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  1. After playing with the mod steadily for the past few weeks, I want to add some some suggestions for improvement for the OA update (note: I'm sure you guys know about all or most of these issues): 1) AI Engagement Range I brought this up in an earlier post. The AI's engagement range is not quite up to par with standard vanilla AI. 2) AI Accuracy And Rate of Fire I brought this up in an earlier post also. The AI does not fire off enough rounds quick enough (very noticeable with any soldier armed with m1 garand). I believe this may have something to do with recoil, which I think needs to be reduced. 3) Player and AI Health The player and the AI can take way too many hits, I did read that this has to do with your wounding system which you guys are trying to balance. I feel this is just enhances the AI problems because they miss so much and the rare time they land a shot it hardly does any damage since everyone has so much health. This makes the already unrealistic battles even more unrealistic. That is all that needs improvement really the rest is fantastic. I hate to sound like a complainer but I just want more realistic battles with the AI, since I play mostly SP. Hope you guys can improve on these things and make this mod even better.
  2. Thanks for the response PacUK. I just did some more testing and realized that the inaccuracy does have to do with the weapons. I put a squad of Germans and a squad of Americans on a flat part of the beach about 100 meters apart and let them at eachother while I timed it. I then replaced all the American troops with the modern day marines with m16's. They took out the Germans in less than a quarter of the time it took during the first test. The second battle also seemed far more realistic considering the engagement range and lack of cover. I guess not much can be done then, unless recoil or something with the weapons change. But, I guess that would ruin the intention of your mod since they are ww2 weapons and not meant to be that accurate. The only fix I can see for this would to up the skill sliders to max for every unit individually in the editor like you stated. Although time consuming, I'm sure it will be worth it to enjoy some SP battles in this great mod.
  3. First off I have to say this is an excellent mod. The models and the map are fantastic, but I have one big problem with AI accuracy. The AI can hardly hit anything even at 100 meters and they don't fire off rounds fast enough. I went to the Arma 2 profile and changed accuracy to 1 for every difficulty level but still no luck. This is with just vanilla Arma 2 and no other mods but this one. I even tried with combined ops and same problem. Now i don't know if you guys wanted it to be this way for realism but compared to 31st Normandy mod, the AI in that mod can still hit just as good as standard Arma 2 AI. I hate to complain, but the mod just feels like it loses all sense of realism when the AI is so close together and unable to hit each other.
  4. I have this issue also. Only those damn red trees when I'm in a forest full of just them. They drop my fps to mid 20's, and I usually am running in the high 30's even when in cities with a bunch of AI. I run everything very high except terrain detail high and AA normal, also running at 1920x1080. This is all with an overclocked 5870 and a 4 GHz i7. The only solution to getting the fps above 30 in these red tree forests is to lower some graphics settings, but this is one of the most powerful gpu's available there should be no need to lower settings for a few badly optimized trees. It's just funny how inconsistent the game's vegetation is, some trees eat hardly any frames others are killers. I wish there was just one more patch for Arma 2 to fix this. I love this game to death, but this is almost a game breaking issue.
  5. Thanks SAbre4809, that turned out to be exactly my problem. I re-downloaded from armaholic and renamed the folders like you said because I don't want to screw up the mod again when I get OA and download ACE for that. Thanks for the heads up on that. I feel sorry for anyone else that has to go through what I just did. (especially on the weekend when you don't have to work and actually have some time to play Arma2).
  6. I've been using ACE fine for months but the latest update is causing problems for me. ACE will not load, upon loading Arma 2 I get the error "addon acex_c_men_gear requires ver. 1.5 of application. I also get No entry "bin/CFG/ACE_G40mm_HE_VOG25P.medel" in main menu. There is also no ACE screens so it's definitely not working. I was playing just fine yesterday so something must of went wrong in the update. My shortcut is fine I beleive: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -nosplash -world=empty -winxp -maxmem=2047 -cpucount=4 -exThreads=7 -mod=@CBA;@ACE;@ACEX;@ACEX_SM And all the folders are where they should be in Arma 2 main directory, including the userconfig. I even deleted and re-updated each mod folder one by one, but I still get the same errors. I also have the latest patch (1.07). Any help is appreciated.
  7. nate_77

    New System, Few Minor Problems

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try it out.
  8. Hey guys, I just built a new pc, I used to play Arma 2 on a laptop but decided I needed something better. I'm having two issues right now, searched the forum a bit and didn't find much information. First off every time I exit the game and load it back up the post processing effects seem to be disabled or set to low, even though it states very high in the graphics menu. Resetting it fixes it until i restart the game again. Second issue is that whenever I use the second level of zoom on sniper rifles my fps seems to drop quite a bit for a few seconds, usually over trees at a distance. It seems to be a more choppy type of fps drop (good for a second, stutter the next second) instead of just constant sluggish fps Any way to fix this? Maybe Catalyst Control Center settings causing an issue? Thanks for your help guys. PC Specs: i7 930 4 Ghz (OC) ATI 5870 (10.6 drivers) 6 GB DDR3 1600 Kingston Ram WD Sata 3 hard drive 1 TB Asus P6X58D-E Mobo Arma 2 runs amazing well all settings pretty much very high, except AA, which is normal. I'm also running at 1900x1080 resolution.