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  1. peanuckle_00

    G.i.joe vs cobra mod

    Hey you should use the agc harbor for that dock. Do it right.
  2. peanuckle_00

    Idea for getting larger playing space...

    That's a good idea. I don't think it can be done through scripts so no.
  3. peanuckle_00

    A woman as president.

    That's not sexist it's protective. Sexist is limiting a woman's ability to eat or live just because she's a woman, or the opposite sex to put it plainly. Let's say that 911 happened and a woman was President then what would happen if she had to make the decision. That's it, she wouldn't make the decision on her own. She'd be like an idol or something. People would just be giving her ideas and she'd smile and do it like she's worshipped or something. I'm not going to go into it all but, we all have the ability to vote on our own. Even if two women ran, then that year I would not vote.
  4. peanuckle_00

    A woman as president.

    A woman as president of the United States, yes or no? I say no. A woman can't serve in the military based on the requirements of war so what makes women think that they can fit the requirements to be president. I'm talking the real requirements just as in war. Not even a lesbian could be President, not without great suffering and turmoil amongst the people.
  5. peanuckle_00

    Race war or crusades...

    Tex, I dare you to tell the klan that if its safe.
  6. peanuckle_00

    Is tornadoes just a north america thing ?

    So, thats why they get tornadoes in the midwest. Hmm. Thanks.
  7. peanuckle_00

    G.i.joe vs cobra mod

    Okay well, what's the big idea. Don't you know that someone has already made the joes? Are you just out to do it better or don't you know that? Yours I like because they're kind of cartoony and cell shaded. That other guy did it a different way. Are you going to make like, a lazer beem shoot out of the thing if tracers are on?
  8. peanuckle_00


    Hey, chewing the gum could steady your shot. Smoking could too. Also, throw in some variety to the animations like at ease, make it change every once in awhile so it doesn't always look the same.
  9. peanuckle_00

    G.i.joe vs cobra mod

    Someone already made the joes. What's the big idea? Are you just doing it better?
  10. peanuckle_00

    Is tornadoes just a north america thing ?

    No, tornadoes are not just a North America thing. What's the point of this thread?
  11. peanuckle_00

    Race war or crusades...

    Okay I'm going to settle this. Which will come first between a race war or a crusades? The answer is I honestly won't tell you. All I can tell you is that if you live in America where stuff is worked out daily you can be sure that a solution to both will be found by the time that you've read this thread to the time its finished because America is the land of tolerance. Different cultures and religions live here in peace to better understand each other and learn how to get along.
  12. peanuckle_00

    Is tornadoes just a north america thing ?

    Are tornadoes just a North America thing? No. Tornadoes are not just a North America thing because I learned in the bible that there was once a tornado of fire around present day Iraq just by looking at maps.
  13. peanuckle_00


    Let's talk about how the medic's healing animation is so quick and its the same animation for every kind of wound. The animation should be different for every kind of wound on the body and therefore should take a longer time. I'm talking pulling out the stuff, putting in the needle, etc. I want that part to go into detail so that a "carry your buddy" animation could be put to use as well. That way when our friends get hurt in multiplayer games we could carry them off with the medic providing cover fire or something or other and while we find a nice open house to set up camp in the medic could be going through his long healing animation. If BIS could nail that I'd definitely buy ofp2. I also want to see food play a major part in the game. I also want the ability to carry an ammobox and other things too.
  14. peanuckle_00

    Game physics

    I'd like the BIS team to go more into detail about the human body's ability to perform under injured conditions. I'd like there to be more damage specific zones such as getting hit in the chest, arm, and so on. I'd also like the medic's job to be more complex. At least it could look more complex based on the wound. I'd also like BIS to research geo mod technology, or at least pay the guy who created it and capitalized off of it. Or who didn't capitalize off of it and let the secret out. Poor guy.
  15. peanuckle_00

    Tactics and orders help

    You mean to tell me you haven't figured out what to do in that situation? Is this online or single player. That could be saying alot.