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  1. DBO_

    ArmA BHD:MOD

    did you know that benoist and co sound like blackdog and co , reblman and such ? ofp never had so many fans over score and tenty ,its the fact you nevr knew what was coning, the evil was always u k f and a man called pa thy y
  2. mad matt dbo_brick skaven _2 granq fdf_sounds villas_3 but for god sake do not sponsor or par take cwr or raedor, it is eveything we community despise if in doubt search jhave/mapfact lester. that why ofp did not make arma ofp was great why not arma ? bas/mapfact and redor
  3. yes i always miss his scripts ,they are very unique and ingenious. have you made any full models between your place and london lately ?. it all seems quiet apart from the usual.
  4. DBO_

    Armed Assault videos

    testing Pathway lods
  5. what happened to unn ?
  6. DBO_

    War against terror

    The west once again try to manipulate politics in the world, Bhutto was only going to be another saddam with nukes in a few years anyway, we sponsored her to go back and fight the elections , we promised her support and probably arms when /if she won. The fundamentalists saw her has a western puppet and saw fit to do what they did before she got any power. The west is to blame for Pushing for democratic elections and using a carrot and stick to entice bhutto back ,elections would have took place anyway and waiting for it to happen would have been so much the better option than to openly bait the terrorists by sponsoring bhutto. The outcome of all this is that the likelihood of a fundementalist government having its finger on the nuke button has probably been delayed for a year or two , the problem is they now have sharraff (sp?) who is not very stable at all anyway. whichever way you look at it India is fucked.
  7. DBO_

    Let's talk about VOIP in 1.09

    Looks very promising so far.There is absolute proof that bis listen because the fix list in your posts , mirrors perfectly the top 7-8 community addons , ballistic fixes and vegitation fixes etc. Myself voip is a welcome thing and nice to see it working (to a fashion). But i ask one question, if you sneek up on an AI and shout for example "Over here" or even talk normally , does it register just like other sounds ,such as running and gun sounds allow them to also know your location. it would be nice if it did . I am trying to tie it in with this.
  8. DBO_

    British teacher imprisoned for naming

    think there is more politics than religion here. But again it shows that religion can be the root of all evil. Personally i agree ,for a teacher she was pretty stupid not to hav gauged the reaction to all this.
  9. DBO_

    setposasl madness

    its the roadway/pathway lods they mess with heights(even setposasl as in ofp) especially near steps try modeltoworld from biki. for experimenting combine it with boundingbox . this way you can find max z extremity of the founder building and set according to this using RELPOS
  10. DBO_


    Actually, if you read the thread they do work, as long as everything is done right. I would never embaress a person ,but you asked for it i made the first ever island for arma , i made 16 for ofp and however much your faith tells you that BIS want you to be able to mod arma like you could ofp ,my knowledge and common sense tells me different . there is a big difference between , wow it hasnt crashed and no errors in arma .rpt when your playing on a dedicated server.
  11. I hope i dont sound pesamistic here , but just like in ofp your models look like they were plucked out of microsoft simulator and Paa/pac added . my biggest regret in later stages of ofp was rksl never released what they promised.There was a rumour that because 3D models are like finger prints , they are very individualy recognisable and rumours scratched the release . is there any way you can release one model plane to stop the repetition of this in arma ? p.s no aircraft shelters allowed
  12. DBO_

    Vilas' addons

    Have you got an island ? I have finished malden and 95% done on nogova , would love to use your troops on there ,would be just like old times .
  13. DBO_

    ARMA 2 - Building Destruction

    Simba please do not insult my or your inteligence , FSM is a script and because it is not a thing we can overwrite simply, because of auto behaviuor , it maybe simple for bis and us if they get it right, the problem is if they do not ,then thee work needed to be done is simply too much to justify the end. this you will find is why arma is not such a heavy modded game . anyway i will end now i have spent my last days here ,arma 2 news is my final disssapointment , only because single player will not have enhanced destruvtion i bear no ill will just simply place my opinions. bye ,see you in some other game maybe.
  14. DBO_


    Its a politicaly motivated result, we need all our hooligans to go and fight wars ,cause were running out of soldiers i think. really stupid i know but it makes more sense than the amount those players are paid versus results lol.
  15. DBO_

    ARMA 2 - Building Destruction

    Kinda see your point but in single player i think it would be easy to create in o2pe new sectional pieces that have different rtms in enough variants to give a nice effect. you can drop a shape of a brick at no cost at all and works very well in mp . proven beyond any doubt. that was my point behind mentioning particles.(yes i know diff between drop and particles) a mixture of this and rtm + particles would give a nice effect and radomise ,cheaply in my opinion does in arma once again proven beyond doubt. finally about brick level. Dbo_brick is good proof that its silly, but of often does a single brick get blown and its far more sensible to make a house of 16 sections that 200. which again in singleplayer , i think personally is doable. edit would like to add to my previous post I believe the cfg define i am thinking of is passthough. when damage to selection passes to the object as a whole.i am not expert on this , but i would be dissapointed is all On reading again the blog i stand corrected on insta hole , it seems there will be dropped/simulated physics of rubble , however it will not be peranent lasting. again i think its ok for mp and reasonable but not good enough for single player immersion.