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    Bush´s reelection campaign perls

    Cause they are affraid they might lose all that free money they are getting and actually have to get a job!
  2. rwryne

    Jungle boots and other stuff

    you have a picture of them? AFAIK other countries used identical boots. maybe they're the same, just made in France? US boots used by french troops , that's what they are no leather parts , jus canvas and a sole good for runnin from the germans?
  3. rwryne

    Jungle boots and other stuff

    26.99 for vietnam combat boots http://www.budkww.com/partsvi....s=99999
  4. rwryne

    Starwars kid

    maybe his school has a video editing class, or maybe hes in something similar.
  5. rwryne

    Starwars kid

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/3095385.stm He made the video for a school project, and he had locked it in a cupboard (I assume for the teacher to view/grade/wahtever) and the kids stole it...id say thats a pretty good case
  6. rwryne

    Time travel

    the original post stated Now to "prevent wars" you could only travel back...so Obviously I was talking to him
  7. rwryne

    Time travel

    If time travel were possible, why havent we found someone from the future?
  8. rwryne

    The beast

    sandlot, what a great movie It WAS a mail jeep
  9. rwryne

    The beast

    The Beast
  10. rwryne

    Spec ops ec-635

    The Relocated
  11. rwryne

    Doped pilots

    Pilots wont be persecuted
  12. rwryne

    Ofp moments in gameplay

    Was driving down a hill in my trusty tractor, when I see an enemy 5-ton coming at me.... I think what can I do... I decided to hold down the gas and charge. We have a collision, both tractor and truck go inverted, and the enemy driver dies.
  13. rwryne

    The matrix: reloaded

    Was anyone else expecting the black dude (link) to die... I thought he was cus of the necklace his wife gave him..seems in every movie the guy who dies gets something from the one he loves and then moments before death takes it out like Link did
  14. rwryne

    The matrix: reloaded

    They built 2 miles of freeway somehwere to shoot those scenes, so probably not directly in a town May be cus it was basically like a cutscene from a video game Then neo wouldnt be such a pimp...like when he first fights the agents and exerts mayb e 5% effort into the fight? lol Maybe the humans get too advanced... Think of it like Iraq. They start to build up a military and WMD, we go in and destroy them. They start again, we go back in. Did anyone else see the French guy as maybe an old version of neo (An older "the one")
  15. rwryne

    The matrix: reloaded

    the actor playing tank got fired, so they had to work around him and make the story line drop him....I heard that he went to the premier of Reloaded and stole food from it :P