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  1. Not sure what your asking. I used the debian-6.0.5-amd64-DVD-1.iso DVD and installed bare minimums then built from that. The package you use heavily relies on what intel proc you have .. 32bit use .i386; 64bit use amd64. If your not sure try 64bit first. I suggest the net install CD's if you have a good inet connection.
  2. I have switched to Debian 6.0.5 64bit and it seems to be running really good with the alpha. I was using CentOS 32bit until the requirements changed.
  3. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Dedicated_Server We recommend using 2 GHz machine, with 512 MB RAM and a 1 Mbps upload network bandwidth. ArmA: You need either a Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or Linux computer to run an ArmA dedicated server. Arma 2: You need a Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista/2008/Seven computer to run an Arma 2 dedicated server, yet a version of Linux server is also available. Here is how I got that answer: http://bit.ly/Pih9hA
  4. A simple Google search would have got you the answer... http://bit.ly/R8qb5Y Why do people not use the tools available to them to find answers?!?!?! Placebo would be locking this thread if he saw it. :) ---------- Post added at 08:03 ---------- Previous post was at 08:01 ---------- A server should not need graphics unless you are monitoring it from the console.
  5. I can confirm CentOS 6.2/rhel not working ... I had to "redo" our server using Debian 6.0.5 (64bit) to get the alpha to work. Some admins are using the latest Ubuntu Server or chroot. I also do not think you need any permission to run a mission. Just do it.
  6. pchaxor

    Linux 1.62.95577 alpha

    Dwarden, first off congrats on your 7k2 post. Next, I think we would all appreciate it if BIS staff and mainly Maruk discussed and made a defined decision on either going all in on the Linux support or canceling it. It is frustrating for Linux admins and players alike to be part of a gaming community and then "all of a sudden" not have servers to play on. I wont even get into the cost issues on the community side, this is more of a "can BIS truly support Linux and what is the future of games on Linux" issue. If the decision is made to end support then please give is some lead time to convert our servers to Windows. If the decision is made to fully support Linux then please make good on it. I think that is fair. Still Love ya either way. ---------- Post added at 11:29 ---------- Previous post was at 11:22 ---------- Yeah, I suppose we are beating a dead glowing cow here.
  7. pchaxor

    Linux 1.62.95577 alpha

    Yes, lets please move forward and make PROGRESS. I am ready to test and provide feedback (as mentioned before) .. The 15thMEU Recruiting Server II is up and running on the alpha right now. If I get enough people on it I will move it to the colo for stress testing.
  8. pchaxor

    Linux 1.62.95577 alpha

    Since we are doing >this< This. :) ---------- Post added at 08:10 ---------- Previous post was at 08:07 ---------- /rant I also noticed Dwarden said "one of the staff"; does this mean there are others? Myself and many others are pretty irritated that considering there was a pending release that effects community/customer linux servers that one would be allowed or approved a holiday. So perhaps when it comes time to purchase ama3 we should all stop and take a holiday and postpone funding or supporting BIS financially until we get an agreement that Linux development takes more priority than what it does now. This is simply rediculous and BIS needs to change this in their business rules. Thanks for the alpha, but honestly had you not provided it I am sure the community would have lost quite a few more linux admins than it did. /rant So when/if BIS needs feedback from the linux server admins. We are ready to give you feedback. If you need core dumps, logs or backtraces you let us know. We are here patiently (not really) waiting for it. :) We still love you BIS, we are just not feeling loved.
  9. pchaxor

    Linux 1.62.95577 alpha

    Good to know. So we should expect a new version in a week or so? What information can we provide to help development and testing?
  10. check the log files in the game dir. they usually tell why. With watchdog the server will keep trying to restart so it may appear that it is running when it is not. You also realize that v1.60 is no longer being used by the large majority of clients correct?
  11. So it appears there is a good mix. No real majority using one particular flavor. Now of these which support glibc 2.7 without chroot or recompile?
  12. pchaxor

    Linux 1.62.95577 alpha

    So given the choice what OS would you load up or would you just wait for CentOS 7? Ubuntu seems like a crap choice IMO, when I hear Ubuntu I think desktop linux. Keeping the thread on topic, what is the "future proof" linux distro we should be loading up? Perhaps Dwarden can answer this? I would hate to change over to another OS that we would then need to change again to run ArmA 3 on.
  13. pchaxor

    Linux 1.62.95577 alpha

    I really think you need to target that comment more at the REHL distros and not at the admins that use them. I am thinking of moving to Debian Wheezy now... but I hate to do it knowing CentOS will update in ~6-8 mos. I really like CentOS and it has proven itself over and over and over again ... hate to give it up. It is what it is I guess.
  14. pchaxor

    Linux 1.62.95577 alpha

    really? You can just swap out the core libraries like it's nothing and don't even need root privs? teach us master. :) This I would like to see on YouTube if you can make it happen. That would be a feat for sure. Please try using RedHat or CentOS and see how far you get. (I don't recommend doing this on a production system)
  15. Sorry if this duplicates, but it will give better end results just so we can see who is all affected by the libc++ changes in the new server. Some flavors do not support the new libraries and I wanted to see just how many distro deployments this is going to actually affect.