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    Got it right here buddy. Godzilla have fun! B.T.W. Rap and OFP is a terrible combination
  2. Just had a look at gamepark.cz not long ago and noticed Itwea has finally released his amazing wolf addon! This is one of the most interesting addons ever released I must say. Especially the single player mission! And It has AI which attack you without extra scripting! Check it out.... http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?sekce=news Now where's that rabbit addon I had? Vulk & Zajac! ofp style!
  3. redpride

    A complete 3d game at 96k size?

    Yeah it's really something ain't it. I didn't believe it till I downloaded it (under a second) and played it...my comp was barely able to keep up with it's demanding graphics!
  4. redpride

    06 -07 -07 Attempted London Bombing

    "Some people may say its a stupid comment but if we didnt invade countries or stick our noses into other countries problems then we wouldnt get all this crap!" Bingo! , thank goodness at least some people still haven't forgotten why such things as BOARDERS exist
  5. redpride

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    CAD home decorator? Sounds like a bad trade off to me.
  6. redpride

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I'd personally avoid ATI , had too much trouble from their drivers. My next card will be Nvidia.
  7. redpride

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I don't know what is it about Balschoiw's signature that gives me an instinctive urge to reach out and smash that bug on my screen.
  8. redpride

    Transformers The movie (07.04.07)

    Trans Formers was my favorite toys in me bratty days. I remember working my buns off doing chores and what not saving and piecing together the constructicon set (my favorite transformers).Ah those were the days One thing I don't like about this movie is the transformers don't really look like they did like in the cartoons or toys..They're "modernized" which bullywood is notoriously known for. It's why all the movies based on video games suck too.
  9. redpride

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Yeah what a shame..things were looking good too. Hope whatever happened to make you decide to stop undoes itself.
  10. redpride

    5 Years in Siberia

    How does a company "loose billions" from piracy? Every time a corporation decides to invest in a project they are taking market risks. If their investment pays off they will sell their product well and in large quantities and not only make up for initial gross investment but also surplus profit. In thriving economies it's easy for them to sell their product but in areas where it's not looking too good you can't be surprised. The real problem is indeed financial here. And in places like let's say Russia (not in Moscow) where if you're lucky enough to have a job with a salary that allows you to not only to make ends meet from month to month but also for such luxury items as original computer software especially Microsoft's over-priced Windows. If these companies were intent on fighting piracy they would make their product more affordable to your average consumer in weak economies and miraculously they'd see more people buying original software and piracy plummet.. Sometime pirate motivations are also ideological , but rarely that is the case. If I breed my pure breed , licensed Rottie with another pure breed rottie avoiding standard breeding rules of the kennel club selling the unlicensed puppies at a much lower price to family members would this also be considered piracy? I think the stricter consequences they enforce on such things the more people will resist, being such the nature of man.
  11. redpride

    Turkish Star Wars

    is that the same guy that played Turkish Rambo? NO COMMENT!!
  12. redpride

    06 -07 -07 Attempted London Bombing

    According to "normal functionalities" of every society in every nation on this planet we are all responsible for the actions of our chosen representatives of our states. Even if they tangle us up in a war. We all either stand abide it or aside it during an invasion. or else.
  13. redpride

    Project Alien

    Yes I agree , you should take your precious time to complete this project at all your own paces. Don't rush on my behalf , Oh no! Better to release a wholesome quality mod than anything at all.
  14. redpride

    Project Alien

    So it looks like The Marines , Dropship and APC are done...Any hint on the first release of these wonderful wonderful addons? It would make all the orphaned children ever so happy.
  15. redpride

    5 Years in Siberia

    That's another problem these days , many people have a lot to say but speak with littlest sense.