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  1. superfly_bonzai

    Addamo's c-130 - getting there

    any idea when we can at least expect a pre release beta of this big ass mutha ? its lookin well now, would love someone to try make a b17 sometime
  2. superfly_bonzai

    Snipers and minigun in blackhawk?

    regardless of whether it would be steady enuff or not u gotta admit it would be purely cool takin someone out with a m21 from an airborn uh60 - blackhawk down eat ur heart out
  3. superfly_bonzai

    Stupidest addon idea ever!

    i've had a brainwave, the most useless possible addon (although it would be fun) a space shuttle with laucher rocket, i mean someones already built an orbital satellite for opf, how u gonna get the thing up there in the first place
  4. superfly_bonzai

    Stupidest addon idea ever!

    speakin of the whole star wars thing , an AT-ST or an AT-AT would be really cool now thats what i call infantry support
  5. superfly_bonzai

    V22 osprey not a good add on

    even if the thing gets scrapped for real, u gotta admit that the osprey would add a great game play aspect to game (vtol troop transport), as well as that it really does look cool , only prob the whole mechanics of the tilt rotar thing may be hard to integrate into the game.
  6. superfly_bonzai

    Cargo plane by eviscerator

    call me impatient but when could we hope to expect a working beta
  7. superfly_bonzai

    This baby in flashpoint

    is it me or does that look suspicously alot like the dauphin patrol helicopter : picture
  8. superfly_bonzai

    Air version of lst

    good lad , anyone here know of the casa, a air transport bout half the size of the hercules, would be pretty cool in opf too
  9. superfly_bonzai

    Kickass :)

    cool shite
  10. superfly_bonzai

    Air version of lst

    not too big a deal, because these aircraft have to land in combat zones theve been designed to be able to take off in limited runway even on ruff terrain, they same applies to the hercules which might be a more suitable choice for opf, although i must say ur models pretty cool
  11. superfly_bonzai

    What will you do?

    no worries, although i was disappointed by BIS's announcement it aint a huge problem they insisted that any addons made usin it WILL be freely available, anyway they said they would release oxygen and the other tools evenetually,and even if they don't someone is bound to leak them to the public
  12. superfly_bonzai

    what r ure views on...

    Do you ever fcuk up ? get outside more man
  13. superfly_bonzai

    What Patches should have

    one thing i also noticed is overlooked is inland streams and rivers, think about it then we would actually have use for bridges(if at all technically possible).
  14. superfly_bonzai

    Satchel's OFP soundpack

    anyone know where i'll be able to download this mentioned version or previous versions of the soundpack? listened to the sample, sounds sweet
  15. superfly_bonzai

    Some shortenings

    i thought ETA stood for 'expected time of arrival'