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  1. neswrossi

    Mondays are BERZERK!!!

    No. Make it an option. Options are good.
  2. neswrossi

    New M107 ammo

    Makes no difference anyway. You could load up an M107 with phosperhous ball rounds anyway if you wanted to. All you need in Arma is the option to load up with the type of round you prefer. Or combinations of both maybe. When I was in service, every 5th round in my magazine was a tracer to help aquisition of targets for my squad mates. This is a normal L85 rifle im talking about now. And what about aquistion rounds in the LAW? That would be pretty cool.
  3. neswrossi

    Why the fascination with Evolution?

    I have to agree. The limited number of servers for game are saturated with Evolution. While its good, joining mid game means you have to travel miles across the map just to play and its hard to get a chopper lift from uncooperative players. So I prefer to look for Berzerk servers instead. Berzerk with the ranking system in place would be great.
  4. neswrossi

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Pulled the www.armamissions.net link because of a corrupted file. Will fix and reupload.
  5. neswrossi

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    You can't patch the beta. Install your normal 1.06 U.S version and then run the 1.06 to 1.08 patch.
  6. neswrossi

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Another Mirror! European Based. From my website that im just starting up. http://www.armamissions.net/downloa....108.zip Thanks
  7. neswrossi

    Where do you run Forest, where do you run?

    Could add a time out? Or maybe a Knackered = True; boolean?
  8. neswrossi

    Making Videos?

    If your using Vegas and Vista, you'll run into problems with Media Center if you use it. It overwrites the MPEG decoder. Well not overwrite, just sets it as the prefered MPEG decoder. Theres a tool from MS that lets you set it back again.
  9. neswrossi

    Sight Adjustment

    This new feature could have some intresting potential uses. As well as adjusting sight optics to compensate for distance and windage, you could also set up GMPG tripods for later use.
  10. neswrossi

    Server Performance

    I am a programmer by trade (im at work now lol) but I have not done anything with netcoding or anything like that. But, at an educated guess, implementing a client interpolation/prediction system would reduce the need for the server to send updates so often as the client would be 'filling in the gaps' so to speak. Im wondering if the server uses some kind of peerless transmission for its updates rather than talking to clients directly.
  11. neswrossi

    Sight Adjustment

    I meant by using some kind of script.
  12. neswrossi

    Sight Adjustment

    Noticed this in the ArmA 1.07 changelog: New: Weapons - optics camera can have a different direction than muzzle direction now This could mean we can adjust optical sights in game?
  13. neswrossi

    Server Performance

    As much as I love ArmA I find myself getting more frustrated with the warping that occurs on many servers. I appreciate that servers require a powerfull PC to run, and that A LOT of servers out there are running 30 man+ servers on inadequate hardware. But, are there any plans to improve the client prediction? Taking aim on an enemy only to then seem him warp from one place to another is extremely annoying. Some kind of interpolation is definitely needed to help resolve this. Some servers may not be set up correctly and the server software itself may not be perfect, but I really think this needs looking into considering how many people play this game online now.
  14. neswrossi

    A sad state of affairs

    I was a server last night playing a sniper, and quite enjoying myself. It was running a Berzerk Airfield map. I was there for about an hour when someone came on an started spawning random AI and killing people at random too. I think his name was Duck, or Rommel. But, is the way things are going to be? I remember the old days of Counter-Strike where you couldnt find a server without cheats on it.
  15. neswrossi

    Church Windows

    moon on a stick. MOON ON A STICK!