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  1. neutrix

    Beginners Multiplayer Server UK

    Hi, I am from the UK, not very advanced and I'd also be very interested in getting in on some multiplayer games. Please let me know if you'd be interested. Thanks.
  2. neutrix

    Freeze after 10 - 25 minutes play

    Well, I've kind of got the game not to crash after trying for months. I set ALL ingame settings to "low" (not really acceptable on a 2x8800GTX, Core2Duo x6800 @ 3.4GHz, 2GB RAM). Then I added this to the shortcut for the game " -nosplash -maxmem=512". Voila, haven't had a crash since. Not sure what is causing it still, but at least the crashes have gone away. Hope this helps someone.
  3. neutrix

    SLI questions

    I can't run SLI on my 2x8800GTX's . It slows the game down to a crawl! I literally get double the FPS in single card mode.
  4. neutrix

    Cannot Create System Memory Surface

    Try adding " -maxmem=768" without the quotes to your game shortcut. If that doesn't work then try setting maxmem to 512 and also 1024 until it works. That is the only way that I could find to fix this error. Either that or lower the quality of the graphics in the options menu. Hope this helps.
  5. neutrix

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    Oh yeah, sorry, didn't check the link too much, but I'm running the game on Vista 32bit so I'd need to go to an earlier vista driver (which I believe is still 158.24). The problem doesn't only occur on Vista though, it also occurs on XP, I created a thread about the issue here: Thread
  6. neutrix

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    I'd prefer not to go back to the 158.24's if possible, as I have had the same problem since the 158.18 WHQL drivers. That and someone else posted that they get a crash with the 158.24's. Thanks for the suggestion though. I have disabled all ArmA profiles that I was running (only for SLI, which is now disabled). You know my driver version, DX is up to date, sound drivers are up to date. I'm really not sure what to do .
  7. neutrix

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    Well, I couldn't tell if the maxmem parameter fixed the surface error because it crashed to desktop within 3 minutes of loading the game. . The contents of the log are: ======================================================= Date: 06/11/07 Time: 11:39:40 ------------------------------------------------------- Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00808F51 graphics: D3D9, Device: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX, Driver:nvd3dum.dll resolution: 1280x1024x32 Addons: Desert in ca\desert\, CAIntroAnims in ca\introanims\, CASounds in ca\sounds\ CA_Missions_Armory1 in ca\missions\armory1.intro\ CAweapons3_m107 in CA\weapons3\m107\ CAweapons3_m16a4_acg in CA\weapons3\m16a4_acg\, CAWheeled in ca\wheeled\ CA_Missions in ca\missions\, CARoads in ca\roads\ CAWheeled3_TT650 in CA\wheeled3\tt650\, CAAir in ca\air\, CA_Anims in ca\anims\ CAAnimals in CA\animals\, CAUI in ca\ui\, CAWeapons in ca\weapons\ CAweapons3_m16a4 in CA\weapons3\m16a4\ CAWeapons3_ammocrates in CA\weapons3\ammocrates\, CAAir3_Su34 in CA\air3\su34\ CACharacters in ca\characters\, CASigns in CA\signs\, CAFonts in ca\UIFonts\ CAweapons3_m16a4_gl in CA\weapons3\m16a4_gl\, CAWeapons3 in CA\weapons3\ CAWheeled3_M1030 in CA\wheeled3\m1030\, CAAir3 in CA\air3\, CAMisc in ca\misc\ CAPlants in CA\plants\, CAVoice in ca\voice\, CAData in ca\ CALanguage in ca\language\, CAWater in CA\water\ CAweapons3_aks74pso in CA\weapons3\aks74pso\ CA_Anims_Char in ca\anims\characters\, CATracked in ca\tracked\ CAweapons3_ksvk in CA\weapons3\ksvk\, CAA10 in ca\a10\, Sara in ca\sara\ CAWheeled3 in CA\wheeled3\, CABuildings in ca\buildings\, CARocks in Ca\Rocks\ CAweapons3_m16a4_acg_gl in CA\weapons3\m16a4_acg_gl\ Mods: CA Distribution: 1294 Version 1.08.5163 Fault address: 00808F51 01:00407F51 C:\Games\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe file: M09ConvoyAttack (__cur_sp) world: sara Prev. code bytes: 01 00 00 8B 75 FC 89 5D 08 8B 47 68 03 45 08 53 Fault code bytes: D9 00 8D 4F 74 D9 1E D9 40 04 D9 5E 04 D9 40 08 Registers: EAX:00000000 EBX:00000000 ECX:1007371C EDX:01C3CCC0 ESI:3B919F50 EDI:04593C68 CS:EIP:001B:00808F51 SS:ESP:0023:01C3CC98 EBP:01C3CCF0 DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000 Flags:00010246 ======================================================= note: Minidump has been generated into the file C:\Users\James\AppData\Local\ArmA\arma.mdmp
  8. neutrix

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    Thanks for the tip. I'm running with the texture detail on default, but I'll try changing the maxmem paramter.
  9. neutrix

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    I just got the 8007000e error message. I have never had it before . Also I am getting random unexplained crashes to desktop after 10-15 minutes in the game. I haven't noticed much difference on FPS visually, but I haven't run fraps or anything to actually benchmark it yet.
  10. neutrix

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Right, I just booted the game up, all the new stuff appears to be there and working. Looks good! Unfortunately though the patch doesn't seem to have fixed the random crash to desktop issues that I was having with 1.05 . It just crashed.
  11. neutrix

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    I got my copy from the "www.gbe-clan.com" mirror. I'm still here waiting for it to install, but I'll be going to have a go at it soon. EDIT: And yeah, that is the right filesize, 564 MB.
  12. neutrix

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    I've downloaded the patch, unzipped it and the install program is now working away installing the patch . I'm really excited! EDIT: The patch is nearly a GB when zipped, the install process is taking forever!
  13. neutrix

    Freeze after 10 - 25 minutes play

    I've now submitted this bug to the bugtracking system. Hopefully we can get it fixed soon!
  14. neutrix

    Freeze after 10 - 25 minutes play

    Could someone add this to the bugtracker?
  15. neutrix

    Freeze after 10 - 25 minutes play

    I just tried the new NVIDIA drivers (158.45) for Vista and I didn't get a crash on the main menu this time (I left it running for about 15 minutes with everything on Very High). However, 10 minutes into playing a level the game crashed to desktop (but it didn't freeze) so I'm thinking maybe it might be an NVIDIA driver issue? The new drivers certainly helped, they just didn't fix the problem . At least I can sit watching the main menu now .