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  1. welshtrigg

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    and the case in DPM,then we will be happy
  2. welshtrigg

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    ^^^ same here i would buy it if on disk,but i will forced to do diff:(. Quote:As we don't have that many acquaintances in British Armed Forces, we often had to make compromises (which is also the case of vehicles). That comment is crap.look at the forums and the guys who been making british stuff(pukf RKSL) for how many years?thats an insult to the british addon makers!im sure with the the help of the little brother element bis has got(BIA) u could have got the details. But im sure that an off the cuff comment. The people who use british stuff are a small group and most have served /got a massive intrest,but us brits are funny buggers as in an eye to detail,and to be honest looking at what is already out and what BIS have made Sorry,but they look crap,but looking deeper in what units can do....says it all, awesome!! i rember playing with bimbi(prob spelled wrong) british units,then over the years ukf rksl etc, im a fan of british stuff yes and its nice to see the british army in this game engine from the dev. But i hope that the work of great guys like PUKF RKSL and new peps like stalker GB who have served our small but our great fanbase over the years are not forgotten. But i think its a great thing bis are doing as such,as in the more british stuff the better!! Disclaimer: No i cant make addons,anyone who makes/takes the time to do stuff are awesome.
  3. welshtrigg

    P:UKF Challenger 2.

    wow,got to say,chally is a evil looking thing even in a Game!!
  4. You dont have to explain Fella,u take as long as you need,cracking stuff you are doing
  5. welshtrigg

    British forces mod

    rome was not built in a day good luck
  6. welshtrigg

    Project: UK Forces

    That chally is looking good,good job chris & gang.
  7. welshtrigg

    VBS2 coverage on BBC website

    read propley old boy,i dont think we need to panic what pathy said. Quote: Well, i'm not going to lie. Yeah, we kept it low key, as we'd seen the precedent for other mod teams, who got accused of "selling out" when they did similar stuff. But with screenshots on our website, and screenshots of the VBS2 UK kit readily available, it's pretty obvious that they're the same models and textures. So theres little point denying it anymore.
  8. ha,who gives a shit when they are released,we know know they in the pipework. well done rock & team.
  9. good stuff rock & team.
  10. welshtrigg

    Project: UK Forces

    It already has bar armour on it. You can see that in the screens. yeah cherrs monkey, im thinking of somthing else and got confused,im a knobhead,but there again im ginger and welsh,so im excused
  11. welshtrigg

    Project: UK Forces

    steg,u always get a hardon with pukf work:) @pukf any plans on adding bar armour on ure chally guys?as in the places they are Placed.
  12. welshtrigg

    Project: UK Forces

    awesome,just bloody awesome. noticed the ukf critics have stayed away from this thread. Can see you guys have worked hard,good stuff.