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  1. oChaos.DNJ

    Dumped to desktop, no crash

    Same thing has been happening to me and a friend.
  2. oChaos.DNJ

    DIRE frames on gtx 275

    power supply ? Did you connect both 6 pin power connectors to the card...and does your PSU have enough amps/watts to power it.......
  3. oChaos.DNJ


    I disable scaling in nvidia's control panel. I get blacks bars on sides, top&bottom, or both depending on the resolution. Meaning whatever the res of the source is, its centered and displayed pixel for pixel. Native is 1920x1200, so I have bars on top and bottom with 1920x1080.
  4. oChaos.DNJ


    1920x1080 works good for me.... I turn off scaling so that theres never any stretching on my screen. My map has black bars.
  5. oChaos.DNJ

    ArmA and CPU power

    Have you tried overclocking your E6750 yet? I'd pretty much bet it would be possible to get to or pass the clocks on the CPUs your thinking of upgrading to. Also if you are going to upgrade... being an overclocker, Id choose others to save money. Q9550 vs E8400 for me. I'm kinda wanting to upgrade from my E6600@ 3.32Ghz, I'm wanting a quad but the E8400 is cheaper and can overclock higher. Which will be better for games that aren't multithreaded. or..Maybe I'll just hold out and go i7+mobo+DDR3......$$$$ though.
  6. oChaos.DNJ

    ArmA Banlist - Armed Assault cheaters list

    ....Before names are added to banlists, did the server allow this player to join with any mods he wanted??? If so... the server should be fixed and he should be removed. Also Im not  so sure he was cheating. Both the player, and the person filming didnt die they each shot at each other.
  7. oChaos.DNJ

    What is Battleye for?

    This is pretty much what PB does, except they ban by CD keys or Hardware depending on type of hack. Anyways, PB does not stop all cheaters.
  8. oChaos.DNJ

    What is Battleye for?

    As its been said, the server allows any mods/scripts. A player could do anything he wanted then. Its not BE's purpose to stop that. So BE has nothing to do with your problem. Its a server settings issue. But also there isn't, has never been, and will probably never be a perfect anti-cheat.
  9. oChaos.DNJ

    Game Froze

    May have found a possible fix/reason for the freezing. Well I read on an Americas Army forums, where someone was getting freezes, and someone told them. They were also getting freezes and what they did to stop getting freezes was disable cd/dvd rom. So I decided to give it a try. Disabled my dvd burner, and floppy drive for the hell of it, through device manager. Played about 7 hours tonight without a problem. Maybe just a fluke again, but I'll keep playing. I'll try BF2 tomorrow, I had got a CTD when I tried it. Though I dont know if I'll be able to do that since it requires CD. I used to play BF2 without a problem. If this is related to cd/dvd rom, Im thinking its possibly related to Securom. Which is what comes with the Atari version right? Even thought its disabled in the patch, the software, registry and whatever should still be there....shouldn't it? Edit: Well after about 6 hours today I got another freeze, but I did reapply my overclocks, and alt+tabbed several times as well.
  10. oChaos.DNJ

    GeForce GTX280

    Id try the latest available betas 177.40 http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=265395
  11. oChaos.DNJ

    Grapics corruption

    Got the same freeze then tree texture replace today.... Alt+Tab out then back in cleared it up. Played for like an hour more without errors. Then when I was closed down game. I got just a black screen. Had to reboot. Got this in Event Viewer. But also the other day. I decided to install ETQW to test and see if I get any problems since its an opengl game. First I had to re-enable page file since that game uses alot of memory. Was still getting crashes, not freezing or corruption, but related to nvoglnt.dll. Figuered it was the same problem.... but I also then decided to turn back on the nvidia startup items and service, also a few other windows services that I disabled to see what would happen if anything. Afterwards I played a good 4-5 hours of ETQW without a problem, before the crash would happen within a hour. Took a break came back to play some ArmA and got the freeze+texture corruption that I explained at the beginning of post. RPT still says freeze caused by ntdll.dll In one of the other related threads, I had said I got a freeze in Crysis, which is directx too. So I guess Im going to end up reinstalling Crysis and see if I get anymore freezes. While I also keep playing ETQW to see if I get anymore crashes. Maybe I'll install BF2 another directx, to see if it happen with it too. I dont have another opengl game though so.... But I guess what Im getting at is, maybe its a problem with directx and nvidia.....
  12. oChaos.DNJ

    Game Froze

    Well, Ive replaced my power supply to a more powerfull and better one. (Replaced old one since a connector was burning in it.) Tried more drivers.... Still get these same problems....
  13. oChaos.DNJ

    Next Target command

    I believe the problem is that theres two entrys for Next target in the key config, the one further down is the right one for when in vehicles I believe.
  14. oChaos.DNJ

    New PC - Illogical Performance

    Try running without SLI. ArmA doesnt support SLI I believe. But also what about your PSU ?
  15. oChaos.DNJ

    Game Froze

    Well Ive had this issue on 2 different mobos, the 965p-DS3 with latest bios, and now on my new mobo EP35C-DS3R. With latest NON-beta version. Theres a couple beta bios's but it looks like they are just to support new CPUs. === However currently Im trying out the nvidia drivers 162.18 WHQL. I havent gotten a freeze yet with these. Using Pre-render on 2, but I'll switch to 1 to see if it'll cause a freeze faster.