottom of each page as far as I'm aware. What I downloaded and added to my Mod folder is shown in bold below. I'm also running CBA Release Candidate 4. This add-on pack looks great, I'm dying to get it to work. tanki_v125a Kae_SZ_0.4.1 RDS_Tank_SZ_Extension RDS_StaticW_CAG statyczne_v111 RDS_Tank_CAG_Extension Patch1 Patch2 Sound-Hotfix
  8. starstreams

    Gamma setting in SINGLE Player preview mod

    I disabled all add-ons as IT07 mentioned, no difference. I don't think it's my Classic Shell overlay either, because I disabled that as well and the gamma setting is still not working. The only thing that seems make it (temporarily) work again is Tab-ing out and back into the game. I've tried 4 different nVidia drivers also. When I first play the game, the brightness slider works fine, but not the gamma. and then after Tab-ing as mentioned all is well, till the next time I load the game, I have to tab out all over again. This was never an issue until the last three updates were released.
  9. starstreams

    Gamma setting in SINGLE Player preview mod

    Hello Greenfist Yes, alt+tabing out and then back in makes the gamma setting work again. As far as having any overlay, what do you mean? I am running Classic Shell for windows 7, which gives me the XP start menu again and the classic explorer tool bars Microsoft removed. Other then that I keep this system really stripped down for speed. By the way, this is unrelated but, I'm getting an error when I first start the game: "Script C\Modules\MP\Scripts\MPframework.sqf" Not found.
  10. starstreams

    Gamma setting in SINGLE Player preview mod

    No go IT07, Didn't work. I thought this last update might fix it.
  11. starstreams

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    It's nice they're doing it for charity and all, but I don't appreciate content being added to update packages, with the mentality of forced proceeds. It increases the size, and being charged for something I might not ever use. This remands me of the people who stand in front of the stores asking for donations and then making you feel bad if you don't have the extra cash on you. I give money to charity already. How about fixing the Gamma issue that's been brought up time and time again over the last four months.
  12. starstreams

    Gamma setting in SINGLE Player preview mod

    Hello IT07, Yes the slider is available. One correction however. The brightness setting "IS" working, I said it was not in the first post. Sorry. But the gamma will not change. I am playing in fullscreen mode as far as I can tell. Not window mode. I can see the light gray sample check mark in the black box under the slider, but again sliding the slider doesn't do anything. What's odd is, every so often, (on any given day) ..when I go to restart the game, not the editor, but the restart preview option in the lower left menu, sometimes the gamma will come back and reflect the new setting. but I can't change it in real time. And lately it won't relect any settings I make Shortcute Launch option in Steam is: -mod=@CBA -mod=@Air -mod=@Units -mod=@misc -mod=@Mods -mod=@cjtf101editor -nosplash Thank you for your response by the way.
  13. I just updated my video drives again hoping to fix this issue: I'm not able to adjust my gamma setting (it has NO effect anymore) ever since the last few updates for ArmA 3 it has been broke. I don't play multi player much these days because of limited time, but I do like to make small missions in the editor and preview them. I usually just play the game in preview mode as I've always liked to do. I've never had an issue setting gamma or brightness before. This has been talked about before in bug tickets months back, what is going on with this once and for all? I've noticed people complaining about online cheaters using gamma for what ever reason, and some have requested for it to be removed.. which is a bad idea for a global setting. I just hope the setting was not removed for single and preview player mods. I'm now using nVidia Gforce driver: v335.23-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql Previously was using (Game-Ready) v327.23-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql v332.21-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql v331.82-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql I had the issue with all 4 versions. Not only do I always remove the old drivers, and restart the system before upgrading, I always utilized the clean install option in nVidia's installer window during the install. This got broke in one of the ArmA 3 updates. Any advice as to how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Advanced Thanks
  14. no, they're at default, which is controlled by the application/Game. I've never had to modify settings at the driver level other then vertical Sync. Yep, I'm noticing this also. I think the conclusion is that a shadow setting of Normal in game will show a little dithering. It looks like ArmA2 must have used shadow maps on everything. This ugly dithering changes when you bump the setting up from Normal to.. High, Very High and Ultra. Normal shadows were acceptable in ArmA2, but I don't like how that setting looks in ArmA3. So I'm using High now. High is not a bad hit on performance, but high enough to shift from the low dithering quality I'm seeing at Normal. You still have dithering going on at a setting of High and up, but it's a better quality dithering. A different algorithm I think.
  15. EDIT. Ok, Don't think there's an issue. I see what's going on now. I only see the ugly screen mesh type shadows with a shadow setting of normal. If I bump it up just one to (High) then you don't see the screen mesh any more. These screens were taken on Chernarus under ArmA 3 with a shadow setting of normal by the way: Ex1 Ex2 You can see the screen mesh effect. Note: The issue is more noticeable in the game when things are moving, (When you are moving) and harder to see from a still screenshot. In any case, I think a happy medium is with a setting of High. That is it's not too taxing on speed but good enough to hide the screen-mesh effect I'm seeing with a setting of normal.