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  1. skadog

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Would it be possible to integrate something like ALiVE's caching into BECTI? Seems like this would be a perfect fit for this type of game play and scale of the area and number of units involved. The thing that I like is that ALiVE's caching system is that unlike other caching methods, their OPCOM module's "Virtual AI groups" continue to move, operate, and fight. For those who aren't familiar with ALiVE, when a player comes into range the AI will seamlessly spawn into the visual game world. Due to this virtual unit system, many units will be able to operate simultaneously across the map, presumably with minimal impact on performance.
  2. skadog

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Yeah I was also thinking that it would be cool if the objectives were more traditional military targets. Communications, ports, power stations, and airfileds and etc. These could provide some additional bonus or accelerate the supply to the capturing side. Towns in strategic locations for sure, would be necissary to hold these assets. The other thing that I thought would be cool is if there were active power grids. I seem to recall there was an ArmA2 mod for this AEG. Perhaps controlling these would also effect the rate of supply for a side. If it becomes damaged or caputred, you loose your teams bonus.
  3. skadog

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Outstanding, thank you sir!
  4. skadog

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Hi Benny, the opfor teams "Heavy APC" is set as the MSE-3 Marid, which is about on par with the Bluefor's Marshall. It seems like the BTR is a better choise for Opfors "Heavy APC". I was wondering if the FOB's will eventually allow the AI teams spawn on them, or fast travel between them for human players.
  5. skadog

    Speed Of Sound

    First I want to say this is great and I really hate when I have to turn it off in order to play on a server with my pals. Great job! I'm not fond of the screaming though, and the horns, but mostly the constant screaming. It seems like even when someone is hardly hurt they are running around and constantly screaming. I finally had to remove the "speedofsound_screams.pbo" to enjoy the other sounds of the game. Although it was pretty humorous to have vehicles drive and hear screams coming from them.
  6. Sweet update, I can now bind the mouse button I use for PTT / VOIP to PTI / Articulate. So much better now!
  7. skadog

    Tanks still won't backup!!

    Yeah I had to go rescue a MBT yesterday during a session of BECTI. The only way I could get the tank unstuck from wedging itself in between 2 barriers at the Airport on Altis. A human could have easily backed straight out. My only solution was to "Unflip" it until it worked itself out.. Huge imersion killer and complete waste of game time. The AI pathing is pretty wacked, remindes me of when A2 first came out.
  8. There is also Articulate, which is being developed specifically for Arma 3. It's pretty early on in the game for them but it's quite decent. So if you want to play arround with the idea and see if voice controls is worth it for you give it a try. It's FREE. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22940 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166228-Articulate-Squad-Voice-Command-Utility-for-Arma-3
  9. skadog

    Why is there no bipod/foregrip attachment

    That model is great, well done indeed. I love using the weprest mods so it would be nice to have this as an actual attachment! Unfortunately, the other problem with having a modded solution, is that it limits what servers you can join.
  10. Actually my buddies and I play allot of BE Warfare (BECTI), Domination, and some other Co-Op maps where AI is used to fill in the squad. Some of the fun of taking an objective as "squad leader" is to see how many of your AI soldiers survive the engagement. I have found on a number of occasions that using voice command is an invaluable tool in keeping my squad alive and the game pace moving.
  11. skadog

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    BE Warfare, best mission ever! Thanks! I would love to see a few support items added to the upgrades that modern armys would have at their disposal, air taxi/ground transport (instead of fast travel), CAS, vehicle drop, and Ammo drop. Also I miss some of the parameters paticularly one that allows you to adjust the body deletion time.
  12. Figured out the issue, since I was not using the packaged version. Listed on the announcement for Articulate Development Preview v0.1.0.2. "The non-installer version does not check for the proper version of .net (4.5) so it will not work if you do not have that version of the runtime." Probably should put that in a Readme.txt in the "Articulate-NoInstaller.zip". ;) Is it only accepting Keyboard inputs? I would like to be able to map it to the same mouse button I use for VOIP, so I can configure it to Push to Ignore. It doesn't seem to recognize any of them.
  13. The new version crashes on start up for me. :(
  14. I had a chance to use this a little yesterday and I seem to run into problems assigning teams. E.g. "Three, five, seven, assign to yellow." Then sudenly every unit in my group is quickly selected and assigned to team yellow. This happens with any comination or units or team colors. I've tried all of the verbages , "assign" , "assign to" , "add to" , as well as some of the other examples on GitHub , "Team green, add to team red." and etc. Always the same results. I select the individual units alright, although I some times seem to have problems with four for some reason. I thought it might be a key mapping problem, so I made a new profile with default keys and it still does it. So I went through the speach training a couple more times and it's still happening. Other than this great start! I can't wait to see some of your new features you listed under the Future Development. :)
  15. Outstanding, I've been trying out VAC, GlovePIE, and a few others so I really look forward to trying this out. Thanks for putting this together.