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  1. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but here are a few problems I'm having. And I think a couple of these are new (since release). 1. Key command for Manual Fire toggle no longer works. I have to use the action menu. 2. Commander cannot issue driving commands to an AI driver (in the Slammer at least) when turned out. Do tank crews no longer use radios in 2035? 3. I issued a bug report on this one, but if you rebind controls, you lose the ability to issue the Slow command, other than with the default CTL+w command.
  2. For what it's worth, this seems to just be a bug in the first Showcase: Infantry. The rest are working as expected. EDIT: actually this bug seems to appear here and there throughout the Showcases.
  3. In the first Showcase mission, during the mission briefing stage, I can view my inventory but cannot view the contents of my vest as I can in game.
  4. rangoon

    Crackling/ Popping Audio

    I definitely experience this with tracked vehicles. Especially as you increase throttle while steering. I use SoundBlaster ZxR and stereo headphones with virtual surround through the SB drivers.
  5. I use CH controls, and the Control Manager software can do almost anything you can dream up. The keypress thing wouldn't work for me because then you only have full deflection, and I can just as well use the keyboard for that (I don't use the throttle controller for wheel/track driving, only aircraft). But you're on the right track. What I can do is something I've already done to make up for A2 and A3 control shortcomings. I have several buttons on my HOTAS which adjust how the axes are scaled or output, and even which controllers feed which digital axes. I can make another axis, then have a HOTAS button select it like a mode, such that the old axis is replaced with the new one. And speaking of that, I also have noticed that assigning a HOTAS axis to car left/right only seems to work on the outside 50% of x+/x- (or whatever) regardless of whether you have x+/x- assigned elsewhere. So I guess it's just those keybinds and the tracks that are generally uncooperative (well, take your pick which one is). But back on topic, that would be the way to work around this. And I've done that already for A3: I have infantry, helicopter, and fixed-wing modes. I just need to add a tracked-vehicle mode as well, then adjust the scale so that it skips the entire inside 50% of the range (remind anyone of Arma 2 flight controls with the undefeatable deadzones? - that's how you defeat them, skipping 10-20% of the axis travel in your HOTAS software) and assigned to car left/right. EDIT: I created another mode script as described above and it does work fine. If I don't remember to switch them, tanks won't steer and wheels only get half of their range, but by selecting the proper modes now I have full analog steering on tracks and wheels. Ratszo, thanks for prompting me to just do this; it had crossed my mind, but I really didn't want to go through the extra hassle. In the end, it really only took a few minutes and now it's working fine. Hopefully they will address this properly.
  6. Right, I realize that, but as a case in point, if you do bind both, you get the 50/50 behavior. Having to change control binds is fine when you're just starting a mission, or out of mission, of course, but to go through that during a mission with multiple vehicle types is just the luck of the draw whether or not you have time to do it. So it's an unfortunate glitch in A3 right now. I have to use m+kb for tanks and HOTAS for wheeled vehicles. I don't like using mouse for steering (the car more/left steering is okay with mouse but not ideal).
  7. Also within the same group, though. For example, if I bind Car Left to X- and Car Right to X+, then also car analog left to X- and car analog right to x+, I get this: get in a tank. Nothing happens for the first 50% of travel in either direction, then it starts steering get in a wheeled vehicle. I can steer for 50% then it gets jumpy and stutters as it approaches full steering deflection (seen in tires 3D view or hands on steering wheel 1st person view). It's at full steering by 50% of input, and stutters until I hit full input on the controller. Then on the way back to center, steering returns to center 50% out from controller center. So it's both on the same bind as well as other binds within the same group. Maybe not consistently, but certainly in this particular case. But I've never seen it across groupings like between car, helicopter, and fixed-wing. X+ and X- can be bound to car analog left/right and cyclic left/right and aileron left/right without problem. Of course the helicopter AFM vs. BFM collective input situation is still a problem, but I digress.
  8. I don't think so. I believe it's only within the same group. I have HOTAS axes bound across groups and haven't noticed this; only within one group.
  9. You got it right. And I have confirmed this behavior, too. It's like what you and Ratszo have said about losing full travel recognition on an axis which is bound to multiple entries in the control configuration.
  10. Tnanks, Ratszo. This isn't a problem in A2 (regardless of the IRL difference between track/wheel) and I guess I don't get the impression this is a realism feature. I do use pedals, and they work fine for acceleration deceleration (toe brakes) and infantry lean (pedal axis). I suppose I could try the pedal axis for tracks, but I think all the other steering axes interplay, so it gets messy fast. I don't want compounding inputs. I want what A2 had, which is the simple ability to steer wheel/track all the same. From a sim engine and control input standpoint, I don't see any logic in making these different.
  11. In the past I used TrackIR for continuous zoom in/out, but now only for zoom out. Since A3 added the ability to shift your head position forward in vehicles, I use TrackIR forward for that, but TrackIR back for zoom out. That way I can adjust head position without zooming in. And my old method did work, which is why for me this is now an issue. I have come to prefer not using TrackIR for zoom in, but then there is this problem with optics and zoom. I guess if there is not a good solution through careful assignment of keybinds, it's just a fault in the engine that will hopefully be addressed. I will take another look at the issue tracker. I honestly can't remember whether I found one there. If so I'll comment/vote. If not, I'll make one. EDIT: yep, it's there http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=16065
  12. In Arma 2, using my HOTAS to steer tracked vehicles works fine. However, in Arma 3, the same controls steer wheeled vehicles but not tracked vehicles. My only work-around presently is to use keyboard/mouse for tracked vehicles (keyboard for left/right and mouse for more left/right). Everything works fine for wheeled vehicles. Is there a way to fix this presently?
  13. Is there a way to avoid the forced zoom-out that occurs when you are zoomed in, then switch to iron sights (optics)? I have tried moving all weapons/view controls which might be conflicting and cannot affect this behavior. If I am zoomed in, then hit "optics" to swith to scope/iron sights, the view zooms out. I then have to hit "zoom in toggle" twice in order to zoom in. If I instead hit "optics" again (switch back from iron sights to crosshair), I have to also hit zoom in twice to zoom in again. On a related note, if I raise my iron sights, then zoom in, the view zooms in, but toggling the zoom back out has no effect using the toggle. The view remains zoomed in. Using the NumPad + and - keys (default zoom in/out) does work in this case, but not the toggle.
  14. rangoon

    ASR AI Skills

    Does ASR AI work with the official Arma 2 campaigns well enough? Does it affect the accuracy/skill of your own teammates? Just enemy AI? Or neither except where they are generated "fresh" like in the "Warfare" style stuff?
  15. rangoon

    ACE for OA 1.13

    How do I throw a grenade underhand? I have everything set up to use shift-3 to toggle my grenade throw, but when I modify with the underhand key (left shift) nothing changes. I tried changing the key to something other than shift; still no effect.