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  1. Hi! I have added FDF mens weapons to LEA. You can Download it Here
  2. nimierkki

    FDFmod 1.0

    Mirror: http://www.gameupdates.org/details.php?id=4602
  3. nimierkki

    FDFmod for ArmA II

    It has bee released!! http://www.fdfmod.org/
  4. Hi! I'm setting up hc modules but i cant get this chain of command correctly. I have drawn the command chain. So can some bodey help me?
  5. Hello. I'm wondering is it possible to fly helo with out tail rotor? I've tested it couple of times. I can take helo up and fly it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um_NSyNWGLI
  6. Here is my first early WIP pics fron Finnish NH-90
  7. nimierkki


    i'm trying to place road objects but i got this error message. What i can do?
  8. nimierkki

    uh-60 without seats.....

    Yeah you can get the seats disappeared, but they are still there :
  9. Here is some up dates to my bell. BELL 412 aka CH-146 pollycont is 4710 //EDIT UPDATE PICTURE
  10. I want to use multiple texture files in same modell to texturing it. Like in uh 60... 3 over overlapsed texture and the plane consists in 12 difrend texturefiles. I hope you undrs tand my englis is not good. :/
  11. SO it is te gueston. How to use multiple texture files?
  12. How to make doors to modell? Do I have to meke new "boxes" to make anmimated doors? And how i can use multiple texture files?
  13. I'm working on Bell 412... I have made the body. Now I'm starting on doors etc. and the inside of the helicopter. I'll make this to sivilian and Trasport helicop. There can mount FFRA or machine guns both side of the helicopter.
  14. nimierkki

    How to make glass in models?

    I can found anyting! ihave shearcehd but i can't find
  15. This is werry simple gueston. How to make glaas/windows in models like airplane or heli.