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  1. I on the web over 15min and still cannot find patch 1.02 for download...only for cracked version game.. BI where is a problem? Even on the offical side of the game I didnt find it. What am I missing?
  2. Hi. I am interested, if mod's can be installed into the steam version of the game (whitch has chaotic game directory on HDD), or it is required BOX version of the game (prefixing folders etc.)?
  3. Is ARMA 2 required for this game? Edit. if yes, has it to be installed on box distributed game, or can it work on version from the steam?
  4. In contact with enemy carrier i had two situtations today. First, enemy carrier just didnt move and let himself destroyed from the distance by plasma gun. No attemp to escape. No enemy manthas attacked me. Second situation, he again reached toward my ship, but missed, stoped behind 300m and stood there. I turned the carrier (moving carrier on the sea is VERY UNREALISTIC, like water has no physic, no resistence). edit: I would appretiate, if ships could behave, like in Sillent Hounter series (just without diving). That includes ocean's waves, better controling the speed (not just on WSAD on kayboard) at least turning ship (again put an angle by commpas, not WSAD keyboard). And its speed during turning shoud be slower. View distance is very LOW, no chance for supprising mantha attacks (by rockets, bombs....) and like I said, i miss a commpas or larger map where i could see icons of enemy position. When i controled plasma gun, other guns didnt fire. When i switched into the matnas, all carrier weapons start fire automaticly. It is Fault. There should be some managmement in giving orders and controling turrets. And they should fire autmaticly, not only when i switch into the some of my other unit. edit2: It could be interesting, if the plasmagun would be switched by classic GUN (350mm for example) and battles would look like the battles durring WWI and WWII. It would be an interesting game, when we have to count trajectory of the shot/granade from our gun, whitch could be influenced by distance, speed -our and enemy ship, speed of the bullet... I think, this view of the sea battles would brung much more enjoy. edit3: do you think, BI is watching the forum terms? In Worl in Conflict, they controled forums and reacted on the players - debuging game.
  5. i didnt mean my carrier mantas, but mantas, whitch belongs to island defense. Or they cant be out of fuel?
  6. During play under control of unit, i miss a compas (perhabs under minimap), islands are small, but when the weather is bad, it is requared often switching into the map, whitch disturbed me. What do you think?
  7. Today I firstime met enemy Carrier. Its immediately ride over my positon, colised to my ship, moved 300m behind me and stoped. No enemy planes or fire, just stoped. So i tried to move to his side (like ship battles during 12.-18. century, but my carrier had no chance and was immediately destroyed. I guess its wrong AI. I dont understand, what this ship done. It tried to capture my island. But abov Island were none enemies units, my units on the island were above my undestroeyd structures. And enemy carrier just stood next to the island. I suppose it should return to the main island, if it loosed its APCs and Planes
  8. I tried to fly with mantha above the hellipad. Its rear went out and i tried to land. But it doesnt shut down the engines. Is it possible? How does the manta ressuply its energy for flying?
  9. On your e-mail should be posed .PDF informate you about your paid and there, on this document, is the CD-KEY for unlock the game. The game itself fos for download instatnly, even if it werent payed
  10. meti


    How could such a MP game look like? The "skirmish" mode is designed for several hours. MP game should have cca 2 hours. Or should be conciped in the way, that it doesnt matter, when a player could disconnect (switching sides and balance teams)and any other connect in realtime. It has a big potencial, but i cant imigne that right now. So Coop? How many carriers would stay against itself? 2,4,.... 16? Not to fall into the chaos, like Red Orchestra 2.
  11. Hello. I dont want to spam, but i would like to share my opinion about design of the units. For me, it looks like the child's toys. It is very unfortunetly. The game is from the future, but why units doesnt have "the spirit" of units from Battlezone II, or Hostile watres for example. In these games, you could feel, that there is several tuns of deadly warmaschine, tuns of steel for only one purpos. Seek and destroy. CC units seem to me like from pen of 10 years old boy. And it is shame. I would expect design like has RAH66 commanche, F22/35, or Merkava, AMV...ect. Just something, what is bringing respect and joi just from view. I understand, this is task mearily for MODers. What do you thing about this? Sorry for my English.