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  1. Arméns Jägarbataljon is a North American unit emulating the Swedish Rangers. We are actively seeking applicants interested in leadership positions. Our focus is immersion/roleplaying in a milsim environment. The ideal player for our group is motivated, highly active, and consistently seeks to improve their skills. Our composition, training, and tactics are all based around gaining a high amount of effectiveness from each and every one of our members. If you are interested please join us in our Discord: https://discord.gg/pghrtAF You may also contact me directly on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nakko
  2. raynor

    C-2a Greyhound C.O.D.

    You're welcome. I take all credit for inspiring Scorch (thesn4k3) in creating this modification after 10 hours of relentlessly flying the F/A-18 mod in game and saying "Hey, we should get on the carrier using a Greyhound like in real life". We haven't flown in ARMA since.
  3. raynor

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    Good to hear that the next patch is working on what you already got in game. In regards to the ACE3 support are there any plans to make the soldiers immune to the ACE3 hearing effects due to all the soldiers using the Peltor Comtac headsets?
  4. raynor

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    Been waiting a long time for this to release and it has been worth every single minute. Superb quality and attention to detail. Thanks for all your hard work and effort.
  5. I believe you have the two mixed up. As of the last time I built a mission with either mod CSE was far more modular by enabling/disabling specific functions through the actual modules function in game. AGM came as is, meaning if you didn't want a specific function you had to remove the PBO built for it. The unofficial ACE seems to lend from CSE heavily so far, though it is obvious some core functions (such as the interaction system) are built right into the framework with only a single module in place as of this writing to enable/disable team functions.
  6. The Red Berets The Red Berets is a North American based unit specializing in unconventional warfare as Spetsnaz GRU. We are looking for two helicopter pilots as dedicated transport/air support flying the MI-24V Hind. Any interested pilots will have to conduct a series of tests in AFM. We are also looking for any groups interested in having an milsim roleplaying group as an adversary. And we are looking for any person wishing to join the unit itself. Just like our pilots we expect you to come prepared and skilled. Testing for entry consists of the following: 1. 2KM Forced March 2. Weapons Precision Test 3. Timed infiltration Interested parties are welcome to join on TS3 @ ts.tactfrag.com ( IP ) You may also add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Nakko Alternatively you may add Fresco: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069191069 Thank you for your time and consideration.
  7. I imagine this is what a drug user feels like waiting for their next fix.
  8. After a period of internal restructuring 4thIB is back looking for new blood. Our approach to ARMA 3 is intended to establish immersion into the game and give our members a clear path to deciding their own actions in the field. We call our approach "Leadership At All Levels" as we allow for all of our members to take initiative to accomplish both in-game and out of game goals. Our missions are oriented to cater to our playstyle as cavalry scouts. We focus on a milsim approach to everything we do while refraining from other military ceremonies. Leadership At All Levels Leadership exists throughout the command structure but always starts with the individual soldier. Members initially progress through a simple but vital Basic Combat Training (BCT) course of approximinately one hour. This course emphasizes critical personal skills to communicate, move, shoot, and adapt as an integrated team. This course is also an opportunity for evaluation of various skills and tendencies to better align operational roles to overcome deficiencies and amplify strengths. Course graduates are assigned to a Buddy Team (BT) designed to aid the soldier's development. Senior members of the buddy team impart their battlefield expertise to junior members while simultaneously beginning to tackle the rigorous challenges of battlefield command. Experience has shown personal interaction of this type to be the most effective for rapidly and effectively improving both Buddy Team members. This philosophy continues all the way to the top of our command structure to ensure that when one person improves, the entire group does as a result. If you are interested in obtaining more information or joining you are free to chat with us on Teamspeak 3 at ts.4thib.com. You may also find more information at our website: http://4thib.com. Finally you may also add me to steam by adding Nakko (Look for Grumpy Cat enjoying her birthday party).
  9. raynor

    4th Infantry Brigade

    We at 4thIB are still looking for people interested in an experience they have more control over. We are currently running missions every weekend with at least one operation lasting 4+ hours. Missions begin at 6PM CST.
  10. When using the F/A-18F model it is advised you only have one person in the cockpit and that they first jump into the gunner seat and then the pilot seat. If you experience the quick swap issue again get out and try jumping in the gunner seat and then pilots seat once again. If anyone jumps into the gunner seat while the loadout is running there is a fairly high probability it will break who owns the plane (locality) and therefore break proper operation of the script.
  11. Yes. Are you deleting your singleplayer/multiplayer mission PBO's before attempting to recompile in the editor? As far as I know the editor will not overwrite existing files, also it helps to ensure you are getting a 100% up to date file in that location.
  12. Have you made sure your description.ext doesn't have a hidden extension on it? Default windows will allow you to change the filename without messing with the extension unless you show known extensions in your folder options. For example a file may show up as description.ext but in the background is actually description.ext.txt. Also the file type should show up as EXT File when in details view.
  13. Arméns Jägarbataljon is a Coop/PVP milsim group. Our main focus is in providing a friendly environment with a strong emphasis in game immersion and teamwork. We are based in North America and schedule our playtimes for EST - PST times. We play as an Air Mobile Ranger force and are looking primarily for people interested in play as infantry as well as a few people interested in piloting. You may find us at http://jagarcorps.com Or you may join us on Teamspeak 3 Hostname: ts.jagarcorps.com:4222 Password: SemperFortis
  14. raynor

    Arméns Jägarbataljon

    Hello everyone. AJB is still recruiting. We have started to broadcast our events on twitch, you may view some of the most recent work at http://twitch.tv/raynorhiarro We're also taking up the Independent faction for the time being until SAM is released. If you're interested feel free to drop in on Teamspeak.
  15. raynor

    Splinter Cell Blacklist

    What I find very odd in the first two minutes of watching is that these tech enemies they've created jam the goggles that directly connect to your face via some form of magic. But the same tech enemies cannot jam the signal between you and a UAV. You can retrieve this UAV with your telekinetic powers as well.
  16. raynor

    [HMM] Stance Indicator

    I think the base function of this mod is great. However it would be nice to have an indication of being stepped out to either side if possible. Thank you for the mod JamesF1.
  17. raynor

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    6.5 Grendel has roughly half the felt recoil of 7.62. On an off topic note I find it odd that in a futuristic setting with an ACR style weapon they didn't go with the 300 blackout as a round of choice. 7.62mm slug in a necked down 5.56 casing that can be loaded into any magazine that holds .223/5.56. It would seem the logical choice for a futuristic force wanting to make cost effective measures in swapping to a new round type.
  18. Raynors Raiders is a gaming group for the ArmA 2: Combined Operations software environment having milsim and roleplay features. The unit is structured as mechanized infantry with limited use of support elements. Missions are challenging applications of real world tactics. Gameplay is designed to be as immersive as possible without some unnecesary and undesirable aspects of "realism" groups. We do not salute, drill, or conduct pass-in-reviews. Current operational size is one rifle squad with plans to expand up to company level as participation allows. All unoccupied positions are available to anyone wishing to challenge themselves with that role. Training courses and exercises are derived FM3-21.7. While a base in official US Army field manuals narrows gameplay options, we are always open to new techniques and improvements as introduced by any member. This is in-line with the warrior ethos. To recap: Minimal Training - Most of it on the job actually enjoying the game No age limit - We accept anyone with the proper attitude and mindset Roleplaying - 'nough said If interested in joining, registration and application at the the forums are open. Feel free to message me on any of the listed messengers on my profile as well as Xfire. You may also join us on TS3: ts84.light-speed.com:4222 SemperFortis
  19. raynor

    Raynor's Raiders

    Still here. Lookin for new blood or any other kind of blood. If anyone is interested in doing adversarial play please message me here or on any of my other messengers.
  20. raynor

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Will there be a return of the spotting rifle/spotting rounds for the SMAW. Unless I have missed something it seems to have been removed from the mod.
  21. Back in my day special effects included green screen captures. For as much hype you put on this the film wasn't as efficient as some of the bigwig hollywood movies are. Let's take for instance WALL-E which was budgeted on 180 million (estimated). For that 180 million you got 98 minutes of heart throbbing robot action. While this film on it's budget should have been at least 25 minutes long to get the same budget efficiency dollar for dollar. So the budget may have been drastically lower but the cost per minute of finished product was significantly higher.
  22. raynor

    Raynor's Raiders

    Raynors Raider's is still recruiting for ArmA 2 Combined Ops. In game we operate as "players with personas" with rough personality colorings as opposed to complete characters with detailed backgrounds. Come join us for some light roleplay action! Below is 7 minutes of unedited action from "In Country", a mission in which we arrived on CLAfghan and proceeded to link up with our higher unit at FOB Kinno. Highlighted is the firefight that took place just outside Mandigara while in transit. kPUP52P9hpk We are looking for one or two competent people to fill pilot roles.
  23. raynor

    Black Shark 2 Upgrade/Patch is out!

    So did Codemasters series of products. Once enough people get sick of it the sheep do not outweigh the individuals who want value for money. And they have the benefit of a multi-platform release. I see how you can react nonchalantly to having support dropped for Blackshark as you have Blackshark 2 but for the rest of us that won't be paying money to get patch support it's equivalent to buying a beta DCS product and never getting an update again until the full version comes out which has to be paid for again to access the full product. In that way BS2 really doesn't suck. ED does and if they continue down the path they are started on they will continue to lose an otherwise loyal customer base.