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  1. r2101

    Operation Cuckoo [SP] WW4

    thanks for your interest tom34 :) http://www.sendspace.com/file/0wwloo just a (very basic) change to make the shadow ops playable in mp.... don´t know if the mission becomes to easy with human players in coop...
  2. r2101

    (MP)DF1 Insurrection WW4

    ha! remeber delta force 1 & 2 ... good games :) onto the mission...like faguss said the island addon needs additionally files. after downloading cuba from opf.info i was ready to start. time compression on... and onto the objective ... ...my 1st attempt was as outlined in the briefing. i landed on the beach, a little bit southwest from the objective. maybe i was too optimistic but me & my team were cut down really soon (note to self... ww4 is quite a different beast than vanilla flashpoint). ...2nd attempt. after the 1st failed beach landing i was going to try another approach...forget the briefing and land on the northern beach and surprise the enemies. we crawled over the ridge, spotted the town where the objective is located in the south and managed to take down a complete squad, spotted a unknown vehicle in the mid of the town, and a motorized patrol. another group of enemies managed to flank our positions and it was again game over... ...3rd attempt... by now i was raging mildly... approaching the objective area by sea...still in the boat... still on the northern side of the island... we were quite close to the coastline... boom...rpg hit takes out the boat and me & my whole team... RAGEQUIT :) things i would like to see... a slightly more elaborate briefing to add to the mood. especially the old delta forces games (1&2) had quite nice briefings and settings (since you mentioned em). maybe faguss is right that 8km is a bit optimistic, but then again there is time compression :)
  3. r2101

    Operation Cuckoo [SP] WW4

    hiho...thanks for the feedback & kind words about my 1st published mission. usually i hang around in the editor and never thought about publishing missions :) thanks for the hint about the end trigger...should be corrected now, although it takes quite a while until the boat arrives at the extraction point. added some ambient fx, and some ambient patrols and thingies a bit outside the mission area - and dabbled a bit with the skill settings for the opfor units. actualized download link in the 1st post again thanks for the feedback :)
  4. r2101

    Operation Cuckoo [SP] WW4

    hey there... just a small SP mission for the outstanding WW4 modpack from Sanctuary. You lead a small team of eastern Shadow Ops to eliminate a high ranking everon Officer before the actual invasion of Everon. Your mission is to weaken the enemies command and control capabilities in an yet undeclared war. http://speedshare.org/download.php?id=2186E7F81 feedback and help (especially with the mission briefing and notes section) would be appreciated, since english is obviously not my 1st language.
  5. r2101

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    Maybe I am a little bit late... but what a great MOD for good old Flashpoint! :) Can´t wait to see what 3.0 will bring - in the meantime I am really enjoying the experience. Greater engagement ranges & better AI eyesight are extremely exciting & enjoyable... ....thanks for all the work that must have went into this package!
  6. woah!!! this is excellent... in conjunction with "@proper world" a dream came true together with patch 1.15 armed assault finally arrived great work - especially for owners of older machines, like myself - runs beautiful on a pentium d and a ati 3850... me=happy! thanks for all the work that was involved converting these islands... very much appreciated!
  7. well... great!!!! thank you! those islands are excellent... performance is a dream - and in conjunction with ecs armed assault becomes finally what i expected it to be in the first place. at least terrain the a.i. can actually use and navigate. ha! this is actually pulling me away from opf... never thought that might happen...normally i checked patches...played a little while and crawled back to opf again. but this is a really pleasant surprise. ironically this islands are a good showcase for the armed assault engine to be more performance orientated than the older flashpoint version... framerates are better with this than with the original flashpoint version. neat... one can only wonder what would have happend...if armed assault would have been designed around smaller - less performance eating - islands (with less complex objects)... again...many thanks!
  8. r2101

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.11

    works great over here... no installations worries & performance is better...especially in cities... which were taxing my system more than the northern part of the island. draw-distance optimizations are really neat... unless i choke my system with too many units i can neatly push the draw-distance comfortably beyond 3000 m the usual nitpicking follows... tanks still bounce around like easter-bunnies... the odd thing is... why exactly? never seen this in opf146? was this introduced in opf res...or is it an arma original feature? anyway... thanks for the patch... good work... me likes
  9. r2101

    Interview with Ondrej Spanel ( Suma )

    1st... jerry h. & suma thanks for doing the interview kinda funny... i tuned in to the stream and was expecting some kind of "marketing bubble"... and was completely surprised as i listenend. at first it was a little strange (for the lack of a better word, probably because i still waited for the marketing/promoting aspect)... but then i thought... well that is really cool! a completely non-marketing/pr related interview. dunno if i ever heard something similar from a software company. but i thought it was quite a change nice personal interview... without all the usual buzz-word phrases and uber-hype... p.s. should have sent in a question myself... when to expect fairytale 2?
  10. r2101

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    might be old news but i am somewhat puzzled by the ai right now... pre 1.09 weak movement patterns but deadly sharpshooters 1.09b better movement (imho) but can´t hit anything somewhere in between would be nice right now it is almost to easy to destroy whole squads imho....
  11. r2101

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    7300 doesn´t sound too good... 3850 is "available" as agp aswell... well available that is if a store has it already in stock... i am afraid that below nv 7800 line or ati1800 series armed assault is rather... slow... and even with my 1900gt i was kinda dissatisfied
  12. r2101

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    good evening allthumbs i run a similar setup (pentium d 3ghz, 2gb ram blah...). i exchanged my ati 1900gt with an ati 3850 512 mb thingie (not expensive & mine has a non stock cooling fan sitting on top of it... so no problem to oc the ram to around 2000mhz and the gpu to 750).. 1st... patch up all the way to 1.09 beta... 2nd... exchange that graphics card you have... won´t cut it for armed assault... my settings sofar... - 1280x1024 - viewdistance 900 (stock opf1.46 settings *lol*) - terrain detail normal - object detail very high - texture detail low - shading detail very high - post process low - af normal - shadows very high - aa low - blood high runs like a dream. no more lag. bushes/trees/forests are very playable (in fact i don´t feel a difference between playing in a deserted area or a full-blown nothern sahrani forest)... didn´t actually measure my frame rate... but my "felt" impression is that it runs more fluid than old opf does... the only thing that irks me is that i get the occasional texture lag with textures on high or default...that is kinda odd...given the fact that the 3850 has 512mb video ram *sigh*... more probably that my aging pentium d system isn´t up to the task to feed the gpu adequately... hope that helps... a new graphics card did the trick for me...armed assault is quite enjoyable... compared to the expirience with the ati 1900gt that is
  13. r2101

    A.I. =  Very hard

    fish44 thnx for the nice words funnyguy.... well... right... once your positions...or plan gets compromised (ha these little people have a mind of their own *lol*) it is usually game over... one of the downfalls of opf / armed assault... it is very difficult to order an ai squad to "break contact" *sigh*... without loosing 3/4 of your squad whilst doing so about just "running around" with your squad well i try to roleplay being a squadleader... and that includes imho to (at least) try to keep those virtual toy soldiers alive... and not "rambo-ing" it myself... had a weird moment in opf lately...trying to clear a village... one squad vs one squad... almost managed to destroy the other squad without own losses...almost... one guy died ... he tried to throw a handgrenade (HE TRIED...AARGHS) ...instead hitting the enemy positions he hit the housewall direct infront of him and blew himself up... i was like ... oh... huh? but that is what makes opf/armed assault interesting and fun to play imho...
  14. r2101

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    well...maybe the new content, which got included in the latest patch already, was initially thought to be included with the expansion pack? so... i got something for free... which isn´t bad imho... anyway... 15 euros for a new island and a couple of new units is ok in my book... for another similar system it would have been a "terrain pack" and slightly more expensive speaking of terrain... once wrptool/visitor gets released for armed assault the available content doesn´t look too bad the terrain features included in sarani are quite versatile imho... with those models & textures almost every landscape can be modelled ... imho... ok... a winter texture set is missing... apart from that it is quite complete (european woodlands, rural areas, southern european arid landscape, middle east/desert settings etc.) if bis would release "themed" island expansions that would be great imho... e.g. south american stuff, asian landscapes etc... more material to build own islands and a good idea to generate some income to further develop armed assault
  15. r2101

    What's my bottle-neck?

    you could try to change your scenecomplexity manually... that should give an extreme boost to your fps... should be located in your arma profile file... in my documents arma greetings - r2101