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  1. olemissrebel

    OFP map 'Arabia'

    i was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me convert my old OFP map 'arabia' into armed assault. while it was outstanding in OFP, it's better suited to ARMA, due mainly to it's size, and open desert areas. only ARMA and the increased ability to place more and more AI can truly make this map functional as was originally intended. i'm not sure if any of you are familiar with it, but here's the link to it: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=10410 (all needed objects are included with the download, except for CAT's afganistan) also, i haven't touched WRP tool in about two years (i've been deployed to iraq, only returning at the beginning of this month) i just honestly don't have the time with everything going on IRL to see see thing into ARMA on my own. if anyone is serious about seeing this awesome map in-game, you have my full permission to convert away. if CAT's afgan can be done, this map can be as well.
  2. olemissrebel

    Wip-m4a1's pack v1.0

    wipman, you might already know this, but the PEQ2 IRL does not have a visible laser, only an IR one, and it has different settings, if you're wanting to go realistic, get a model of a PEQ 15, which has a visible RED laser, as well as IR lasers, your weapons are looking good, and i'm glad to see someone with a realistic ACOG... check this out, a picture taken thru mine in iraq about a month ago: http://www.facebook.com/photo.p....1380048
  3. olemissrebel

    Need some advice and answers

    if i can play the latest version on a new macbook pro 17' , with XP via bootcamp, on high, with mods, you should be fine, you will never want to play flashpoint after playing ARMA, at least i don't have any reason to want to
  4. olemissrebel

    1st Infantry Division

    most everyone in iraq wears nomex now, but the new ones look identical to the ACUs, except they retain stains more so than the normal ones. a one piece tan flightsuit version would be nice, much like the marines, as we wore them for awhile. to make these perfect, in an outsiders opinion. standardize gear, flashy 'cool' gear is nice, but generic, and realistic is preferrable IMO. can't go wrong with FLC and Molle. No unit patches, reasons previously stated. They need to be nasty, filthy, these guys look like they just got in country, with their clean uniforms. Helmets and vests should be stained darker than the uniform, because they are rarely, if ever, washed. eye pro on all soldiers, it's always worn, oakley M frames, or ESS type, clear, or dark lenses. i never even wore the goggles even as a gunner my first tour, glasses worked fine. of course those are all personal, nit-picky grievances, they look awesome as they are. my favorite addon released so far for this game
  5. olemissrebel

    M1114 Uparmored

    don't forget having to shine lights, signal panels, pen flares, star clusters, and warning shots... lol
  6. olemissrebel

    1st Infantry Division

    negative, you will wear your units SSI, wearing a combat patch is optional. if you are attached to an SF unit, ranger type unit, or actually SF, you wouldn't wear patches, or tabs, just name tapes and rank.
  7. olemissrebel

    AimPoint Desert Weapons 1.3

    guys, click my BI forum 'profile' to see a good picture of my weapon (not of me, obviously) you can see it before the paint wore off, after about a month of use. Â SUREFIRE, PEQ15, TA31 (dont remember the exact TA number) ACOG, HARRIS BIPOD, Â and standard issue knights armament foregrip. we also have suppressors, however we rarely used them, as they are old, and huge. Â any chances of ever seeing my pretty piece in game? Â Â basically every infantryman will have this on his weapon, peq15, peq2, or peq4, surefire mounted to the right, and a hodge poge of optics. Â if your unit sucks, you'll have two acogs per squad, the squad leader, and DM. Â if your unit is good, you'll all have CCO's that you don't use, and everyone will have an acog mounted. Â We were also issued trijicon reflex sights although we rarely used them (although i'd rather use it than a CCO, as it doesnt require batteries) Â a few of us, myself included, purchased EOTECHs, and used those with success, although most prefer the ACOG. Â all were issued the standard knights armament foregrip, as well as a grip-pod anyways, these weapons are looky pretty good, just remember, for them to be functional in todays combat environment, a light and IR laser is needed, even on sniper weapons (i had a rail on our M24 with a peq15) Â also, the BIS modeled PEQ2 IR lasers would be awesome on the SAWS, as well as a flashlight. Â i'm not sure if anyone has made a short barrel/collapsable m4-type buttstock SAW, with rail system, but it'd be nice. Â only POGUES, and rear echelon mother fuckers carried those long barreled saws in iraq. also, a lot of saw gunners removed the bipod, and put their issued grip-pod on.
  8. olemissrebel

    1st Infantry Division

    the IR flag should be worn in country, and in the field, the problem is, it falls apart, peels, and generally sucks ass. the full color cotton flag can be worn if you don't have an IR flag, as it's better to have that one than no flag at all. the subdued cloth flag is UNAUTHORIZED, and i want to die when i see it, as do most command sergeant majors, and army regs. regarding the 1st ID patch on both arms, it's pretty common, a lot of lower ranks have not been deployed before, so they wear the combat patch of the unit they are in, which would be 1st ID on both arms. also, a lot of vets are in the same units they have deployed with before. it would be nice to see a version with NO patch on either arms, and regulation gear, as they could be generic US infantry, no ties to any certain group, and one could apply his own preferred patch in a clan match, or whatever you guys do. just my two cents
  9. olemissrebel

    Jonny´s Army Special Forces

    i agree, let these guys make their own things, if they ask for advice, they'll be given it by people who actually know, not what they see on military photos or at their airsofting buddies house. i personally used oakleys in iraq, as well as oakley boots, although neither were issued. i'm obviously not SF myself, just 11 bang bang. we were issued the hatch green nomex gloves with leather knuckles, and they fell apart the first day i trained with them in the states. the oakleys become brittle with age, but for 30 bucks from usstandardissue.com, with discount, who cares. went to three pair in 14 months. although ciras is widely used, i've worn the IBA, ciras, as well as the iotv, and i personally prefer the iotv, as do several of those personnel you've mentioned, it's basically an improved ciras. all in all, let these guys make their addons, they know the look they are going for, and if they need help, i'm pretty sure they know of plenty of people to ask.
  10. olemissrebel

    M1114 Uparmored

    yes, there is a rack on the inside right of the turret that can hold either a 249 or an m4. you can also put a pindle mount for a 240 or 249 wherever on the turret you choose, i had mine on the left rear, although it does get crowded up there with too many weapons.
  11. olemissrebel

    AimPoint Desert Weapons 1.3

    rail covers are rarely used, at least speaking for myself and my guys, we didn't use them. if you had an ACOG, you were issued a grip-pod, everyone in the squad had an m68 that sat un-used in the wall locker, ACOGs (the new kind, not the old ARMA variety) were used, as were trijicon reflex, and EOTECH. weapons were painted with standard humvee spray paint. for future reference, i'd use the ACOGs that BIS put on the m16a4's, as those are the one's we had on my most recent deployment, not the ancient one on the M4M203, also, the reticle is completely different, as is shown in picture. and for dasquade, until i get my external HD, those are all of the pictures i could find regarding the PEQ15.
  12. olemissrebel

    M1114 Uparmored

    the LMTV, 1114, 1151, and the ASV (1117) are the most commonly used vehicles in theater, obviously. i had the misfortune to have to command an LMTV when my 1151 was down for maintenance. poorly armored, extremely poor when compared to the 1151. believe it or not, even 11B (infantry ) uses LMTV's in place of gun trucks (humvees, asv) we've had to use them several times, usually one vehicle per chaulk is an LMTV. all weapons on all trucks were m2s, with the exception of the chaulk commander, the middle truck, which had a 240B. any chances we'll see any 'go-lights' on these vehicles, they are on almost all in theater, and are used to illuminate the sides of the road, to help spot EFP's. remember pals, IED's aren't really killers anymore, it's all EFP and culvert-IEDs. a few 155 rounds, while loud, is basically a joke compared to what it was on my first deployment.
  13. olemissrebel

    AimPoint Desert Weapons 1.3

    these weapons remind me of my baby Colt M4A1 SN W237782, SI ACOG, PEQ15, SUREFIRE, CUSTOM CHARGING HANDLE, AND 10,000 dollar insane army issue prism laser, as well. (originally had a harris bipod although towards the end i removed it due to uselessness) http://www.facebook.com/photo.p....1380048 http://www.facebook.com/photo.p....1380048 http://www.facebook.com/photo.p....1380048 http://www.facebook.com/photo.p....1380048
  14. olemissrebel

    1st Infantry Division

    tis true, it's also required, although not everyone follows it, that all people working out of vehicles in country wear nomex. there are the tan flight suit, the 2 piece tan flightsuit, a 2 piece acu flightsuit, and the ones i have on in the last picture, which look exactly like ACU's.
  15. olemissrebel

    1st Infantry Division

    shouldnt require logon, try these, if they don't work, add me if you want. http://www.facebook.com/photo.p....1380048 http://www.facebook.com/photo.p....1380048