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  1. Updated v6.0 The game play was made more user-friendly. Probably, some of your pain disappeared. Enjoy!
  2. Hi mrcash2009, It is my answer. 1) Radius expansion is possible (tank & arty). 2) Cancellation of message pop-up is possible (tank). 3) The selection with radio is possible (tank & arty). maybe It may challenge by Arma 3 except these.
  3. Hi mrcash2009, Updated v5.3 The artillery shell was fired correctly. You can be destroyed anything. :) It will add to my to-do list. ;)
  4. Updated v5.2 The player can build a bunker anywhere! Enjoy! :)
  5. Thank you, the play of my mission. Distance, a route, and a hostilities situation affect movement of a defense team. There is no God-mode. The player cannot escape the principle of this battlefield. However, the player has much freedom. These missions were made in order to give much pain to a player. Such pain is in an actual battlefield. That expectation and prediction of a player are betrayed is the proof in which this battlefield is working. *The pain by a bug is my responsibility. A bunker position is arranged at random at a missions start. For this reason, it may start in the very disadvantageous situation for a player side. Side missions are the things for enjoying the switch to a different team. Even if it does not choose, a bad influence is not in a player. *This treatment is still under examination. In a next version, if a player requires a combat engineer, a bunker can be built in favorite positions. The stress of a player will decrease by this. *It is progressing, although it is slow. There is no detailed document explaining how to play in these missions. Sorry for this.
  6. I understood well. You will get satisfaction by the next version. Maybe :rolleyes:
  7. Updated v5.1 Support was strengthened and the frequency from which an airplane takes off was lowered. :)
  8. Updated v5.0 Construction of a bunker and a fortress can be enjoyed as a combat engineer. ;)
  9. I have understood. A provisional bunker construction function will be added in next upgrade.:)
  10. Hi, Since this version has not been completed yet, construction of a bunker does not work. However, if it is the past version, a bunker can be made freely. Although some problems may occur, I think that it can play enough. :) I do not understand this situation (meaning). Translation is not wise. :confused:
  11. There are missions of two maps. - Aliabad-Region - Hazar-Kot Valley (Pending) New features: The game play was made more user-friendly. Probably, some of your pain disappeared. Enjoy! Except for an addition of missions are the same as Seize zones [Takistan]. It ported for a short time. Test time is very short. ;) ***************** FEATURES and RELEASE ****************** V6.0 - Changed: The threat of armor, an AT helicopter, and an airplane can be chosen individually. - Changed: The click range of a tank and a artillery request was extended (500 m). - Improved: Open and close a map automatically in the operation which clicks a map. - Improved: Some action menus can be called by a radio command. - Some bug fixes V5.3 - Fixed: An artillery shell was not able to be fired. - Changed: A temporary stop of a combat engineer's duty.(My Duty) V5.2 - Added: The player can request a combat engineer. (Order in an action menu) *If a combat engineer arrives, a bunker can be built anywhere. V5.1 - Changed: The takeoff interval of the airplane was lengthened. - Changed(CMBTENG): Eight combat engineers. - Added(CMBTENG): A tank and a IFV are accompanied. (Order in an action menu) - Added(CMBTENG): The request of an attack helicopter. (Order in an action menu) - Some bug fixes V5.0 - New duty "Combat engineer team leader" was added. (beta) - Some Bug Fix V4.2 - Initial release ****************** ADDON LIST ****************** Hazar-Kot Valley by McNools http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15840 Aliabad-Region by McNools http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16711 ****************** CREDITS & THANKS ****************** - BIS/BIA for their great simulators. - Trench Generator / Script generator by Benoist - ArmA2 Single Player revive by norrin - All add-on authors Game Front Download Seize zones [Aliabad] (1MB/ZIP) SkyDrive Download Seize zones [Aliabad] (1MB/ZIP) *The Hazar-Kot mission is not ready yet. --------------------------------------------------- Thanks
  12. stiff

    I want a trigger module

    I like operating it in TILT mode. In TILT mode, I want an up-and-down reverse option. I think that a muzzle of a gun should also be raised if an arm is raised. ;)
  13. stiff

    I want a trigger module

    It is good touch if it is a realistic grip. :D
  14. stiff

    I want a trigger module

    Abs, It is just right. :) However, it does not match military. Then, operation and structure were made simple. It will have better experience, if there is HMD.
  15. Make someone. :D