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    Marketing for Armed Assault

    Same here. Â I'll buy a copy no matter what (Actually I'll probably buy 2).
  2. noundo

    ArmA Progress Updates

    The official BIS ArmA web site still says release is slated for H1 2006. Obviously this isn't going to happen as we are about to start going into H2 2006. A few pages earlier I saw it mentioned that the new expected release date was in the Fall of 2006. Is this an officail date or just somebody's guess?
  3. noundo

    Forward Observer pack V1.0

    If I have the other mods/addons what must I download here to get the pack to work?
  4. noundo

    Revolt 1998 - Tonal Campaign

    I can do some voice acting, and I'm American too!!
  5. noundo


    Any mirrors? These links seem to be dead.
  6. noundo

    Ships Ahoy!

    The only LCAC I could find at OFP CZ is the Zuber. Â This is not finished and is barely ingame. Â Many bugs.
  7. noundo

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Are you recreating the support scripts? (CAS, Arty, etc.) Have you ever used Snypers support script system? You might want to look at this, as it covers all this stuff very well, is modular, and easily customizable. His CAS keep the planes at a reasonable altitide so they don't come diving it to bomb something. It might even let the Rebels have a mortar barrage or 2 . Just a thought.
  8. noundo

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Called in CAS, hind comes flying over, circles about a bit, then popssmoke and says "There they are" and flies off. Isn't CAS supposed to be the ATTACK aircraft actually ATTACKING stuff?
  9. noundo

    Mobile E-mail in Iraq

    I have a co-worker who is going to be in Iraq for the next year or so. We would like to get him some kind of portable (Blackberry, Treo, Etc.) e-mail device for him to use while there. What should we be looking at? I'm in the United States.
  10. noundo

    CAT's Afghanistan Revisited

    MLF: Looks pretty barren to me.
  11. noundo

    MAAM 1.31

    Would it be possible to have "Tracer Mags" that use either BN's or Wolf's tracer scripts? Also is the recoil effect part of the JAM config? The reason I ask is it seems that a lot of weapons addons have little or no recoil. This is a huge problem IMO.
  12. noundo

    just spotted something

    Have you EVER shot a gun? And I don't mean an air gun.
  13. noundo

    What about smokers in OFP ?

    Are those smokes Camel Wides?
  14. noundo

    Usmc uh-1n

    Does it sound something like Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt!?