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  1. I've been playing the PC deer hunting sim called "The Hunter" which is free to play so I suggest you all check it out. Anyway, the terrain is full off nice foliage, trees, hills, etc. Very well done. Not sure who created it but they are freakin' brilliant. The landscape is so well done I'm amazed. Sun is obstructed by the clouds and the world lighting reflects that too. Amazing. Anyway, been debating on whether or not to try the Arma 3 alpha and I was thinking of Chernarus. Did BIS give up on maps like that because of performance reasons? Ever since Arma 2/OA I've missed the dense maps and was wondering if we'll ever see a map like that again.
  2. nuggetz

    PvPvAI Gamemode CROOKS for ArmA 2

    I wish something like this gets released for Arma 3 when it comes out. DO you think the new AI could potentially allow people to play this offline? I could never find anyone playing it and I absolutely fell in love with the concept. Shame.
  3. nuggetz

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I would rather have better AI over fancy graphics any day. In this day and age we should be able to get both. Please don't disappoint us on the AI front, BIS. If I shoot someone in the head or throw a grenade in front of hostile AI, I expect that AI to drop whatever it was doing aside from locking its sights on my forehead and react like a real person would. Is that too hard to program? Maybe it is. I don't know but that's what I want. :-) I also want to see multiplayer type gamemodes which never worked quite right in single person mode to be fully functional and give me an online experience without actually playing online against a bunch of 12 year olds.
  4. nuggetz

    ACE for OA 1.11

    I get an error right off the bat with a vanilla install of OA. Everything downloaded via Six. Updated a few minutes ago, enabled everything via mod manager and upon game load it says MAP_EU requires CAsigns2. Not even sure what that is. Then, the real fun starts. Tried 3 or 4 ace MP missions in game and they complain about not having the right content. Are we supposed to figure all this out? Shouldn't it just work on a clean install and everything download thru Six? If I'm doing something wrong please tell me. I enabled all of the ACE addons that Six downloaded for me. Just noticed that @CBA_OA is black in Six saying that its not compatible. Dont I need that? I'm using the A2 AU ACE profile or whatever you call it in the updater as I only has OA installed.
  5. Is ACE supposed to be run with Vanilla AO? Reason I ask is I often run the beta patches. I had a problem in the Reapor ACE mission where the laser designator thingy often times doesn't lite up and as a result I cant call in a bomb or air strike. Wondering if its a bug or a beta patch thing. Quick question about the Six updater GUI. When it starts up and downloads and installs an update to the program itself, is it grabbing the latest ACE files too? I cant tell. I remember to OLD gui and I recall having to update ACE alot within the tool but it seems that whenever I start the tool it has an update so it does that and then everything looks green.
  6. thanks for the tip. Can you suggest such an addon? I'd love to be able to lead a small number of AI. Will check out the pro-mode too.
  7. My never ending hobbies have brought me back to Arma so here I am playing one of my favorite addons. I have a few questions.. Is there a way to control a small squad? I play against the AI and tho its fun shooting each other down, I haven't played long enough to see if the AI can ever get past the Charlie zone or whatever the large battle always focuses around. I set AI to aggressive but I wonder if I had control over a team if the chances of controlling an area are more likely. I'm playing this in AO BTW. I dont have ARMA2 installed. Not enough HD space :-)
  8. I tried looking at various PBO files in the ACE folder but I cant find the reaper multiplayer mission. I need to edit it. For some reason, the medics dont heal team mates and I wanted to add a way to call in support, medics, vehicle repair, etc.
  9. Does this work with AO? Took a year off from Arma and now I'm back. This was my favorite mod but I dont have enough HD space for ARMA2 and AO.
  10. I have a Vanilla install of AO. Just downloaded the latest 6 updater and for some reason I get errors when ACE starts the game. In the main menu I see "Cannot open object ca\weapons\m240.p3d" On top of that, the ACE scenarios are listed twice. How can things be so screwed up on a fresh install with nothing enabled except ACE via the 6 updater?
  11. Thanks for the info. That helps but where does CBA need to be installed? In the A2 dir or the OA dir?
  12. That OA version of ACE is working fine. I just need to get A2's ace up and running. One other thing, when do I need to use CBA_OA? Do I need that at all for ACE for A2?
  13. Can someone tell me where I can download ACE. Getting sick of the Six installer. Ran perfect until OA came out. I can't figure out what it's doing anymore. Doesn't appear to be putting the correct ACE files in the A2 directory. I want to install this the old fashioned way and know that I did it right. On top of that, it updated itself and now Ruby or whatever it is crashes in Windows 7 so I cant use it anyway. Thanks!
  14. nuggetz

    [CAMP] John - A Rambo Medley

    THis doesn't work for me. I tried the mod folder route but the campaign wasn't selectable in the game campaign menu. Moved the files into the addon folder and that made the campaign selectable in game.
  15. nuggetz

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Try this - select some AI after recruiting them and then hit the number 6 or number 4. Those two menus are where you order the AI to do stuff. Pressing 4 usually presents options to have them mount nearby vehicles. The number 6 is used to do other things like interact with the MHQ, recruit more AI (Yes, you can have the AI recruit more of themselves on your behalf). Wish I knew how to fix the MHQ problem. Had a similar issue in the 17A2 version of Dom where I ordered them to interact with something while I was in a chopper and the error I got back was that I couldn't do it because I was flying. Again, the code should let the AI do whatever it is you're asking it to but theres a bug of some sort as the errors imply that you yourself are trying to interact with the MHQ for example and I'm no where near it - which is why I asked the AI to interact with it. Xeno, do you know how I can fix this? Running 22A2 with OA (latest beta patch)