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    WGL Mod 4.12 Update

    You should really try BFV or some other arcade.
  2. This could be quite good addon, making a DigitalVideo-cam for recording combat footage When playing co-op with friends it would be fun to have one man with a dv-cam.
  3. sn1per

    Wargames addpak

    Any news on this pack? It's a great pack with some bugs and oddities. Our squad just started using this pack as the only addon pack. Easy and simple as it contains most of the stuff we anyway use. Just a few questions to the author: -The BRDM mortar carrier has incorrectly 81mm mortar rounds, is there an easy way to correct this? Because at the moment it is useless. -Why can't one use GRU troops? Only as ai controlled groups but not as player, is there some way to fix this on my own?
  4. sn1per

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Me too: Funny how the cell phones camera sometimes gives the images a nice effect of it's own
  5. sn1per

    Xm-8 is a go!

    If you're referring to the remarks about the appearance, don't take it too seriously! Â We're just bored. And the existing M4s/m16s can be upgraded to be VERY reliable(I've heard... ). lol how come from what i've heard that the M16s are being designed so perfect that it could hardly being better then now? Maybe you've been watching too much tv and movies And about weapons and military experience, some of us do actually have both
  6. sn1per

    Xm-8 is a go!

    Hate to start a reply with such text but there's something I just have to say: This thread has some of the most retarded replys ever seen. The only thing that I can accept such moronic replys has to be that some of you have never actually used assault rifles in action. First of all, a gun that works is the most precious thing. Accuracy and other attributes come second. The M16 family is quite prone to problems, you should read some reports from Iraq. Even some casualties were directly because of several m16s jamming due to lack of intensive maintenance. This and other defects such as wrong size for modern war most of the companies getting th most action hace replaced M16s with M4s. Anyway, one could keep talking about the M16 vs the competition but all I have to contribute to this issue is: US soldiers will be really impressed with the performance of G36.. uh I mean XM-8
  7. sn1per

    Wargames addpak

    This is excellent addon-pack, it's combining everything I have usually had to collect in order to get the realistic and best quality addons to OFP. And at the same time adding some more 'good stuff' and one hell of an island Thank you all the creators of this pack for your efforts and time spent giving us something so great! On the negative side I'm experiencing crashes to desktop. Usually if it's giving some error message it's saying out of memory? i dunno, maybe I'll try to reinstall OFP first. It also could be something with OFP having problems with video cards with 256MB memory.
  8. sn1per

    Rf airborne troups released!

    The russian paras have BMDs, Guess they get some T-series MBTs as support elements. Hmm, this make me want to do some research about their heavier equipment.
  9. sn1per

    Rf airborne troups released!

    Wohoo! This sounds soo good. Just spent last evening & night toying around in editor with these troops. IMO they look great and add a lot to mission editing. Lovely mountain base raid mission going on When combining these troops with VITAPC packs BMD I'm just too much into OFP again, all play and no work
  10. sn1per

    Rf airborne troups released!

    Yep, really great units! I can't understand people just whining and wanting this and that. Like Denorc said, make it yourself then. Please give some credit to people who do a lot for you to have good quality unique units.
  11. sn1per

    Project grozny...err mod maybe

    Hey, those are really nice pic galleries! I really like them, good quality photos of the conflict I find interesting.
  12. sn1per

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Two nice shots of russian action. Moving to combat zone. "Anti-terrorism" operations.
  13. Great job with this toyota and nice that finally someone made something different. I know it sucks to complain but now that you mentioned that you're going to do some improvements, could you please also modify it so that it's not so fast off road? At the moment it's the one of the fastest vehicles on and offroad, and that's ruining the realism quite much.
  14. sn1per

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Some OF combat photography in Here
  15. sn1per

    The Dogs of War

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (denoir @ April 11 2003,10:46)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (foxer @ April 11 2003,08:43)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">We don't know that.Unless you can tell the future. He could have done anything he wanted ,with chemical weapons.If he has chemical weapons,he could have attack any allies/oil in the middle-east.<span id='postcolor'> Aha, so that's the logic. USA has nukes and chemical weapons. Since I don't know the future, you could be very well planning to attack Sweden. That gives me the right to attack USA in a pre-emptive strike, to disarm you. Hell, I'm sure that's what Osama did. Â <span id='postcolor'> Maybe they'll attack Finland first. After all, we do have gas masks in our combat gear. The world has a lot of dictatators much like saddam, only difference being that they do not have oil. (iraq oil is now being directed to israel, what a way to help iraq people) And how was saddam a serious threat to U.S.? By having suspected WMD? and how would he have deployed the WMDs? with al-samoud missiles (that have a range of 300km or so?) Only good thing about this war is that Bush is wasting american tax-payer's money, instead of using it to help his own people in the U.S.