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  1. Has Bohemia ever mentioned adding in VR support to Arma3? I've heard that the devs have VR systems like Vive and I know they've implemented TrackIR in the past, so it seems like VR woul dhave way more users than Track IR for the effort. It's been brought up on the Vive reddit lots of times as one of the games most wanted to get a VR implementation.
  2. There is a big Arma fan base in the Vive community and Argo would be great in VR with controls similar to Onward. I've been playing Arma since OFP:CWC and it would be crazy in VR.
  3. In Op No Deal mission 3 in the damn building, the camera gets stuck outside of the map/level and I have black and gray screen with all the normal hud, but can see edges of the interior, like I'm stuck on the outside of the map. This seems to happen a few turns into the mission, diff number of turns, but when it switches to enemy's turn, the camera slowly drifts out of the map area and then gets stuck there. When it's my turn I can move the camera around and see edges of the map, but can't get into it to see my guys in the gameplay area. If I quit to main menu and continue or even quit the whole game and continue, I am brought back to the place where I was outside of the map and have to restart the level to get the camera to be in the level. Then ti happens again on an enemy turn. Restarted 3 to 4 times already. Can't get past it. I'm on Samsung GS4
  4. ricogs400

    NO DEAL mission 2 won't end

    I finally figured out that if you kill all the enemies on the map, it will end the mission. If you're having trouble with getting it to end, circle the map and get all the enemies.
  5. After moving 2 guys to each entrance to the damn, the mission will not end. I'm seeing it on Android GS4. It seems others are having this issue on multiple platforms from the Steam forums. My 2 failed tries: 1. First run through my guys went into the 2 entrances, 2 each side, on different turns, 2 went on one turn, then 1 went on next turn, then Stan went on final turn. Never sompleted 2. Next run through, I made all my guys, 2 each side, enter the ending areas on the same turn, each guy disappeared, but mission didn't complete, End Turn clicks, but doesn't do anything. In both runs, when I quit out to main menu and come back in, it's on my last turn before the guys go into the area and disappear.
  6. ricogs400

    Error when purchasing app

    I got it also and it runs great so far. Thanks.
  7. ricogs400

    Error when purchasing app

    They responded on Steam forums and directed me to the facebook page where they are talking about this. Mirapa [developer] Oct 29 @ 7:16am It is quite complicated to handle all possible communication channels - iOS,GooglePlay feedback, support@bistudio.com, Steam forums, BI forums.... We are trying to do posts on FB - https://www.facebook.com/ArmaTactics #1 Mirapa [developer] Oct 29 @ 7:25am And to explain the Google issue - there is some kind of verification process from Google which holds selling until it is done - not our fault at all.
  8. ricogs400

    Error when purchasing app

    Can someone PM the devs about this to get some kind of response? When I try to PM placebo it never says there is anything in my sent box, so I don't know if the PM is sent.
  9. ricogs400

    Error when purchasing app

    Still getting error trying to pay for it. Is it not compatible with our phones even though it says it is, or is it a Google Play failure? Please tell us something and fix it.
  10. ricogs400

    Need to do this on a larger scale

    I agree. I've been more into strategy games lately and with all of the experience and assets of BIS, it would be great to see this game type, real time or even turn based in more open areas too. A sort of Jagged Alliance: BIA type of game.
  11. Should the Arma Tactics android app be able to be purchased and download for Samsung GS4? When I try to purchase the app for my GS4 I get errors about payment declined when trying multiple payment types (credit card and mobile billing, which I have verified are good) whether on the Play store on my phone or on PC. I have a trouble ticket in with Google Play, but maybe BIS can tell me if there is some other reason with the app for my phone. On my PC, here's what it says when ordering the Android app from Google Play: " Uh oh. There was a problem. We couldn't start your purchase because of a technical issue. Details of the problem below: There is an error in the setup for your purchase. Please contact the merchant about this issue."
  12. ricogs400

    really... no omnidirectional movement?

    A lot of people are missing the control scheme that some people use a controller for, and the OP already stated, which is left hand on controller for movement with a controller stick, and right hand mouse. This gives precise aiming control, but a better feel for walking by pushing a stick instead of keys. This is what I use because I hate a key press to control walking/running.
  13. One thing I know about BIS is that they aren't lazy. I've been reading the OFP/Arma forums for over 10 years and they are very responsive to their fans. The AT forums were very slow for a long time, but I know how many platforms it's covering, so I give them some slack.
  14. Good news. I already got the PC version, but I will probably buy the Android version on my GS4 because I like what I played so far.
  15. ricogs400

    ArmA Tactics on PC in Steam?

    I just found it on Steam and got it. Plays great thru first mission. Using a Logitech G500 mouse and no problems so far with controls. I would also like to zoom out more on 1080x1920.