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  1. papy.rabbit.08

    Multiples CTD

    Thanks for answers. No I haven't install Fred41's allocator, and I got CTD with and without mods... For exemple today, I launch it from steam, so without mod, it opened the launcher, I started the game, crashed immediatly once, twice, and the third time, it worked... Anyone got any idea? It doesn't even create a rpt... I think it is maybe a steam problem or something to do with the checking with the DLC, because I got a message once with that...
  2. papy.rabbit.08

    Multiples CTD

    Hello, since some times, I have a problem. Everytime I want to launch the game, with PWS, from the launcher, arma3.exe from the directory, dev or stable, I get instantly CTD. I try and try, I launch again and again, but still CTD. What I do is try to check the cache, restart steam, reupdate for my dev version, and sometimes it works, sometimes I have to wait, but at the end, it always work... Sometime have these problems also? Thanks!
  3. papy.rabbit.08

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Bug Report: Hi, just to let you know that I get a CTD while using your mod, the latest dev branch update and the showcase Firing from vehicle or the workshop mission On the Other Side (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=185987292&searchtext=). I'm also using PWS. After a while I though it was not a bug, because I can reproduce it without your mod, but I think another mod in my list do the exact same problem. Anyway, when using your mod alone in PWS, I get these CTD... Thanks!
  4. papy.rabbit.08

    US Helicopters (HAFM OVerhaul) MOD

    Sadly, the AI choppers still don't engage infantry :(
  5. papy.rabbit.08

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    Hi, I just saw the video with the new rain sounds, don't know why I didn't saw it before :S Just an idea, are you going to replace the tunder sound? It reeeeally sucks in the vanilla version for now, and it could be nice with a true big tunder sound! Thanks anyway for your entire work!
  6. papy.rabbit.08

    "X-Cam" and "DAC" Project

    Wow, very nice work! I just discovered your work now, very impressive...
  7. Hello, am I the only one who has problem to get mission from the workshop into Arma 3? I subscribe to mission, but get them ingame only the day after or so... I've also noticed that in the A3 launcher, it is written that steam is offline, which is actually not the case... Someone has also that problem? Tkx
  8. papy.rabbit.08

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    There's two things totally missing until now, when we look at how goes the war in others countries, it's: -a working ac-130 gunship -a tomahawk cruise missile I've tried something for the ac-130, but it's too difficult, I'm too rapidly lost...
  9. I've got CTDs today with the addon builder. I made a cache check, didn't change anything... Someone else? Edit: No forget it, I managed to make it work again...
  10. papy.rabbit.08

    Max Los Angeles Police Department MOD

    I only use PWS :/ Sad
  11. Thanks for update! The PWS version does still not work :(
  12. papy.rabbit.08

    United States Air Force

    Hi, downloaded your mod, so I could use the ac-130 gunship :P Nicely done! I know it's still an alpha, but just to let you know I found some issues, I wasn't able to change the gunner's weapon, and another problem, which might not be an issue, but a choice, I thought the range of motion of the gunner was very limited, with the plane flying in speedmode limited with a loiter waypoint, it's the feeling of limited rom is very present... I also got some erreor message about particule type or something like that. But nice addon though!
  13. papy.rabbit.08

    AC-130X for Arma 3

    Ok, I will, thanks!
  14. papy.rabbit.08

    AC-130X for Arma 3

    Any news for this project? It's sad there isn't any AC-130 gunship in Arma 3...
  15. I've got this message with dev branch (maybe with stable I don't know)