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  1. ricbar89

    ARMA 3 on consoles

    Holy shit yes please. A few other optimizations too like draw distance, contruction points etc.
  2. ricbar89

    Iranian's release video of captured UAV

    But why? Would'nt it be better if it nosedived into the groud? Or at least could be pre set depending on its mission. If the thing was flying over Iraq or Afganistan where it could be recovered i can see why. But Iran? They would never be able to get it back and they know it. Could'nt they have programmed the thing to do the best job possible of destroying itself?
  3. BFBC2 sounds are far better and closer to reality then ARMA. The soundfiles themselves arent particularly realistic but the sound engine creates the real booming sound while ARMA just sounds pop gun and tinny and lacks depth.
  4. Does Jebediah ever give a fuck? I love that guy.
  5. ricbar89

    Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

    Well i may just do that when i want a new PC but when will that be? And if i did do it i wouldnt spend as little as £300 odd quid for a PC that can barely run anything now let alone new stuff.
  6. ricbar89

    Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

    Firstly like i already said why do i want my console to function like a PC? I have a PC for that. I just want it to play games. Secondly ill buy a TV and use it whether i have a console or not, so no matter what or which way you look at it its got to be paid for anyway. You'll pick up appliances like these anyway so its not a real factor. Im not not going to buy a blueray because my PC can play them, nore am i going to have to buy one if i get a console... Yeah and not thinking the house burnt down is a good example is grasping at straws? We Can disagree but i wouldnt call it grasping at straws.
  7. ricbar89

    Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

    PC's are not particularly more expensive in Aus/NZ while consoles and games on the other hand are renown there for their over the top prices due to export costs and a fairly small market in comparison in other parts of the world.
  8. ricbar89

    Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

    In fairness as an Australian you're probably one of the few who can make that claim. Prices down under are not in line with most countries though, put simply you get screwed...
  9. ricbar89

    Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

    Whats old on a console? Ive got "older" games then ive got never ones. I often get games a few months after they’re out as im rarely in a rush to play them, and im not spending £45 on them. Plus consoles answer to directdownload services like steam is preowned. You can get games extremely cheaply at the cost of a potentially crappy box (or get lucky and have a perfect condition game) for half price.
  10. ricbar89

    Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

    Yeah the problem with all this "total cost" it assumes you buy every game new and want all the crap equal to a PC, which maybe i would just buy a PC if i did. In fact its all based on assumptions. 99.8% (ok thats a guess) of people buying this stuff havent had their house burnt down. Who doesnt already own a TV? Or a PC that can do everything they need. Or even want a blueray. Or need the "most advanced xbox" (they're all about the same apart from HD which is barely an issue for most people). I have an xbox. I never buy games at full price anyway, just like loads of people i know. If i was to buy a PC, i would have to be spending more money on upgrades long before i ever recouped my savings from game prices. And more often then upgrading to a new console. So no JDB youre going to have to reduce the cost for consoles a lot more then just the cost of a TV. The fact is you cant get a PC for the same price as a console or less. And you arent saving anywhere near as much on games unless you're running to the shops and buying every game brand new or buying more games then you healthily should.
  11. ricbar89

    Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

    Well you've totally backtracked from your original post now. So there you have it. You cant actually get a decent PC for the same price or cheaper then a console.
  12. ricbar89

    Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

    The problem is YOU seem to be in the minority here. You've made a claim (the cost of PCs specifically) that few seem to agree with. You've not backed it up and now retreated behind more claims everyone else seems to be living in a land where computers cost much more. Again i welcome you to find a PC that can run modern games at decent resolutions and FPS rates for less than $280 CAD. I would be really interested to see it.
  13. ricbar89

    Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

    Buying expensive hardware and spending time on forums doesnt make you a hardcore gamer. I know a few keen mountain bikers, some of them have pretty average bikes they barley keep going but they love to ride the things and ride them to hell. I know some guys who have gone out and bought far more expensive bikes and twinkered with them all day, but they dont spend half as much time out on them. So who's more hardcore? Buying top hardware, tweaking, optimizing and modding doesnt make you a hardcore gamer. Gaming makes you a hardcore gamer. If you spend a lot of time on a game, you master it, you play it to hell you're more of a gamer then some guy with half as much playtime because he's been spending his time messing around with his PC and making mods. Just like the guy with the better bike he plays with but doesnt spend half as much time on.
  14. ricbar89

    Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

    Pretty much any PC can run any game (OS willing). Whether it can run it at a acceptable framerate is another matter. Even without them it is not possibe.