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  1. qawa1967

    CRcti Proman

    thanks to all the guys involved !!! :) thanks a lot for this work !!! :bounce3:
  2. qawa1967

    CRcti Proman

    A big thanks for your fantastic "CRcti PROMAN" works Muecke !!!!! :)
  3. :eek: found... - opzioni di gioco (game options) - difficoltà (difficulty) - visuale in 3° persona (3° person view -> now is "deactivated") :rolleyes:
  4. I've a bored issue... when I drive a tank or a BMP, the default view it's outside the vechicle. All the time I must change the view into inside/lean out... I dont know how change this default value !!! which file I need to view/edit for to change this parameter ?
  5. HI Mandobole, chapeau for you hard and incredible beautiful work for arma !!!! I've tried to read between the post here, but I dont understand how to configure all of your keys. Each time I enter under Mando management my keys are useless. I've look at your instructions, and there are info only for 4 keys config under action settings... where are the others ? PS: sry for my idiot question, just the want to use your addons in its beautiful aspect... due my bad english language I've not find help here !!!
  6. qawa1967

    CRcti Proman

    it's not the chinook that can transport vehicles ? http://www.military-today.com/helicopters/ch_47_chinook_l3.jpg postedit: maybe I've used bad word... load/unload instead attach/detach...
  7. qawa1967

    CRcti Proman

    I play just with AI (no internet MP), and it's so fast and enjoyable !!! Very good work !!! I've some wish/suggestion... 1) Mobile HQ load workers capability 2) during the respawn time, a "fly-view" instead respawn screen 3) a Chinook for to load and trasport heavy vehicle
  8. qawa1967

    CRcti Proman

    Woah !!! here the mission !!! :bounce3: a big thanks to all the guys involved here !!!
  9. qawa1967

    CRcti@Angry@sge "MOD"

    thanks Muecke I've tried with a "tutorial" (make from Bushlurker here but for Dominance mission). I dont think it's the same thing, but I've unpacked mission and tried with editor... nothing happened except a long run in the new island !! :D btw.... make wrong stuff and then think better, it's the only way to understand "how to do". PS: I'm sure you are on work on this beautiful missions, for to use it with all ARMA2 island mods, and insert new feautures. Keep up this good work !!!
  10. qawa1967

    CRcti@Angry@sge "MOD"

    How it's difficult to personalize CRcti mission ? I mean... use CRcti with new islands and/or insert new vehicles (external addons). do you think is possible find some tutorials for to do this ? PS: I've no idea from where to start :(
  11. :o sry for that... something of stupid !!! sry again and thanks for the new thread title. BTT... There is a project (or attempt) already started?
  12. it would be nice a tool that convert Warfare/Crcti mission for a new island... I know there are way to convert that missions already, but it's manual, and only for skilled peoples that have builded already complex mission. What you think of a tool like this ? it's too much difficult to do ?
  13. oustanding work Snakeman !!! I love the radio chat... but all the rest it's wonderful !!!
  14. thanks for this post !!! help me a lot to make 2 different launch mode :)
  15. qawa1967

    Project Reality Development

    g'luck to all the PR team !!! I hope to see soon a dowload link :)