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  1. ravellron

    1.08 performance increase!

    thanks BIS patch is wonderfoul e6600 2gb ram 8800gtx all very high 3500viewdist 1600x1200 run very good
  2. ravellron

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    about fps? there are some improvements??
  3. ravellron

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    another nightmare?? this patch...
  4. ravellron

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    i thought no one have installed it yet...
  5. work good in my system the new 1,07 patch... ok some problem sometimes but is fine... i have a 8800gtx..
  6. ravellron

    Freeze after 10 - 25 minutes play

    try update at 1.07
  7. ravellron

    New 8800/ForceWare Drivers (BETA)

    i tried it... are the worse driver that they ever made for arma.. every couple of seconds lod and lag...
  8. ravellron

    New Vista XP Drivers

    i tried... they seems don't go very well.. everytime lagging...
  9. ravellron

    8800 Best Drivers in your opinion

    158.19 seem best (So far) for ARMA, Rainbow 6:Vegas, WOW:TBC and Supreme Commander. Anything below that had strange issues in ARMA and RB6, better FPS quality seems to have come from all nvidia drivers beyond 102 in Windows XP SP2. 8800 GTX 768 KO AC3 EVGA 626/1100. AMD 64 4000 10%* OC, 2 GIG DDR, XIFI Dual 32" LCD's (1680x1024), ZBOARD, 700W PSU *Single Core rocks for ARMA and RB6, sucks butt big time for Supreme Commander. ok, i will try again.... this 158.xx....
  10. ravellron

    8800 Best Drivers in your opinion

    2.4 CoreDuo@3.40ghz XP 2gb ddr2 800mhz 8800 gtx 648\1020 600Watt I run with 165.01 driver with better result.... But I hope that release optimal driver to run all very high with no lod and trouble...
  11. ravellron

    Playing on a flat-screen monitor

    thanks very much... i have an nvidia card, but i think it'll be the same...
  12. ravellron

    Playing on a flat-screen monitor

    i have a samsung syncmaster 204B, i play at 1600x1200 but i can set 60HZ only... anybody have a tip to turn it on 75hz?
  13. ravellron

    new driver 8800 series...

    Oh come on man. Are you seriously saying that you're playing ArmA on 1600x1200 with everything maxed out and a viewing distance of 4000 with an average of 30-40 fps? What are your system specs? You must be either playing on that desert island all day or have some Quadcore setup with a pair of 8800 GTX's. As for the new drivers. I did notice some improvements but the game is still dropping to unplayable frames whenever theres too much vegetation around. E6600 - 2GB DDR2 - XFX 8800 GTS/580 XXX E6600@3.4 2x 1gb ddr2 800 striker extreme 8800gtx 648/1020 it's good frame rate....30^40 in desert 70^80
  14. ravellron

    new driver 8800 series...

    i'm happy that's everything go fine.. i try it before, and go very well.. i keep 4000.. so i can fit high the terrain... go 30-->40... good good with everythings very High... 1600x1200...lol....
  15. i didn't try it yet, but with this driver everything run well all on max...they told me.. finally they solve problem with this game.. http://www.nvidia.it/object/winxp_2k_158.19_it.html