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  1. privateguba

    CAA1 public release

    Hello, and I'm sorry if I'm repeating old queries. I've downloaded the version from Armaholic and Sahrani is lacking a lot of buildings. Ive downloaded the Yoma sync and only get 'folder not set' even thought I set and re-set it many times. Are the servers still working? What should I do?
  2. privateguba

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    SP version, I set it as a task, and the place on the map marked has only a water weel and one of those bells on the midle of nothing. Around that area are places with boxes of weapons and ammo and the NVG and many places with high radiation. Close by is the radar instalation. The 'information' task never checked the green box. I went to the transmition spot and got the end with the information task failed.
  3. privateguba

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    Hello, I'm playing with the latest 2.2 update. First 4 or 5 missions have error: "Mission 'NR xxxxxx XX' contains bad link to a statik object. Open it in the editor and save it again". Mission "06 Awakening in hell" seems to be impossible to find information (secondary objective). I found working NVGs, but not the information. I found laptop computers at the radar instalation, but no command or option to examine them is given. I searched for about 1 hour all the area and found nothing. Can you give a tip? Is it the notebooks or something else? Thanks for this campaign and island, they're very well made even with the bugs. I also like to play dayz in it.
  4. privateguba

    The evolution of my problems

    Actually, my PSU might be going. The minimise bug is back, and when it happens it simply resets the fan to low speed.
  5. privateguba

    The evolution of my problems

    Hello, I'd like to thank you guys for trying to help and say sorry for wasting your time. Some things happened and you may call me stupid: Yesterday I played some other games and they were having problems too. I was stumped. Then the power grid went down in my neighborhood. When power came back the problems disapeared. I think that the blown transformer may have been suplying bad energy for days. Also, I live in Brazil and the heat mounted suddenly (December summers here). The trouble was that there were many cold fronts between autumn and now. A week ago the cold fronts were gone and sudden heat came. And... errrrmm... I forgot to up the fan speed. The 'automatic' Nvidia control simply didn't do it. :banghead::386::pet2::803: Thanks guys and sorry for the time wasted.
  6. privateguba

    The evolution of my problems

    I just finished installing ARMA2 standalone and the minimize to desktop bug is still there. I haven't found any good solution for this. Is there a thread about it? I defragmented the HD and ran Checkdisk. It didn't find any error. If there's any hardware error I'd bet it was my GTX560ti. I think ARMA2 may have destroyed it. EDIT: another thing is that the problems restarted after Steam 'converted the files to a new format'.
  7. privateguba

    The evolution of my problems

    Well, I have a single 1TB HD that's 2 years old, my base computer is 2 years old too. My GTX560ti is 1 year old. I have dual boot, WIN XP and Win 7 64bits. HD is partitioned in 4: Win XP, WIn 7, Docs, GAmes. Arma2 was in Win 7 64bits, drive C:, STEAM didn't give the option for other drive. While I was writing I was backing up the game files via Steam in the DOCS drive. I backed up everything. Then I uninstaled every Arma game. Note that in Steam there's no 'uninstall' option, only 'delete local game content'. I reseted the computer and turned on Steam. I clicked on Install ARMA2, thinking it would give me the option of reinstalling from the backup. Nope. It went straight to redownload from the internet. I paused the download and went to the backup folder. It was empty. That means that when I clicked 'delete local game content' it deleted not only the game in drive C, but the backup folder too. I know this is not BIS fault. With my internet speed it will only finish tomorrow. Thanks for your help, I'll see what happens tomorrow. Okay, I've been reading some more threads, the message was 'Bad serial number given in setup', not that it matters now.
  8. My PC: Core I5 750, 4gb memory, EVGA GTX560ti, Win 7 64bits, no overclocks. I bought ARMA+OA+BAF+PMC on STEAM some 4 months ago. The 1st 2 months were spent playing single player. No big problems. Sometimes I veryfied file integrity and it found errors. Some 2 months ago I started playin DAYZ. After a few dayz I started getting the glitching graphics. Soon found the flush command. No problems for a few more weeks. Then I started getting the minimize to desktop bug. And discovered that FLUSH also works. Okay for a few more days. But it started evolving and soon I couldn't play for more than a few minutes before it minimized again. I went on steam and verified file integrity. It discovered missing/damaged files in every instalation and fixed them. But it didn't solve the problem. I updated my Nvidia Drivers, veryfied virus, nothing. Before writing here I decided to delete both ARMA2.cfg and ARMA2OA.cfg. That solved my problem. One thing to note is that at some point of my troubleshooting, about 1 month ago, it gave the message 'BAD CD KEY' in one of my game starts. I reseted the system and when I came back it didn't give the message again. That festival of errors curbed my entusiasm with the game. So for the last month I have been sporadicaly playing DAYZ. No problems. A few GF glitches and a couple minimizings. 1 week ago I started playing Dayz NAMALSK. After a few days the minimizing bug started again. And... it evolved until today, when the game minimizes every few seconds. I deleted CFGS, updated NVIDIA DRIVERS and verified file integrity. One thing to note: For all time I have this game EVERYTIME I verify file integrity it finds some error. EVERY FREAKING TIME! What is wrong with the instalation that the game is so frail? Finaly, after double checking file integrity, I started getting a festival of errors in the startup: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgInGameUI/MPTable.shadow' Error compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha:0 air_pmc.pbo decryption of headers failed (That one is incomplete as my patience ran out) A few others I think I forgot The stand alone ARMA2 shortcut (The green one) lost the icon AND. ... AND .... BAD CD KEY!!!!!! I appreciate any help Edited to remove swearing. Sorry for my lack of temper.
  9. privateguba

    New Weapon Sounds for OFP

    Dara, thanks for these sounds. The M16 and AK-47 sounds are my favorite yet. When I watch youtube videos, no 2 videos of the same gun are the same, but these from your pack have the best 'average sound'. To get sounds for the BIS sound.pbo M60, PKM and .50 you have to cut all the reverb and leave only the very small first miliseconds of the shot. I think BIS did this originaly because of the frame rate. I recomend you use the JAM repeater shots, use some program to cut the reverb (I use WAVOSAUR freeware and very easy to use) and voila: The AI doesn't seem to be firing 1 shot per minute anymore. For the .50 sound, choose some mod or sound with very heavy bass and cut the reverb as well. The AI doesn't have firing rate problems with the .50, no need for repeaters. Other SOUND.pbo limitations (not critic of your sound pack, just observation of BIS original limitation that you might find useful): AK74 and AK47 sound the same; EAST small caliber coaxial guns (BMP-1/2, T72, T55) have M60mg sound; EAST boat has PKM model but .50 sound. Shilka, Vulcan, AH1, AH64, Mi24 all same cannon sound. A10 and Su24 same (very puny) cannon sound; Original BIS Addon guns (steyr, g36),Resistance addons are not affected by sound.pbo; Get the soundlddk: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=86182&page=60 Gets many of the other sounds fixed.
  10. privateguba

    Defend, Attack, Capture at Everon West mission

    Thanks! Starting test now!
  11. privateguba

    Defend, Attack, Capture at Everon West mission

    Mirrors for this mission, please?
  12. privateguba

    OFP Addon request thread

    Anyone remembers what addon has C8XJAM_RUSS.pbo ? For the original Tonaly special forces. I've redownloaded Marine Assault pack but no such file in it. EDIT:Ooops... came on the pack itself. Sorry...
  13. privateguba

    The official football World Cup 2010 in SA thread

    João Havelange, brazilian ex fifa president once said that polemic is what propels football. That's a shame for me, as a brazilian I'm totally against this kind of mentality. It's an invitation for corruption in the sport. Today's 2 games where heavily influenced. FIFA is mired in corruption, it's impossible for them to change the game. UEFA is the hope for changes in the sport, but my father said that Platiny is in the scheme of things with FIFA. Ironically, he said that Beckenbauer would fight FIFA, would be a much better UEFA president. What a disgraceful situation.
  14. privateguba

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    Bwa-ha-ha. Someone responded to my almost year old complain. Of a racist joke, not someone who 'disagrees with the obama administration'. And who's been suspended. ... Anyway that was me on a bad day humour. I don't give a damn. Here are some suggestions: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=5155 From BAS, one of the classics of OFP. Plenty of civilian militia women and teenagers (skinnies). Have a ball. I know I do. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=88652 I can hardly wait to have the hardware for ARMA 2. Now with rock trowing civilians.
  15. privateguba

    using an xbox 360 controller in the PC version

    Microsoft Sidewinder pro owner for 8 years and going on. No potentiometers to bust, no calibration loss, fantastic hardware!