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  1. Will this mod come with a COOP capable campaign?:)
  2. Well for most, even after the recent patch, it is still highly unstable in most campaigns. Recently they fixed one of the campaigns but even there you get quite a few crashes. The campaign engine before this patch was just broken, which is sad because it is the main selling point for anything Falcon 4 based.
  3. Well I wouldn't try freefalcon unless you are willing to put up with a lot of instabillity!
  4. In warfare missions it would be cool if you could airlift the command vehicle to a new location. Would add some interesting game play options!
  5. Too bad it's not feasibly possible but alas. Perhaps Operation Arrowhead will bring new possibilities to the game? I'd like to learn how to make 3D models so perhaps making a weapon pack is just the thing, bombs rarely have really complex shapes, especially CBU's.
  6. Any chance of a CCIP piper with cluster bombs? ;)
  7. I'm looking forward to this a lot too, I remember how great the FDFMOD always was for OFP:Res. Will the mod come with a (coop playable) campaign again? Those were always my favorite non stock campaigns in Resistance :)
  8. I'd rather have fairly realistic but still flyable in a fun manner then total realisme that is no fun and almost unusable.
  9. Still playing it, played all the versions since OFP came out. Didn't like ArmA I much but really enjoying ArmA II with some of my friends :)
  10. Supah

    The Unsung MOD (Vietnam War)

    Of all the possible vehicles and guns suitable for nam the one I am most looking forward to is the Huey!
  11. Supah

    The Art thread

    F-16AM Fighting Falcon J-063 86-0063 MiG Killer - 60 Years 322 Sqn commemorative paintscheme This F-16AM was the machine Col. Tankink used to shoot down a Serbian AF MiG-29 using a AIM-120 missile. His kill was the first one by a RNLAF pilot since WW2. It is depicted here in it's special paintscheme to commemorate the 60th year in existance of 322nd RF Squadron, the oldest squadron in the RNLAF. It was established during WW2 comprising of mostly dutch pilot's in part due to support of HRH Prince Bernhard. Slightly larger version
  12. Supah

    SLX Mod WIP

    Could you outline what exactly this mod does?
  13. Sorry if this is slightly offtopic but will this method work with the default A-10 too to change the loadout to for instance all LGB's?
  14. Supah

    I't happend......in my borncity :(

    On the other hand the bubolic plague in the dark ages did wonders for the economy by introducing labour as a resource to be cared for (workers became sparce) and killing of a whole lot of unnecesary government (all the local lords, dukes etc.) thus lower the tax pressure on citizens. It is viewed by some as the start of our modern economic societies :) Who knows what this influenza brings.
  15. KJU: Will there be a release in the future with one big download and all the files zipped in a correct directory structure? At the moment installing it is very error prone because of all the download, I really don't feel like installing a fourth party program just to install addons.