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  1. Thanks so much for making this mod, I am really enjoying it. Except, for some reason now whenever the "there we go, and there it goes" animation plays the game freezes, I have to control-alt-delete to get back to the desktop and the game just shows a frozen white screen. I can tell that an error box popped up but I can't switch over to it to see what it is saying. I've tried reloading and fighting the carrier multiple times but every time after the animation plays the game crashes. He was attacking one of my islands which I time warped to in order to fight him, and previously I had captured his stockpile, not sure if either of those matter. Doesn't sound like anyone else is having this problem. I have beaten him away before and had the escaping animation play before without problem. I wonder if it might be that the guy is so near death that the damage he takes while the animation is playing somehow sinks him during the animation and the game doesn't know how to respond. It's really too bad, this mod has made the game so much better - before just playing strategy mode I would meet the enemy carrier about an hour into the game, kill it and the game would be over. EDIT: This is the only mod I have on the game, just for clarification.
  2. If I'm thinking about the right mission, this is the one where at some point you're in a M113 and your squad gets dropped off to clear the airfield. Â I had a really hard time with this because I was trying to make enough progress to give my squad a fighting chance, they were getting wiped out faster than you can blink an eye. Â I ended up realizing that the only hope was to get the helo before it takes off. Â I ended up succeeding pretty nicely. Â When you get dropped off, run towards the helo (on the left side of that fence) until you see the enemy squad in the distance, then go prone and take them out. Â I lucked out and had an RPG soldier come from the gate and I dropped him at point blank range, then took his RPG. Â Then, hop on that motorcycle near the gate and speed towards the hangar. Â Get off near that sandbag emplacement and if you're quick enough, you can shoot the helo's pilot on the ground before he ever gets in the helo. Â If you do this, you can take your time cleaning up around you and not be pressed for time since the helo and shilka aren't going anywhere. The dirt bike is the key though. Â By the way, I still wasn't able to do it without having the whole squad get wiped out. Â They just simply would not stop running carelessly into the open and getting shot, not to mention having the M113's stupidly get blow up.
  3. rdubs

    first secondary mission

    Homer9: I share your pain, I had a lot of trouble with this. Â Gotcha's ideas are the correct way to go about the problem, but I stumbled onto another way which worked well for me, at least when I was playing the version out of the box (I haven't tried it with the 1.08 patch yet). If you want to try something different than Gotcha's solution, in the camp where the BMP's and ZSU's are, crawl up to one of the parked trucks, get in, and proceed to run everyone over. Â I first did this because I wanted revenge for them killing me so much, figuring I would die immediately, but for some reason they never shot at me. Â I had success with this with both the Ural and UAZ, but I liked the Ural better because it seemed to finish them off a little better. Â This was before I discovered the "e" key to go fast when driving; I only used the "w" key so sometimes it would just bump the enemy, they'd scream, then crawl around and so some I had to run over a couple times to finish them off. Â Don't remember if backing over them helped. Â Once you've cleaned out the camp, take your time planting the one satchel and then get on the hill to shoot the armor. Trick is though to stay in the driver's spot. Â One time for fun I switched to the mounted machine gun while driving the UAZ, but as soon as I fired I got killed. Â Also, for some reason running them over only works at the armor camp, it won't work at the ammo dump or the camp with the helo. Again not sure if this works with 1.08 but with the 1.06 that came with the game it worked like a champ.