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    That's just a result of a worldwide de-responsabilisation process ... Nowadays, to forget about life you can just eat seeing how the price of alcohol reached astronomical proportions. Why doing sports when you can watch them on TV? Why bothering with long and fastiduous cooking when you can just go and buy some fast food that you can also microwave later ? Why bothering with supervising your kids ? kindergartens and schools are here for that. Not forgetting that TV is a really good way to spend time and a real well of knowledge and quality entertainment these days. Too much slacking, not enough working out. Back in my time and until a few years ago, kids would actually play outside instead of playing with a console or other more or less educational gadgets. What hurts me the most is seeing already overweight underclass people feeding their overweight kids with all kinds of junk food. That's just a symptom of our society going down the shitter ... Damn, I start to sound like my father 20 years ago, but you gotta admit that it feels true. All this could be solved by a good old slap on the back of the neck of stupid kids and their stupid parents. For people that are past their 20's and morbidly obese, well, no gastric ring will improve anything, they'll just die alone, ugly and fat, a good way to spare the human genome of their "hormonal genetic disorder". The overall fitness standards drastically decreased over the years no matter what our governments did to save us from ourselves through useless taxes on alcohol and tobaco. Why not a tax on fats ? I mean it's as dangerous as smoke or alcohol in the long term. End of rant.
  2. ran

    Czech Armed Forces

    He wants you to join. Then he's going to wake you up at 3 am and beat the crap out of you. Buinov ? worst case you'll hear him on the FM while in the messhall
  3. Or in pre-ww2 europe? France still had plans for a potential invasion of Great Britain until he late 20's-early 30's
  4. ran

    Military Humor

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75tLwHAt2PY Not exatcly humour but : Enlist in the French army now, you'll get to do all kinds of crazy stuff involving helicopters, sand, armored vehicles and assault rifles and also look tough with a skymask on, you'll get all the girls and be able to buy an actual motorbike and pull strikes at the bowling hall all the while listenning cool pop music. That's the latest recruitment add. Caught on with the fashion of fast forward evolution of a character generally used in life insurance commercials the truth : -your girlfriend will break up with you while you're undergoing basic -you're likely not to stay more than three years (not long enough to get help to go back to the civilian domain and not long enough to end up being a skymask-rambo jumping out of helicopters) -you won't be able to buy that motorbike because half of your pay check goes into booze and you don't even have your motorbike licence yet -evenings out at the bowling will be few and far between, most of the time, you'll end up in night bars or discos drinking overpriced alcopops while trying to make out with highschool students or be too exhausted to even bother going out here's the making off : (no pop music Thank god I have yet to see young recruits wearing slims as part of their civilian attire. that one is more reasonable : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mLS6JiiV6k 2004 commercial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tilWNF3jOXU that one is from an older campaign (stressful music with the dingling sound): And for something completely different : from the recruitment website itself, the high-speed life of a .... cook (there's a whole serie on that site showing interviews of people from less popular trades) I think it's a lot more useful than those noisy and costly high-speed show off sessions that only bring wannabe commandos or snipers to recruiting offices.
  5. ran

    Military Humor

    classic Slava diesanty tchiest i rhala !!!
  6. ran

    Zombies take over London!

    Went to such an event once eventhough it was a small artsy happening for an horror movie night at a local theater, quite interesting. Some people really put a lot of work into that.
  7. ran

    Another "FRIENDLY" fire incident

    Sure will be a step in the right direction, seeing how short the legs of the harriers are.
  8. ran

    Another "FRIENDLY" fire incident

    What the hell do you mean...explain... experiencing the effets of airpower from underneath and feel the "assymetry" in assymetric warfare heh
  9. ran

    Another "FRIENDLY" fire incident

    huhu ... erm, sorry Didn't the typhoon team experience some issues with guided bombs integrations quite recently ? Anyway, back on topic, this thread reminds me of another long long discussion about friendly fire, but in that case it was about a pair of ANG F16's against canucks, it also reminds me of the recent incident involving british CVR/T used as targets for A10 gunnery practice. -edit- issues with my new keyboard
  10. not a plane buff but can't the Bear be used for IMINT and SIGINT/ELINT ?
  11. ran

    Miniatures in Paper

    Paper modelling is a pretty cool hobby. The cool thing with it is that given the right amount of time you can do ANYTHING all by yourself from A to Z. It's got some pretty cool applications in table top wargames too (cheap and sometimes pretty convincing, esp. 1/72nd models and for terrain structures and buildings). There were also not long ago relatively large scale (over 1/16th) scale cardboard soldier figures floating around. I'm more of a plastic gluer though. Paper rips and folds, plastic, metal and resin don't
  12. ran

    The Iraq thread 4

    One thing is sure, I'm not going to singapore. I could be charged with so many offenses on a two day stay that I'd be off of a pretty large wad of cash and even possibly one life ... (I mean, no chewing gum, no pornography, no oral sex, no bungee jumping, no walking around naked in my hotel room, no cigs, forced to flush in public toilets, no littering, no peeing in the streets, no soft recreative drugs, no crossing the streets outside the marks ....)
  13. ran

    06 -07 -07 Attempted London Bombing

    People riding boards or living in boarding places ? More like borders.
  14. ran

    Explosively Formed Penetrators

    Nothing new there, there have been a few occurences of the use of such penetrators in the past. As pointed out before, no need to be a rocket scientist to create that kind of things (which is used in some of our own weapons and of which the basic method is taught to demo. specialists). Taste of your own medicine if you wish.
  15. ran

    Military plans for "Gay Bomb"

    Well ... sometimes it's dumb ideas that make it into history ... a Nation has once been eliminated by a giant wooden horse and later on some guy thought it could be interesting to use fireworks to kill one another.