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  1. ncl1994

    Squad size in Resistance Campaign

    Just a quick question, is the number of soldiers available in a group in resistance campaign missions in any way linked to your performance in previous missions? As in, if most of your squad are killed in a mission do you have less people in the next one?
  2. ncl1994

    Mission requests and ideas

    http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/files/Operation_Flashpoint_Resistance/Addons/Missions;5208 Oh wow, I couldn't find anything when I googled "Operation Flashpoint Missions" But yeah, filefront is packed :L Many thanks!
  3. ncl1994

    Mission requests and ideas

    Hi everyone I seem to have played over and over all of the decent missions I had for multiplayer. I don't suppose there's somewhere I'm missing where I can get some good quality missions? A lot of the links to what sound like great missions are broken 'cause ofpec is in a state. Cheers
  4. ncl1994

    Mini Battlefield

    Thank you very much
  5. ncl1994

    Mini Battlefield

    Excellent, thank you. I had no idea that was how it worked!
  6. ncl1994

    Mini Battlefield

    Hi everyone I was wondering if I could get my hands on the Mini Battlefield or Mini Desert Rumble mission so popular on the internet mulriplayer. I want to play it on LAN because I especially like the respawning vehicles. Where can I get it?
  7. ncl1994


    Ah brilliant! I always wondered how to give vehicles new and different weapons easily I'm so having a Cessna dogfight on LAN against my brother!
  8. ncl1994

    Hands up!

    Ah groovy. Yeah I was gonna lift the bits of script I needed anyway so that there a large chance of several remaining enemies give themselves up. I'll look out for your fininshed script. Good going because the current script could certainly be made even more realistic Actually I was wondering which part of the script actually mam makes them stick their hands up. Because in my mission I'd done all my surrendering triggers with everything I wanted expcept them putting their hands up. P.S. your WWI mod looks emmense!
  9. ncl1994

    Hands up!

    Great, just what I needed, and more Thanks everyone
  10. ncl1994

    Hands up!

    Ah sadly the download zip file which the script is supposed to be in is empty . Don't happen to have a copy do you?
  11. I was wondering how to get AI to put their hands up / on their heads like they do in many campaign mission? Because the only little thing which makes Flashpoint differ from real war is the merciful taking of prisoners instead of killing every last troops and I was looking for the action to go with my troops surrendering. So peeps what's the trick?
  12. ncl1994

    Hosting LAN games

    SOLUTION Excellent news peeps, I'm playing LAN and really enjoying it. Thrashing my brother is awesome. I had a serious disability to connect to a network because I had removed Norton Security Centre ages ago but not done it properly. Thanks to the amazing people at Techspot I was able to find this out and use the Norton remover tool and just like that the whole network worked properly. And because I have v1.96 I can play without fade. Excellent news. Thanks for your time but this problem was a very specific network problem. LAN & coops forever! Â
  13. ncl1994

    Hosting LAN games

    Hang on peeps, running both multiplayer LAN games off the same disk doesn't work does it . Because that's what I've been doing. I've only got one copy of the disk and Flashpoint runs without the disk on my Vista Laptop anyway for some reason . I mean it sounds like I have genuine network problems but I was thinking this might be a problem??? Â Anyway, if I don't mind buying another disk if I have to because I'd rather not use a KeyGen or whatever those things are Thanks peeps
  14. ncl1994

    Hosting LAN games

    Well Hamachi doesn't work well on my laptop and my stupid old XP doesn't seem to like the general idea of a network. I mean I can connect them both to the wireless router but I can't see my XP's files or anything from my Vista. I don't think this is a proper network is it? I should probably go and find out how to make this network work before I keep trying to host a LAN game on flashpoint.
  15. ncl1994

    Hosting LAN games

    Yeah, I don't think it is a 'stable' network which I'm on. Because just wirelessly connecting the two PCs to a router doesn't make it a stable network does it? Because I can't access anything on my desktop PC from my laptop or viceversa like on a stable network. It doesn't seem to work when I use remote on both PCs and enter my Laptop's IP address (which is but changes now and then for some reason) and port 2302 into them. I have also tried using the router IP address of I'm having some problems setting it up as a stable network but I'll just have to keep trying that for the moment.