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    Red hammer problems

    oh ok i never thought of that lol,i dint know it made an diff =P
  2. princess_clover

    7th lifeless song in operation flashpoint

    oh yay ty =D
  3. princess_clover

    Red hammer problems

    hi,i recently installed operoation flashpoint (i couldnt find it for years lol) and resistance,and then red hammer gold upgrade,They played fine untill i installed red hammer. Now when i start the game,it gets to the main menue,but thire is no options,its a greenish dark screen. not even the "menue movie" works its all like flat dark ground i dont know how to describe it. Its possable for me to move my mouse around and try to find the options i can hear the sound it makes when the mouse moves over like "Campaign,Single mission" and stuff (no words though.) when i click on one like Campaign,the little book comes up and i can see the campaign "photo" and the words like "Red hammer,Resistiance" and the other,but not missions i can see under them. i click on one (after finding it with the mouse) and it loads then crashes. The last thing i see on the red hammer capaign,is a lone poilit,for the opening movie. With no back ground for about 1 sec.then it says "can not load" or something like that,then it loads the battle then crashes. i dont know what to do..it worked fine when i first installed it years ago,and resistance and cold war works when i use the back up folders i made,but i cant get red hammer to work =( anyone know why?
  4. hi,i was useing the editor in operationflashpoint and i saw the songs with "7th" before the name. I dont know what they are really called,but i searched the fourms trying to see if anyone already posted anything on it before and i couldnt find anything. But i have been makeing waypoints and adding the songs effects to the waypoints to hear the songs. And i was wondering,what are they called? the songs are 7th Lifeless 7th overdose 7th deside i forgot what the others are called..i really like them but i have no idea where to find them at =( dose anyone know if they are in a certian file or like the name of it? it would be really helpfull =P oh no crap i made it in the wrong forum place..sorry..=( i thought i made it in general =(