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  1. reconmercs

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    Does anyone have a replacement file they are willing to share that replaces the OA UH-60M with the Yura UH-60L and replaces the OA Medivac UH-60 with the Yura HH-60A? Thanks in advance!
  2. Will radios be added back into units? I understand the desire to remove them from a realism standpoint, but the AI just isn't loud enough to actually hear commands when they speak without radios. And its not very realistic to have crew in vehicles or aircraft not be able to hear one another.
  3. reconmercs

    MAFCExt Release 4.0

    awesome! thanks so much for finishing this :cool:
  4. reconmercs

    Your views

    Pathy, I can see where you coming from which is fine, To me it just doesn't seem like the common iraqi isn't doing enough to warrant what they have been GIVEN...too many of our brave have died with their face in the sand as it is. Â The difference has been in the past when you liberate a nation they usually try their best to help out even if it does mean there is an occupation needed for the time being...France sacrificed thousands of agents in their fight against the nazies, and they were grateful when they were liberated, A-Stan is still in recovery but you can see that the citizens of that country are atleast trying to make their own way..in Iraq its a completely different ball game thas why I feel they're not worth out losses...it may be emotion or whatever but thas how I feel. And about the beheading(what this thread is all about..LOL ) I say it by accident(looong story...) and if you haven't seen it TRUST ME you don't want to...yeah people say it can't be that bad until you see an actual man die...not a hollywood production and actual man...I felt sick to my stomach and almost puked on the keyboard and I feel like I have a pretty high threshold for gore...you don't wanna see it
  5. reconmercs

    The Iraq thread 3

    well, that may be the case but house to house fighting is HARD..we've been lucky so far with relativly "low" casualty rate..my army buds say 30-40%(might be off give or take a few percent) percent casualties is the unwritten exceptalbe loss to take an objective...I've always wondered exceptalbe to who but thas whole different thread...my chosen profession will probally include droppin 500lbs on some city to take out one or two terrorists..thas the way it has to be..its the safer and probally most effective as of right no unless the engineer dorks (I say that with affection ) come out with a smart, heat seeking bullet that hunts done an individual..until theres probally not an alternative...your not gonna find too many ground commanders who are will to send troops into harms way and push onto an objective if causualties do reach that 40% percent mark...
  6. reconmercs

    The Iraq thread 3

    so having Saddam in power was a good thing  Yeah, going in to Iraq may not have helped the war on terror but NO ONE is sure it hurt it either..terrorist are going to find places to hide no matter what...their are terrorist hiding in your country as there are terrorist hiding here the only difference is there isn't a war going on in our countries to conceal themselves in
  7. reconmercs

    The Iraq thread 3

    Again see? No one is bashing the actual soldiers or soldiers. They are bashing the ones that tell them to do these things. The one who orders the pilot to drop the bomb, the one who orders Falluja to be hit and seiged. Its the leadership (Bush down to the Generals) and the policy (its ok to drop a 500lber in the middle of a residential area) that is to be blamed. But we are by being holed up in the bases and letting them threaten Iraqi soveriegnty and security. Indeed. But so does the US with its ROE. Killing terrorists isn't as simple as launching a Tomahawk. Sometimes we have to go in and get our hands dirty while not leveling the city and killing civilians. That is the hard part of being a "liberator". Akira, I ask again, what would be your suggestion, not your criticism? holed up...whos says that...CNN? Fox News..I have friends I tlk to on a regular basis over there and their not holed up in bases..their conducting combat patrols and risking their lives everyday..and by the way...you can get killed over there just when you think you taking a break (those four marines, unfortunately showed that this week). How would you change the ROE..send in small teams of special ops team to silently cut the throats of terrorists..I can assure you they want to more than ever but this ain't Air Force One or Tears of the Sun it ain't that easy...I only ask if you going to criticise what our troops were forced to do...suggest a better way...don't just got off on a tangent of bashing...it's that simple I don't see why thas so hard to follow
  8. reconmercs

    The Iraq thread 3

    Comments like that do not help anything. And you wonder why foreigners are upset with Americans? Wow, now if that isn't the perfect promotion for the American ignorant hick image, I don't know what is. In case you hadn't noticed, most European countries want nothing to do with Iraq. Who's really acting high and mighty here? Your posts are full of insults and emotion (and bad grammar) and yet I bet you are wondering why you aren't respected. What, you mean your insulting everybody who has a problem with America? Gee, I wonder what they have against us... we seem like such good people with people such as you supporting us. Veovis, I invite you to check my post record over the last 2 YEARS and think about what you've said I'm probally the least likely to use foul language or break forum rules...until I see these threads and everyone has advice on how we should be fighting the war....from people who have no clue..."hey let's do it this way", "the americans aren't putting in enough effort", "they've only lost a couple soldiers" whatever....I guess it shouldn't matter since I'm not there right? I could care less if I'm respected by people I'll NEVER meet..I just believe if you gonna have a thread about Iraq it shouldn't be filled with "the Americans are wrong" as the sole idea...
  9. reconmercs

    The Iraq thread 3

    Perhaps you should have thought of those things before charging in guns blazing. You are taking the consequences of a bad decision made by Bush and his merry men. Those terrorists wouldn't have been there had there not been an invasion and had the occupation not been handled so incompetently. Edit: Btw, about the "foreigners want me kicked", this is a European server, so that would make you the foreigner here. Geez..can I report you or do I have to wait until I hurt another forum junkies feelings...how am I off base for defending my views and every FOREIGNER and their mom can bash us...do you honeslty think terrorist would just sit around thumbing their fingers if we hadn't have went into Iraq..ARE YOUR SERIOUS can you honestly say that? I don't know what the terrorism problem is like in Sweden...but I'm guessing its nowhere near as bad as it is here, the UK, Israel(who has it worse than anyone), Pakistan, etc...what would you have us do..when should we respond? what is the proper number of civilian dead? until you can honestly answer those questions to me yes your are just another Amercian bashing foreigner..you want to say we're so bad, we're so wrong but you can't give any advice on how to make it better can you?
  10. reconmercs

    Your views

    At least some of us tried to do a serious approach to this issue. At least that´s what I think. Indeed. It kind of got hijacked by reconmercs and myself. Sorry about that... this thread is going to be hooked to the Iraq thread by ideas because their pretty much one in the same to most people..anywho...Akira, I responded to your thread over a the Iraq thread..we'll seperate the two...
  11. reconmercs

    The Iraq thread 3

    ok for my Pro-American opinion, foreigners want me kicked... whatever..until then...Akira, for the record we both hate Bush..I don't agree with dropin 500lbs on random cities either but do you honestly think thas the goal...we can't help if the terrorist operations center is in the middle of a city..we can't just let them operate freely..the terrorists decided to put innocent civlians at risk...not the pilot who is tasked with carrying out his or her mission...if we went in with tanks and apcs people would be saying theirs the evil Americans rampaging another city...if someone on this board has a honest, completely safe way of fighting in an urban environment without risk to civilians they are welcome to travel down to Macdill AFB and state their opinion to there..I can't think of one.. to state a clique saying "war is hell" and not just the bad guys are gonna die...
  12. reconmercs

    WW2EC US Pack Patch 1.1 Beta

    maybe they were all pumping iron before they deployed
  13. reconmercs

    The Iraq thread 3

    Well, the US soldier bashing has picked up ALOT since then..go figure...
  14. reconmercs

    Your views

    there is a difference..yeah we both don't like bush but your bashing the effort of those who had absolutely no say in going to war...the Pvt. or Lance Cpl. had no say in if they wanted to follow that idiots orders to go over there..all this "we evil Americans" bull is un called for..there are enough foreigners doing that as it is...thas where we disagree not I agree with Bush..you should've read my prior disagreements with Billybob before jumping on the band wagon....