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    What's in it for China?

    According to Panorama (BBC) tonight, 7% of China's oil imports come from the Sudan, and at a significant discount. When is the US going to begin another cold war to protect its status as the only superpower, can it afford to challenge China given the status of its economy in this time of crunching credit and its commitments elsewhere?
  2. scousejedi

    Any modern space combat flight sims around?

    Someone is.... http://www.infinity-universe.com/ Here are some Videos
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    I refer the honourable gentleman ch_123 to my post
  4. scousejedi


    Cocked up image, try this
  5. your gif size (pixels) needs to be x*y where x and y are powers of 2 so 256 x 256 512 x 256 1024 x 512 512 x 1024 Now its been a long time since I read my Imperal Sourcebook but as OFP dislikes objects more than 50 x50m I think you might run into problems with an ISD but good luck anyway.
  6. scousejedi

    men do not want to move in the forest

    You need a path LOD. Have you looked at the forests in the 0.36 demo? When making forests I normally just cut and paste the path LODs from there and then build up the normal LODs around them. If you want the path LODs PM me and Ill send you them.
  7. scousejedi

    project "SCI-FI"

    bump mapping = wait for ArmA Im afraid Give the OFP engine a break - it is 5 years old after all Anyname for T.A.F's OPFOR yet? How about 'Space Lobsters' ?
  8. scousejedi

    Upcoming lost brother addons

    As promised here are the unit names for the Egyptian Troops. These are from Pack #2 and have nothing to do with forthcoming releases <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> Lost Brother Mod Editor Names for the Egyptian Soldiers Egyptian Frontier Corps ----------------------- LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrp Egyptian Corps Rifleman LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpo Egyptian Frontier Corps Officer LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpoN Egyptian Frontier Corps Officer (NVG) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpMG Egyptian Frontier Corps MG LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpAT Egyptian Frontier Corps AT LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrp2 Egyptian Frontier Corps Rifleman (Deep Patrol) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpo2 Egyptian Frontier Corps Officer (Deep Patrol) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpoN2 Egyptian Frontier Corps Officer (Deep Patrol NVG) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpMG2 Egyptian Frontier Corps MG (Deep Patrol) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpAT2 Egyptian Frontier Corps AT (Deep Patrol) Egyptian Republican Guard ------------------------- LoBo_Egypt_Grd Egyptian Republican Guard Rifleman LoBo_Egypt_Grdo Egyptian Republican Guard Officer LoBo_Egypt_Grdo2 Egyptian Republican Guard Officer (NVG) LoBo_Egypt_Grdsnip Egyptian Republican Guard Sniper LoBo_Egypt_GrdMG Egyptian Republican Guard LMG LoBo_Egypt_GrdRPG Egyptian Republican Guard AT Egyptian Paratroopers --------------------- LoBo_Egypt_Para Egyptian Paratrooper LoBo_Egypt_ParaO Egyptian Paratrooper Officer LoBo_Egypt_ParaO2 Egyptian Paratrooper Officer (NVG) LoBo_Egypt_ParaE Egyptian Paratrooper Engineer LoBo_Egypt_Parasnip Egyptian Paratrooper Sniper LoBo_Egypt_ParaMG Egyptian Paratrooper MG LoBo_Egypt_ParaG Egyptian Paratrooper Rifle Grenadier LoBo_Egypt_ParaMedic Egyptian Paratrooper Medic LoBo_Egypt_ParaRPG Egyptian Paratrooper AT LoBo_Egypt_ParaAA Egyptian Paratrooper AA Egyptian Commandos ------------------ LoBo_Egypt_SF Egyptian Commando LoBo_Egypt_SFO Egyptian Commando Officer LoBo_Egypt_SFsab Egyptian Commando Saboteur LoBo_Egypt_SFE Egyptian Commando Engineer LoBo_Egypt_SFsnip Egyptian Commando Sniper LoBo_Egypt_SFMG Egyptian Commando MG (PKM) LoBo_Egypt_SFMG2 Egyptian Commando MG (RPG) LoBo_Egypt_SFG Egyptian Commando Rifle Grenadier LoBo_Egypt_SFSMG Egyptian Commando SMG LoBo_Egypt_SFMedic Egyptian Commando Medic LoBo_Egypt_SFRPG Egyptian Commando AT LoBo_Egypt_SFAA Egyptian Commando AA Egyptian Task Force 777 ----------------------- LoBo_Egypt_SF2 Egyptian TF777 Operator LoBo_Egypt_SF2O Egyptian TF777 Officer LoBo_Egypt_SF2snip Egyptian TF777 Sniper (PSG-1) LoBo_Egypt_SF2snip2 Egyptian TF777 Sniper (MSG-90) LoBo_Egypt_SF2SMG Egyptian TF777 Operator (SD) LoBo_Egypt_SF2Medic Egyptian TF777 Medic LoBo_Egypt_SF2BR Egyptian TF777 Breacher Egyptian Infantry ----------------- LoBo_Egypt_infantry Egyptian Rifleman LoBo_Egypt_infantryO Egyptian Officer LoBo_Egypt_infantryO2 Egyptian Officer (NVG) LoBo_Egypt_infantryE Egyptian Engineer LoBo_Egypt_infantryMG Egyptian HMG (PK) LoBo_Egypt_infantryMG2 Egyptian MG (RPD) LoBo_Egypt_infantryG Egyptian Difle Grenadier LoBo_Egypt_infantryMedic Egyptian Medic LoBo_Egypt_infantryRPG Egyptian AT Infantryman LoBo_Egypt_infantryAA Egyptian AA Infantryman Egyptian Men ------------ LoBo_CREW_EGY Egyptian Crew LoBo_CREW_EGYG Egyptian Republican Guard Crew LoBo_Egypt_FLTCrew Egyptian Flight Crew --------- HD Troops --------- Egyptian Paratroopers (HD) -------------------------- LoBo_Egypt_Para HD Egyptian Paratrooper (HD) LoBo_Egypt_ParaOHD Egyptian Paratrooper Officer (HD) LoBo_Egypt_ParaO2HD Egyptian Paratrooper Officer (NVG HD) LoBo_Egypt_ParaEHD Egyptian Paratrooper Engineer (HD) LoBo_Egypt_ParaMGHD Egyptian Paratrooper MG (HD) LoBo_Egypt_ParaGHD Egyptian Paratrooper Rifle Grenadier (HD) LoBo_Egypt_ParaMedicHD Egyptian Paratrooper Medic (HD) LoBo_Egypt_ParaRPGHD Egyptian Paratrooper AT (HD) LoBo_Egypt_ParaAAHD Egyptian Paratrooper AA (HD) Egyptian Commandos (HD) ----------------------- LoBo_Egypt_SFHD Egyptian Commando (HD) LoBo_Egypt_SFOHD Egyptian Commando Officer (HD) LoBo_Egypt_SFsabHD Egyptian Commando Saboteur (HD) LoBo_Egypt_SFEHD Egyptian Commando Engineer (HD) LoBo_Egypt_SFMGHD Egyptian Commando MG (PKM HD) LoBo_Egypt_SFMG2HD Egyptian Commando MG (RPG HD) LoBo_Egypt_SFGHD Egyptian Commando Rifle Grenadier (HD) LoBo_Egypt_SFSMGHD Egyptian Commando SMG (HD) LoBo_Egypt_SFMedicHD Egyptian Commando Medic (HD) LoBo_Egypt_SFRPGHD Egyptian Commando AT (HD) LoBo_Egypt_SFAAHD Egyptian Commando AA (HD) Egyptian Task Force 777 (HD) ---------------------------- LoBo_Egypt_SF2HD Egyptian TF777 Operator (HD) LoBo_Egypt_SF2OHD Egyptian TF777 Officer (HD) LoBo_Egypt_SF2SMGHD Egyptian TF777 Operator (SD HD) LoBo_Egypt_SF2MedicHD Egyptian TF777 Medic (HD) Egyptian Infantry (HD) ---------------------- LoBo_Egypt_infantryHD Egyptian Rifleman (HD) LoBo_Egypt_infantryOHD Egyptian Officer (HD) LoBo_Egypt_infantryO2HD Egyptian Officer (NVG HD) LoBo_Egypt_infantryEHD Egyptian Engineer (HD) LoBo_Egypt_infantryMGHD Egyptian HMG (PK HD) LoBo_Egypt_infantryMG2HD Egyptian MG (RPD HD) LoBo_Egypt_infantryGHD Egyptian Difle Grenadier (HD) LoBo_Egypt_infantryMedicHD Egyptian Medic (HD) LoBo_Egypt_infantryRPGHD Egyptian AT Infantryman (HD) LoBo_Egypt_infantryAAHD Egyptian AA Infantryman (HD) Egyptian Frontier Corps (HD) ---------------------------- LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpHD Egyptian Corps Rifleman (HD) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpoHD Egyptian Frontier Corps Officer (HD) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpoNHD Egyptian Frontier Corps Officer (NVG HD) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpMGHD Egyptian Frontier Corps MG (HD) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpATHD Egyptian Frontier Corps AT (HD) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrp2HD Egyptian Frontier Corps Rifleman (Deep Patrol HD) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpo2HD Egyptian Frontier Corps Officer (Deep Patrol HD) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpoN2HD Egyptian Frontier Corps Officer (Deep Patrol NVG HD) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpMG2HD Egyptian Frontier Corps MG (Deep Patrol HD) LoBo_Egypt_FrtCrpAT2HD Egyptian Frontier Corps AT (Deep Patrol HD) Egyptian Republican Guard HD ---------------------------- LoBo_Egypt_GrdHD Egyptian Republican Guard Rifleman (HD) LoBo_Egypt_GrdoHD Egyptian Republican Guard Officer (HD) LoBo_Egypt_Grdo2HD Egyptian Republican Guard Officer (NVG HD) LoBo_Egypt_GrdMGHD Egyptian Republican Guard LMG (HD) LoBo_Egypt_GrdRPGHD Egyptian Republican Guard AT (HD)
  9. scousejedi

    My experience with Starforce NOT ARMA RELATED

    Hmm I have a cup of coffee sitting here on a DVD drive that used to be recognised as an optical drive not a DVD drive and that used to appear and more often never be recognised by my OS WinMe at that time. As it came on a PC that was preloaded with HUGE amounts of nonsense it might be that some form of Starforce protection was working on my system. The drive worked about 50% of the time when the system was new and this % rapidly dropped to nothing. I have not used that drive in any PC I've built since as I always assumed that it was at fault but as I assume ArmA needs a DVD drive I might *carefully* remove my mug and pop it into a machine.
  10. scousejedi

    Upcoming lost brother addons

    Well I unpacked the LoBoIs.pbo and went through the config.cpp. Its not a 5 minute job but Ill do the egypt one if you insist (soon I promise)
  11. scousejedi


    From the ArmA FAQ sticky Which copyprotection will arma use? They protected the E3 pressdemo with Starforce and 3 keys. Might be a bit of overkill on BIS' part to prevent the demo from leaking to the broader public.
  12. scousejedi

    U.S.T.P. Guide to realism for YOUR addons

    Given the shear number of quality addonmakers in the Germany 1985 project I think that theirs will be the standard that every other addonmaker tries to conform to. If an addon maker wants his addon used that it would have to be playable with their stuff.
  13. scousejedi


    whats everyone to busy dreaming about CTI for 12yr olds to respond to a question ? Perhaps if you have asked it without your derogatory remark then maybe someone might have done it by now. There may be a misinterpretation of a word here... From wiki: Gobbledygook or gobbledegook (sometimes shortened to gobbledegoo) is an English term used to describe nonsensical language, sound that resembles language but has no meaning, or unintelligible encrypted text. It also means official, professional or pretentious verbiage. Plain language advocates use the term to mean that something is being expressed in an overly complicated manner. Gobbledygook does not carry connotations of foreignness. It refers to inherently baffling material. Perhaps gobbledygook here was not meant as a racial slur.
  14. scousejedi

    Looking fo an addon

    You have a method of working like mine Shink, lol. Just like a magpie you get your teeth into something and then a shiney new thing appears and you start something else. I look forward to seeing these on Tonal Are you going to make different versions as I seem to remember that there were different coloured noses: I owned a green nose that had a detachable cargo pod and Im sure there were red noses as well - military?
  15. scousejedi

    Invasion of Holland 1940

    http://www.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/LRG/he59.html Just wondering if this was it as the profile looks similar and they were in the area at the time. EDIT: DAMN too late