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  1. Used to have this problem with my Audigy 1, disabling both HW acceleration and EAX solved it for me though..haven't run into a single crash since then.
  2. noccie

    CiA co-op night

    Is there a game going today? Tried to join at 2100 CET ,but ArmA can't seem to find any CIA server
  3. noccie

    CiA co-op night

    U know me as Stany ingame..the quiet and usually dead guy Been using that name since ofp so figured id keep it for all BIS games
  4. I seem to be getting more BSOD's with 1.09 then 1.08 gave me..the CTD's from 1.08 are gone though. Every BSOD up till now has listed a HA10K2KX.sys error.Google doesnt seem to find any hits relating to it..but HA10K does provide hits about audigy cards/creative. Which could be correct as i have an audigy 1. note : i have hardware acceleration OFF as mentioned in a thread somewhere ; but EAX is still on. Will try running without EAX and report back if the BSOD's disappear.
  5. noccie

    CiA co-op night

    hehe ,never knew that headon crash in the last pic caused so many deaths, CTD hit me before i even saw the explosion. BTW, will there be a coopnight tuesday or is everyone out getting drunk on newyears day?
  6. noccie

    Xam 1.4 released

    its here now their forum has the pass, so lets get XAMming
  7. noccie

    Xam 1.4 released

    Here's hoping the password gets released at 00.00 hours on friday and not in the afternoon or evening. So we only have to wait 24more hours
  8. noccie

    Sakakah Al Jawf OPEN BETA

    hmmm, i'm puzzled now. Reloaded the map and tried to walk inside the buildings again but it did'nt work. The doors and windows also look normal now, last time they seemed to hover about 2cm from the main texture. So i guess it was a false alert and a one time bug, Sorry. Here's a pic of the buildings anyway, just incase. http://www.neuvostoliitto.org/nakki/overview.JPG
  9. noccie

    Sakakah Al Jawf OPEN BETA

    lovely map, especially considering this is still a beta version. A few things i noticed that could make it more "real" ,hope they haven't been mentioned earlier. -water towers aren't placed at high points, i would expect to see one on the nearby hill and maybe one more towards the middle of the city on higher ground. -can't be sure by looking at the google map ,but many Saudi towns have fountains at squares/roundabouts along the road. Was something i missed while driving through this town, especially with so many empty circles along the roads. -There was one row of non-enterable buildings where u could walk inside and still hit targets outside it. Not a big point,but it will be exploited in multiplayer so it would be great if such buildings don't make it into the final version. (I'm praying for people to make u new buildings to use on this lovely map ) -And lastly the roads, If u could add a layer of dust/sand to the sides by retexturing them a bit it would give it a much deeper desert feeling. (or even have less used roads be more covered in dust and the main roads only at the sides) Have no idea if this is possible but it's just an idea i had while driving. Performance was really good with editor loading the map in ~5 seconds and preview comming up quickly too, everything running at a solid FPS. Only an occasional glitch where it would take a long time(several minutes) for the menu to appear after pressing escape..but doubt that's fixable with a 175Mb file. Good luck with the map and I'm looking forward to the end result!
  10. noccie

    1.09 question

    i found proof that our ArmA UAZ is undermoddeld 10man UAZ
  11. noccie

    Do You want PunkBuster in Armed Assault?

    banning is COMPLETELY useless in arma. If u know "they" can : -generate Id's on the fly -know how to translate a CD-key into an ID , and visa versa -can use your ID to get u banned on unknowing servers -know an exploit in Gamespy so they can connect without any valid Id anyway This info is kept among their in crowd and spread as they see fit, depending on how much havoc they want to see. (Except the gamespy one i can imagine..since if it's used too much gamespy might actually sue or at least plug the bug) So sadly banning is as useful as digging a hole to bury yourselves in.
  12. noccie

    Aircraft Rudders

    Superb! After having played alot of IL2 1946 between ofp and ArmA , i ended up being really disappointed with ArmA's flightmodel. Mainly with the lack of true ruddereffects like has been pointed out here. I Though of replying earlier in this thread but the only thing i could have suggested was that IL2 most likely has a decent flightmodel as it lives purely on that aspect. (and many RL pilots seem to fly it at fe. warbirdsofprey ) And if u compare our Camel to similar WW1 planes in IL2 the difference is glaringly obvious. But fear of being ridiculed for suggesting that Suma have a look at IL2(a game ..what has that do do with real physics ) kept me from posting Really looking forward to the next patch now, so a big thanks to HailStorm , Suma and everyone who voted for the bug in the bugtracker. If the changes he makes affect helicopters in a positive way too it will be a complete hit as far as im concerned
  13. noccie

    Australia 102x102

    Pleeaaaase also model the town of Karratha. Lived there for 2 and a half years and would love to make a mission there. :P It's a tiny town that mainly lives of iron ore and gas ,either shipping it by rail or by tanker, so dont forget to make the ground all red/brownish http://maps.google.be/maps?f=....nk&cd=1
  14. noccie

    Cheats Allready out for AA

    Placebo once posted BIS-policy on cheating in ArmA then locked any thread that dared touch the subject. Policy was basically : We will deal with it when the cheats come out, no need to worry about this now as no cheats exist. So now is the time to start working on it BIS..cheats are out and about, thus now u can prove that your wait and see policy actually consists of more than just words. Wouldnt want to see ArmA turn into a 2nd ofp regarding cheats. It ended in only private coop servers being worth playing and lots of players (bout 40% by end 2004 when T*C got upto speed)leaving ofp behind thanks to it. Your unique addon keys dont help too much when everything can be edited on the fly in the memory and no punkbuster like program scans for memory anomalies
  15. Cannot register unknown string STR_MSG_PLAYERID_EMPTY Cannot register unknown string STR_MSG_PLAYERID_INVALID If this means what i think it does, im happy he can't play online