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    Another London Bombing

    The shooting at the underground station was obviously considered as a major threat, as eyewitnesses have said that undercover police when they had the opportunity shot the man 5 time at close range, possibly while the man was down after tripping.
  2. robbo

    Another London Bombing

    Apprently plain clothes police have just shot a man on the underground network according to www.bbc.co.uk And now a mosque has been surrounded by Armed Police.
  3. robbo

    Another London Bombing

    Bomb squad members are in the bus and tube stations apprently without any armour, so they obviously believe the threat level is considered low. The person injured is believed to be a local and not a bomber now according to BBC. They showed more footage on the man in the blue been questioned and searched in the street, he was smiling and eating while been searched so that doesn't look like he has anything to worried about. Apprently police were looking for a man in a blue top who was black or asian who ran from the tube station to university college hospital and they have apprently caught him or at least concluded the situation in the hospital. The blue top may of been the reason for that other man getting searched and questioned.
  4. robbo

    Another London Bombing

    Yeah they had footage of a man been arrested by armed police with guns drawn. His shirt was opened at the front, probably after police instructions. Another man in a blue top was detained and searched at another location, there was footage of that search as well on sky news and bbc news. Apprently the one person injured was one of the attempted bombers.
  5. robbo

    Terrorist attack on London

    Very sad to see, and although there are many more important things I think I should highlight this. We've got BBC doing live feeds into Australia, and seeing the media filming people coming to hospital I reckon is going a little too far especially when you see casualties getting CPR as they arrive, they did give us a warning but imagine if you are a family member of that person and recognized them.
  6. robbo

    CAT's Afghanistan Revisited

    Agent Smith excellent work with the island, all the things that have been missing in the past versions are now all there And a big thanks to everyone else involved with this island from the very beginning Here is another mirror Opflash.org Mirror Regarding the textures, reverting back to the previous textures will only increase the filesize marginally compared to the original size of V3. Madaussie last year removed about ~70mb or so from the file size by removing the unused textures in the .pbo file. It will still be large, but no where near the 144mb?? that it was 2-3 years ago. Anyway Excellent work once again, makes me want to restart the nomad mod
  7. robbo

    New Chinese Release

    Opflash.org Mirror
  8. robbo


    Melbourne, Australia
  9. Mirrors of the files found on the sportcatz website from Opflash.org Real Lights Addon Treben Island AEF Train Train Lesson Barracken Addons AGS Addons Very nice work guys, a truly revolutionary addon for OFP
  10. robbo

    SU39 by TomiD

    A mirror if required Opflash.org Mirror
  11. robbo

    Us presidential election 2004

    Apprently the provisional votes in Ohio have to be counted 11 days after the election, so they can't call the state yet.
  12. robbo


    Try Spy Bot or Ad Aware
  13. robbo

    The Iraq thread 4

    Big attack on the Americans in Iraq www.reuters.com
  14. robbo

    Red vs Blue; Season 3

    This Link has episodes 1 to 36 for download
  15. robbo

    AFL grand final

    Port Adelaide look the better team at the moment, but have a bad record at the MCG. Anyway it doesn't matter the Dees will win it next year