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  1. ok i have now in my server main directory the @maps for addons. in the server.cfg i have but if i goes to the multyplayer lobby. i look at my server i dont see on the expansion line @my folders. only the baf and pmc etc.. how is that possible?
  2. hello where can i find my server auto config url for yoma tools.. place all the mods on the server but now i want to get a sync for members to download al the addons from the server via addon sync
  3. im a good noob about this... i have only a server.cfg map.. i think that you mean this one for the command line.. where i must put my @folders.. in a expansion folder or normal on the first page.. make a picture about mine ftp list dont know how i must do that... ps.. with yomatool.. if i want to use this for my members to sync with the mods for a operation or something. where can i upload the addons for my server?
  4. i have my server on ftp via filezilla.. then i upload @aaw to it.. then i restart my server and join multyplayer.. i cant see a @mod in the expansion list of the server...
  5. i want to add mods to my own server.. dont know how to do that. search on this forum but cant find it.. someone knows a link or something regards.
  6. Hello members i search on the internet but cant find it. i want a realistic thing that happens in iraq and afghanistan. you see civilians on farms or villages and the first time without a weapon. the second time you got ambush fire by the same person with a weapon. is there a script or something. that you see first a person without weapon and when u walk on a trigger or something he has a weapon and fire on you. second. automatic fire enemy on trigger wirth rpg's. if i walk onm a trigger the enemy fire direct a rpg to a location. also when he not see me or spot me. just when i walk on a trigger. boem a rpg out. is that possible. i hope if somebody can help me..
  7. michel87

    plane question?

    Heej people.. i'm now in afghanistan for my job as soldier. and i have buy armad assault + queens gambit.. but i have play armed before but i have see no chinook. In OPF there was a chinook helicopter. now i want to now of there is in arma een chinook? Thank you.