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    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    I checked russian forum and russians arent happy with this either! 1. They also dont like the cover, people there says it looks too much like battlefield 2 and cheap. 2.people are wondering why there is written PC CD-ROM when Arma should be PC DVD-ROM. 3.Name Iam wondering will BIS do something about this? Or is it too hard to send EU cover and just change name and info in to the cyrillic?
  2. nx_illusion

    ArmA Progress Updates

    nice but ACU really sucks http://www.armedassault.eu/images/photoalbum/129.jpg
  3. nx_illusion

    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    Add. FDF, ORCS
  4. nx_illusion

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Fantastic fotos Marcus-Ergalla!! Could you please put also pictures in Hight Resolution? For wallpapers
  5. nx_illusion

    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    I know this screenshot sux.. but a start i hope Addons used: hmhmhhm i think thats those detailed nephilim made mercenaries and somekinda Dingo made by germans BW mod? Also mapfact i hope and island is is hmhmhmmmm... retextured malden? Edit. Addons
  6. nx_illusion

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Thank you for help!
  7. nx_illusion

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Please help! I cannot open file with Winrar what program do i need to open this *.cap file* ??
  8. nx_illusion


    What do i need to download to open this file? Cant unpack with Winrar.
  9. nx_illusion


    1200-1300, 4000-8000 RAM? LOL!!!
  10. nx_illusion


    hehe... Nicely sayed.. i think when placebo will see that post he will call to "shakal or hitman" for duty But anyway somehow i agree with you even if you sayed so rudely :P Making fans angry by not giving any new photos/info is worst thing that game developers can do.. This thing of keeping info in "top secret" is very annoying. (this is only my opinion but who cares)
  11. nx_illusion

    RKSL Studios

    bad textures!!!
  12. nx_illusion

    What will do to your OFP when you have ArmA

    Ill take my OFP and go to shooting range
  13. nx_illusion

    Mercenaries 1

    Now we need only C-130 from Jaguar (DKM) and we will have great hight Res game
  14. nx_illusion

    Mercenaries 1

    Now its working thanks to everyone
  15. nx_illusion

    Mercenaries 1

    still cant download...