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  1. rgreenpc

    AH-64 Pack Release

    another issue - for some reason if you have a pilot and gunner in MP games - the gunner can't see Laser designated targets from other helos or fromt he ground. The second he gets out the laser spot reappears... ideas?
  2. rgreenpc

    AH-64 Pack Release

    Yeah - WGL mod made this available.... but I wonder if they would be willing to share?
  3. rgreenpc

    AH-64 Pack Release

    Yeah that would be cool, but damn AI won't stay still in the scout choppers as soon as they detect a target they move in and attack. Perhaps scripting may help. By way of disarming and only using the laser designator and automatically cycling through the targets untill they are all destroyed. Im amazed no one has attempted it yet to fix this flaw *HINT* Â I wasn't even commenting on AI - we play 16 - 25 player coops and it would be great to get the option for MP missions. SF team with LD or Kiowa LD
  4. rgreenpc

    AH-64 Pack Release

    The one thing I would LOVE to see... Lock on after fire for the hellfires. Ie. Pilot hovers behind a hill.. scout designates and calls for lauch... pilot unmasks from behind hill and fires...
  5. rgreenpc

    PMC_Euro 25km Terrain + Campaign

    Sure no problem... just pay us back the money you still owe us for all those tanks and planes from WW2 :P j/k
  6. I see them in the config - and have added them to a mission - but alas I dont see any marking going on..... Are they for AI?
  7. rgreenpc

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    you do understand what range these rifles were "ZEROed" at?
  8. rgreenpc

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    This is a very interesting concept... I was a pilot in the USAF and on several occasions I had detachements in my plane... I talked with a sniper one time. He had ( what I think ) was a M24 and he also had a silenced M4.
  9. rgreenpc

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    @Phaeden Here here... this is my clan's biggest beef with most clans out there. CTF is extremely boring and redundant. There are only so many ways to skin that cat - so to speak. We have been content to have A vs B Company matches in my clan as we have ATTEMPTED to play a few clans - only to watch the opposition charge over a hill at us in a BMP when we had a few hasty ambush spots set up.... Imagine their thoughts when they saw a few AT4s flying at them <G> The one thing I wish you could/would add.... Get permission from BAS/JAM to add a few other weapon classes... and some newer optics. Also an idea for the next version... a tradeoff.... Body Armour vs extra weapon spots? Take a Level 3 Vest with a steal plate and loose 2 ammo spots.
  10. rgreenpc

    Woodland hummers

    BlackDeath - Any chance of adding a AGS17 and or Tow Hummer to the pack? Also any chance of an armoured version - like the ones being sent to Iraq?
  11. rgreenpc

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    @Ziro - thats our clan... We do everything with proper tactics and doctrine all be it US doctrine. Overlapping fields of fire, cover and movement, etc. We just dont want to start using WGL and end up not being able to play many teams. My clan despises CTF and CTI we play proper objective based missions - Defend an objective - stop the convoy, etc. CTF is just UT2004 with more real hardware. I love the mortars but as before - if WGL isnt going to be used then I am getting worked up over nothing. It boils down to this: 1. Can a clan using WGL play on a server that doesn't ( I know the other clan couldn't play on ours if we use WGL) 2. Can the weapons be broken out ie - Hummer pack, Mortar and Compass?
  12. rgreenpc

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    Angus - Seems my clan have colectivly said they love parts of your pack... Thing is - we are worried we wouldn't be able to play with other clans if we went with your pack. What are you thoughts? Being a military man - I love the Compass and the hummers but other than that we aren't using it much. Any thoughts of breaking the addons out for others to use as well?
  13. From Angus - Ziro.... getting other units to work with mortars is a function of adding the Eventhandlers for our soldiers, and the User Actions. We define our user actions in the main wgl_men_config config.cpp file and it can be referenced fairly easily. You can do the same with armor values. We setup 3 tiers of armor (or was it 4?) for soldiers and again, it's simple to add. The only trick might be getting the user actions to lower goggles to work after converting to WG. May want to just copy and paste the user actions at that point or make your own defines.
  14. Ziro - at least for me it doesn't work..... I have tried with your mortar guys and regular guys - only ones it works with are the WGL men - and it works with any of them. Must be something they have in the config.
  15. rgreenpc

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    @ Damage - Nope.... that didn't work