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  1. Morning Big Dawg, Will try that out as soon as I get home. and report back. I was tweaking my current "main mission" untill the waipoints started acting up (I remember this happened in Arma as well)... The Eclipse ref was only a 'joke' in regards to the java dev (my coleagues swear by it, I'm an UltraEdit man myself :)) Thanks again!
  2. saintaw


    Units -> Empty (Top selection, where you usually select BLUFOR/OPFOR etc...) -> Objects (where you usually pick men/air/armor).
  3. Thanks for your patience :) No dice on adding parentheses (I tried around the fleeing and alive conditions), still the same empty error/debug message. the odd thing is that the count (with the alive condition only) seems to work; it does trigger when a certain amount are dead (or mor accurately when 7 are left alive in the zone)... When trying to output that nr, it gives me the value "any" (???) ... and when trying to reference other array elements (%2 %3 %4...) they are empty. (At least I have an output on screen now, thanks you :)) My test: MyCount Setvariable [MyCount,({alive _X} count thislist)];hint format ["There are %1 %2 %3 alive in the group",MyCount] Maybe, the error is elsewhere? The map is fairly simple; a single player (blufor Mg), 8 civilians. Only One trigger: 500/500m elipse Activation: Civilian Type: None Name: CivAlive Activation:{alive _X} count thislist <= 7; PS: When is someone putting up an eclipse plugin for this? :D
  4. Thanks again Big Dawg, Update: It isn't the brackets, but the Fleeing condition that gives me the blank error {alive _X && !isFleeing _X} count thislist <= 5 //Doesn't work so far {alive _X} count thislist <= 5 //Works! Do I need to add the "Surrender" Module in order for units to be able to flee? (I am guessing these modules create new functions that are usable) Meanwhile, I tried debugging on the screen and didn't figure out yet how to output a variable value on the screen. MyCount Setvariable [MyCount, count thislist]; hint MyCount; Didn't work as I hoped it would :D Let alone using some sort of concatenation like: MyCount Setvariable [MyCount, "There are " +count thislist +" alive in the group"]; hint MyCount; This would help me understand how to better call the different objects/arrays greatly...as I might do some on screen debugging :)
  5. Thanks Big Dawg, Still getting the grip of the syntax here, I have this issue; When I entered the 1st line above in the condition it gave me a blank error message. Step by step, I'm trying... I currently have an empty map with 10 civilians, I am trying to fire it when there are less than 5. The trigger is set for civilians with the condition: this && count thislist <=5 That seems to work in this case (when I shoot 5 civilians) I am however interested in understanding the syntax for the alive Or fleeing bit that I am guessing is: {alive _X && !isFleeing _X} Doesn't _X need to be declared somewhere before I can use it?
  6. Hiya, Thank you for this, it helped a great lot! I have a problem: Most of the time, when jumping out of a C130, most of my men die or get injured. It isn't a height problem (height is set at 190 meters ATM)...and reading the other thread that mentioned chute collision, I upped the delay in the loop a little (0.5 to 0.9). Death, Injuries are random though. Any idea what this might be caused by? The Mission (zip)
  7. Hiya, I am building a SP mission, the gist of it is: You're at an airbase, under attack... your mission is to survive and if possible repel the attack.* You are facing air/armor/motorised infantry as the main asault, and a few surprises. *- You are in charge of a small squad, but many AI squads defend as well. Now, my question(s): I have a 'loose' end trigger as a huge trigger around the airfield with BLUFOR NOT PRESENT (I am thinking all BLUFOR dead in this area). If I do the same for OPFOR...it doesn't work, as the engagement is too large and there is always going to be some ejected pilot lost somewhere in the woods... Could I perchance set a trigger with a percentage of 'alive' enemy force in the area? How would I do this? Someone with more experience maybe has a better idea?
  8. Seconded. Ofpec seems to only have OFP/Arma related tutorials. Where do I find the info like: How to use the modules? How to use the new briefing texts And so on...
  9. Greets, Not sure if this should be in the bug fix or if it can be modded in, it would be nice to have these: Sight optics (aim point):, when the sun is low and in your back, the reflection in the optics is so high, all you see is a white reflection (even if my head and trees are in the way of sunlight in regards to the sight); annoying NVG: when used in a dark night (duh... I mean around 2 am), when zooming in (holding your breath) or using optics (ACOG in my xp)... it all just turns dark, you have to zoom out to see anything; annoying I would be greatefull if both could be modded/fixed, thx :) edit: I play with most settings at 'normal' - 100% - 1280/1024 Saw