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  1. Trouble did make a Chieftain tank pack a few years ago when he did the Challenger 1 you guys currently use for the BAF pack in CWR2, so you could ask him you could use those? If I remember correctly it was quite comprehensive pack and included Marks 9 through to 11 (my personal variant was a Mark 9 with a bulldozer blade attached. :D). Maybe a touch up with updated textures and it could serve as viable 'replacement' for the M60. I had kind of gone off Arma in recent months, but the CWR team has always managed to get me back into it with their regular updates to this fantastic mod. The fact you do a British expansion in addition to this is a massive bonus! :) Keep it up guys and Stagler I await further updates to the BAF DLC with great interest. :)
  2. Though I know they are not supporting any 3rd party mods, it would be nice we could still use the mission editor and prehaps create our own single-player and multiplayer missions aswell. :)
  3. MontyVCB

    Binkowski's WIP thread

    Last time I checked 10th mountain weren't Rangers either. :p Looking very spiffy.
  4. That's your opinion. Alot of us including myself play singleplayer mostly..
  5. Looks great uk_force, really liking the textures. Will you be doing soldiers with the newer 'assault osprey' body armour? As that is becoming more common out in Afghanistan and the older mk2 osprey's are becoming less relevant.
  6. MontyVCB

    Chechen War Russians

    I guess it's down to personal preference, in the OFP days I prefered RHS units over ORCS etc. RH's CS imports to look nice and shiney, and people like shiney things regardless if its accurate or not. :P I don't think he was trying to insult you Vilas, it doesn't help when English is neither of you speak english as a first language. So easy take things out of context. That said Vilas love you're weapon packs and can't wait for the update for these units to come out. :)
  7. MontyVCB

    CDF Conscripts

    I rather like CDF's own camo, it's unique to the faction. Prehaps a Naval version of that.
  8. MontyVCB

    CDF Conscripts

    Great start Nixo! Do you have any plans to tweak the CDF regular's gear? Kinda bugged me that the CDF were given modern radio gear with 90s helmets then to get 1940s issue ammo pouches. Prehaps a unit with the Russian assault vest and a newer russian helmet? Prehaps some CDF Spetsnaz/MVD troopers since ArmA2 did'nt come with any. Anyway great work Nixo :)
  9. MontyVCB

    BAF voice

    Not quite, I've noticed unless the mission is scripted in such a way, generic radio commands use the default American voices. Which is a bit of a let down tbh. :( I'd love to be able to use the voices in MP.
  10. The weapons are nothing to do with me mate, but I can assure you the sounds are realistic. :)
  11. But thats what they sound like, the sounds are recorded from the real life weapons. As for the black parts if you look at L85A2s its not glossy at all but quite a matt black.
  12. MontyVCB

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Very little if any as the weapons are built to the same design. Though if you look hard enough on the real world ones there are minor detail differences.
  13. MontyVCB

    Royal navy buys Hornets not JSF...

    I'm still doubtful an UCAV could be a viable replacement for a man in a cockpit. Not until I see one down a MIG-29 at least.
  14. MontyVCB

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    What do you mean by in need of an update? ArmA's gaming engine was a huge improvement over OFPs, likewise ArmA2's engine was miles ahead of ArmA's. Then you have OA. Other than the basic interface (which is defined by programming rather than the engine), and the scripts used in the mission editor I fail to see how the engine is the same. I also see ArmA2/OA in the shops all the time where I live, so if someone wants a copy they can purchase it without an issue. I also have no problem in finding well populated servers online too, prehaps you are not using the filter function correctly? End of the day you can't force people to buy this game, ArmA2's target audience is significantly narrower than that of CoD or BF2. If BIS really did want to make a quick buck they could of made ArmA2 a CoD clone/knockoff with monthly $15 DLC maps and bullshit gameplay, but they did'nt they decided to stick with what they know best. Becuase quite frankly there is more money in it. Your dreams of seeing hundreds of thousands of online players at once is unrealistic.