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  1. Single-player urban combat mission. All-out gang warfare has erupted on the streets of Pyrgos and you’ve got to gather some supplies and get out! The two gangs – the Reds and the Blues – will ruthlessly murder anyone not wearing their colours. Luckily, wearing gang colours is as simple as putting on a coloured baseball cap. You start only with one cap from one gang: it’s up to you to scavenge weapons, collect your supplies and escape the town. Mission Features Requires no addons. Infinite gang war. As Red and Blue gang members die, reinforcements enter town to carry on the fight. This battle will never end. Save the game any time by visiting your house in the middle of Pyrgos. Choose to play at any time of day. Random dynamic weather (by Meatball). Corpse clean-up to keep the mission running smoothly. Feel like a greater challenge? Try to accomplish the mission with some or all of the optional “bonus†objectives: Pacifist. Can you win the mission without killing anyone? Killer. Get revenge. Kill 50 Blue gang members and 50 Red gang members before escaping. Click here for YouTube video of mission gameplay. Download Steam Workshop (recommended) Direct Download For more of my missions, click here.
  2. nichevo

    [SP/CO 5] High Risk Warrant

    This is correct. There are a random amount, always at least one. In multiplayer one has a bit more control over how many enemies there are. This mission was a bit of an experiment in low-quantity, high-quality enemies. It turned out to be hit-and-miss. Sometimes the AI can really surprise you, but sometimes they'll just act stupid. The curse of ArmA's AI and AI in general I guess. Ah, that's educational, thank you. I think that even if you stole their guns you'd end up unarmed at the start. Probably. I had a lot of trouble getting this mission to work multiplayer, especially with JIP. IMO things are slowly getting easier and better documented since the dark days of earlier ArmA games. But there's so many "tricks" to learn and remember, and worst of all testing can be a massive chore. My next mission will almost certainly be single-player. (Ahem, excuse my mini-rant there.)
  3. It’s a dark stormy night and a band of killers are on the loose. As the local police force it’s up to you to stop them. Playable solo or with a small team cooperatively. This mission is very simple and straightforward, but highly re-playable. Perfect when you’re short on time or patience. Please note: The difficulty of this mission depends a lot on the AI skill you’re using. Adjust your difficulty settings accordingly! Mission Features Requires no addons. Join-in-progress compatible. The mission takes place in one of 28 random locations across Stratis, from larger towns to military bases to lonely shacks and ruins. Enemy and civilian AI have been enhanced with scripts to make better use of indoor areas. Enemy AI is set to high skill (though this depends on your difficulty settings). It has also been scripted to be more aggressive. Be very careful. Uses Virtual Arsenal for gear selection. Gear selection is limited: you’re the police, not the military. Feel like an extra challenge? Try to complete the optional objectives. Can you beat the mission with pistols only, or without night-vision? In multiplayer, you can tweak various mission parameters, including enemy skill and quantity, how many respawns to allow, the time of day and whether to play a random location or choose one in particular. Download Steam Workshop (recommended) Armaholic Mirror Direct Download For more of my missions, click here.
  4. nichevo

    [SP] Operation Scotch Lass

    I was excited to test out the new 'Virtual Arsenal' stuff, so I picked this mission as my first to have its Virtual Ammobox System replaced with the new Arsenal. (Tonic's Virtual Ammobox System served wonderfully for all these months; but I am pleased we have an official solution.) I also took the time to fix up a few other, minor things.
  5. nichevo

    [SP] Operation Scotch Lass

    Thank you for the kind words. :) Grab stuff from the big crate in the center using the Virtual Ammobox System. Then go over to one of the two green crates and put stuff in them in the usual manner. Repeat if necessary. It's not anything special or unusual. If you're unfamiliar with how the ArmA 3 inventory system works may I suggest checking out a tutorial like .---------- Post added at 12:06 ---------- Previous post was at 12:03 ---------- The title is a reference to something; something other than a young Scottish female. Glad you're enjoying yourself. :)
  6. nichevo

    [SP] Operation Scotch Lass

    This mission has been updated. More information here. All links in the original post are up-to-date.
  7. nichevo

    [SP/CO 09] Escape Drakontas

    Glad you like it. :) Thanks for providing feedback. I don't know what the problem is (yet) but stories like yours are pieces to the puzzle.
  8. nichevo

    [SP/CO 09] Escape Drakontas

    Thanks for posting. The problem with the mission extraction might be that you didn't drive far enough out to sea. But given that the enemies stopped spawning I think something more serious is wrong. I've played the mission myself multiplayer, so I know it works for me, but obviously it didn't work for you so I'm wondering what might be different. Were you playing on a dedicated server? Did any players join or leave at around the time the mission broke?
  9. nichevo

    [SP] Operation Hog Cove (Altis)

    Just saw your reply. Cheers. :) You aren't wrong, but as this was my first ArmA 3 mission, KISS was foremost on my mind.
  10. nichevo

    [SP] Operation Scotch Lass

    Only saw this reply just now. Thank you. :) There's a bit more activity on the Steam Workshop page. I hope you ruled out the possibility that the UAV terminal was in one of those buildings first. :crazy_o: Soldiers randomly spawn inside the airfield buildings, generally with less equipment to represent their indoor duties. But you're right in that these buildings aren't the source of reinforcements. They come from elsewhere. ;) There are... assuming you get spotted. It varies because some elements of the reinforcements are random. I put a bit of effort into making sure being spotted was being done fairly. Even if you are spotted, the enemy don't psychically know where you are; it's possible to lose them.
  11. Co-operative defense mission for 1 to 9 players. Designed for multi-player, works in single-player. A small NATO team must hold off insurgents until escape is possible Mission Features Requires no addons. Join-in-progress compatible. Respawn enabled (multiplayer only). Choose to respawn at one of three points. Fight of waves of randomised enemy infantry, with the waves slowly increasing in frequency as the mission progresses. Watch out for the occasional motorised unit! Enemy squad sizes are random, but depend on the number of players. More players equals more enemies. Adjust enemy squad sizes and enemy skill with multiplayer parameters.Squad sizes can be cranked up to ridiculous levels. Having performance trouble with so many soldiers? Lower the enemy count but increase skill for a leaner, meaner game. [*]Enemy artillery will use smoke shells to hamper your vision. [*]Change mission timings with multiplayer parameters. Change the time you have to prepare, and the time you have to hold out for. Make it anything from a ten-minute "quickie" to an hour-long marathon. [*]Virtual Ammobox System at all spawns. But don't expect easy-mode carte blanche, the better equipment isn't limitless. [*]Set up mortars, machine guns and sniper nests. But choose wisely -- this equipment is limited. [*]Create minefields to stop the enemy. A vehicle loaded with mines will save you from long treks to and from the ammo crates. [*]Corpse clean-up will remove the bodies of your enemies to keep the server running smooth. Or, if you like to see a littered battlefield, this feature can be disabled (multiplayer only). [*]The mission can be won if just a single player escapes, but a bonus objective exists if you can get everyone to safety (multiplayer only). Download Steam Workshop (latest version) Armaholic Mirror (latest version) Direct Download (latest version) Download For more of my missions, please click here.
  12. Operation Scotch Lass Stealth/spec-ops single-player mission. Infiltrate enemy territory to locate a captured UAV and fly it home. Mission Features Requires no addons. Randomised enemy placement, load-outs and numbers. Shouldn't play out the same way twice. In addition to the regular enemy patrols, encounter harder and rarer "special enemies" -- armoured vehicles, attack helicopters, and spec op squads with silenced weapons The UAV control terminal you need could be in any number of places. Search building-to-building or look for enemy documents that pin-point the location. Just watch out for enemies inside. Select your gear from a wide range of NATO equipment. Want to take more gear than you can carry? Two crates will be smuggled into the mission area before you. Load them up with whatever extra ammo and equipment you might need. Choose what time of day to begin your mission. Your choice of deployment -- parachute from the air, swim from the sea or get driven in by road. Your choice of extraction -- let friendly civilians smuggle you out by truck or by trawler, or swim out to sea for pickup. Autosaves after several mission objectives split this mission into bite-sized pieces. Feel like a greater challenge? Try to accomplish the mission with some or all of the optional "bonus" objectives: No autosaves. Manual saving, as per the game's difficulty setting, will still work. No night-vision goggles. Stealth becomes harder when you have no perception advantage over your enemy. No weapon suppressors. You'll have to think before you pull that trigger. Feedback I am particularly interested in how hard or easy you found the mission. Did you try the optional "bonus" objectives? Download Steam Workshop (latest version) Armaholic Mirror (latest version) Direct Download (latest version) See Also For more of my missions, please click here.
  13. nichevo

    [SP] Operation Hog Cove (Altis)

    You're talking about their appearance right? You're correct. :) In the init line for every BLUFOR infantry unit (including the player), I put the following: nul = [this] execvm "init_blufor.sqf"; ExecVM tells the game to run a script called init_blufor.sqf. I'll paste the script at the bottom of this post. The script file must exist in the mission folder. If you're new to scripts, maybe this guide will help, it's for ArmA 2 but seems mostly correct. I always use a script like this to randomise soldiers. In this mission I didn't randomise their weapons very much; they always have the MX. But random weapons is certainly possible by expanding the script. In this mission I actually have another script called init_blufor_medic.sqf because the medic needed different gear (a medikit). You might consider doing the same: different scripts for riflemen, machine-gunners, officers, snipers, AT soldiers etc. _target = _this select 0; // Skill: if(_target != player) then { _maxSkill = 0.8; _minSkill = 0.2; _target setSkill (random (_maxSkill - _minSkill)) + _minSkill; }; // Remove equipment: removeUniform _target; removeHeadgear _target; removeVest _target; removeBackpack _target; removeAllWeapons _target; _target unassignitem "NVGoggles"; _target removeItem "NVGoggles"; // Possible uniforms: _uniformArray = []; _uniformArray = _uniformArray + ["U_B_CombatUniform_mcam"]; _uniformArray = _uniformArray + ["U_B_CombatUniform_mcam"]; _uniformArray = _uniformArray + ["U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_vest"]; _uniformArray = _uniformArray + ["U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt"]; _uniformArray = _uniformArray + ["U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_worn"]; _target addUniform (_uniformArray select (floor random count _uniformArray)); // Possible vests: _vestProb = 1.0; _vestArray = []; _vestArray = _vestArray + ["V_BandollierB_cbr"]; _vestArray = _vestArray + ["V_BandollierB_khk"]; _vestArray = _vestArray + ["V_BandollierB_oli"]; _vestArray = _vestArray + ["V_BandollierB_rgr"]; _vestArray = _vestArray + ["V_Chestrig_khk"]; _vestArray = _vestArray + ["V_Chestrig_oli"]; _vestArray = _vestArray + ["V_TacVest_blk"]; _vestArray = _vestArray + ["V_TacVest_brn"]; _vestArray = _vestArray + ["V_TacVest_camo"]; _vestArray = _vestArray + ["V_TacVest_khk"]; _vestArray = _vestArray + ["V_TacVest_oli"]; if(random 1.0 < _vestProb) then { _target addVest (_vestArray select (floor random count _vestArray)); }; // Possible hats: _hatProb = 0.8; _hatArray = []; if (_target == leader group _target AND _target != player) then { _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_gry"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_gry"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_gry"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_dgtl"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_dgtl"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_MilCap_dgtl"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Booniehat_dgtl"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Booniehat_tan"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Booniehat_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_blk"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_blk_CMMG"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_blk_ION"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_blk_Raven"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_brn_SPECOPS"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_grn_BI"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_grn"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_tan"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_tan_specops_US"]; } else { _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_light"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_light"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_light"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_light"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_paint"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_paint"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_paint"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_paint"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetSpecB"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetSpecB"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetSpecB"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_HelmetSpecB"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Watchcap_blk"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Watchcap_blk"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Booniehat_dgtl"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Booniehat_tan"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Booniehat_mcamo"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_blk"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_blk_CMMG"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_blk_ION"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_blk_Raven"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_brn_SPECOPS"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_tan"]; _hatArray = _hatArray + ["H_Cap_tan_specops_US"]; }; if(random 1.0 < _hatProb) then { _target addHeadgear (_hatArray select (floor random count _hatArray)); }; // Equipment: for [{_i=0}, {_i<8+(random 2)}, {_i=_i+1}] do { _target addmagazine "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer"; }; for [{_i=0}, {_i<random 4}, {_i=_i+1}] do { _target addmagazine "HandGrenade"; }; for [{_i=0}, {_i<random 4}, {_i=_i+1}] do { _target additem "FirstAidKit"; }; // A weapon: _target addweapon "arifle_MX_F"; // Possible optics: _opticsProb = 0.05; _opticsArray = []; _opticsArray = _opticsArray + ["optic_Arco"]; _opticsArray = _opticsArray + ["optic_Hamr"]; _opticsArray = _opticsArray + ["optic_Aco"]; _opticsArray = _opticsArray + ["optic_ACO_grn"]; _opticsArray = _opticsArray + ["optic_Holosight"]; if(random 1.0 < _opticsProb) then { _target addPrimaryWeaponItem (_opticsArray select (floor random count _opticsArray)); }; // Possible weapon accessories: _accProb = 0.5; _accArray = []; _accArray = _accArray + ["acc_flashlight"]; _primaryWeapon = primaryWeapon _target; if(random 1.0 < _accProb) then { _target addPrimaryWeaponItem (_accArray select (floor random count _accArray)); };
  14. nichevo

    [SP] Operation Hog Cove (Altis)

    Updated the mission after ArmA came out of Beta. (More info.) The download links above have (and will) be edited to show which have the latest version.
  15. Operation Hog Cove Single-player infantry-only combat in fields and urban environments. Five small squads launch an amphibious assault on Molos. Mission Features Requires no addons. Randomised enemy placement and numbers. Shouldn't play out the same way twice. Randomised appearances for friend and foe. Soldiers aren't clones; they wear different uniform variants. Ability to join any squad, or strike out on your own. Randomised time of day: dawn, sunrise, midday, sunset and moonlit night. Visibility is high enough to not require night-vision. Optional objective: make do with your 'standard issue' rifle and basic equipment, plus whatever you can scavenge from the field. A weapons cache is available for those who would rather kit up. Feedback Played the mission? I'd appreciate some feedback so I can learn what does and doesn't work in ArmA 3. Download Steam Workshop (latest version) Armaholic Mirror (latest version) Direct Download (latest version) See Also For more of my missions, please click here.